Jacksonville Winter A to Z Recap & Finale Schedule Changes

Jennifer Alfano and Jersey Boy. Flashpoint Photography.

Week 2 of the Jacksonville Winter Series and the annual $25,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby sponsored by Glen Kernan Golf & Country Club were a success.  As spectators wined and dined in the VIP tent, Jennifer Alfano and Jersey Boy proved unstoppable as they continued their winning ways to best an impressive class of 24 horse/rider combinations.  During the first round they laid down a beautiful trip, moving into the fourth place position as the top 12 continued into the handy round. Jersey Boy is well known for his finesse in the handy round, and he continued to impress as they were awarded the top score, and subsequently, the highest score overall.

“He was good in the first round; he was a little rusty,” Alfano explained. “He hasn’t actually jumped a course since Harrisburg. He was really good, but had a really hard rub. He came back in the handy and was awesome.”

Alfano continued, “There were a couple inside turns, one that was at the end, that about half of the people did, but it was a difficult turn, and for some it was a little rough. The turn went to the high option at the end, and if you did the inside turn you almost had to add a stride. We did it really smoothly and didn’t have to add any strides. He was just really on. I was pretty far behind going into the second round, and I knew I had a lot of ground to make up. I picked up the gallop and just kept going.”

Additional weekly highlights include the $2,500 National Hunter Derby sponsored by Jerry Parks Insurance Group, Hunter Division Classics and Jumper Classics. Mandarin Equine Veterinary Services generously sponsored a lunch Pizza Party and Equestrian Connect generously sponsored a Brunch for exhibitors.

With Equestrian Connect, you complete your entry form online with just a few clicks of the mouse.  You now have the option to submit your entries electronically to a growing number of horse shows across the country or print and mail the hard copy.  Equestrian Connect posts entry forms for over 800 USEF “A/AA” shows nationally and 30 select Canadian shows.  Class schedules and prize lists are also posted.


The Zone 4 Handy Hunter Classic will be offered at 3′, 3’6″ and for Ponies.

There is no entry fee and each class offers $1,000 in prize money.  All 3 classes are open to all exhibitors EXCEPT Professionals.  Please take a look at the schedule here for class placement.


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