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As the president/founder/executive director of Horses4Heroes, Inc., I am pleased and proud to introduce our horseback riding organization to all troops, combat veterans, and military families!

As you may or may not have heard, NARHA/PATH, the creator of the Horses for Heroes program, therapeutic riding for Wounded Warriors, has abandoned the use of the name Horses for Heroes and will be re-branding this therapeutic riding program. The other Horses4Heroes, our organization is able-bodied, affordable horseback riding for returning combat veterans and the entire family, which also needs healing and therapeutic interactions with horses!  In addition, we serve all active duty military personnel, First Responders, critical care and hospice nurses and others who have physically dangerous and emotionally demanding jobs.

Horses4Heroes, Inc., created in 2006 and based in Las Vegas, is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization that provides affordable recreational, educational and health & wellness programs via a national network of participating facilities in 20 states.  And we’re growing! Membership for Heroes who want access to affordable, deeply discounted horseback riding programs and activities can join for a one-time fee of just $25 per family.  Families who need the health & wellness programs and are not looking for our other services, may participate free of charge.

Our health & wellness programs are branded Stay Strong and include Back in the Saddle for adult men and women and Stay Strong for families and individuals.  These programs are offered free of charge and sponsorship dollars and donations are being sought to help offset the costs.

Our newest Stay Strong program for children ages 8-10, simply called, 8«9«10: Ride to Win!, is teaching essential life and leadership skills for boys and girls to use in Middle School and beyond.  It is an important program for our communities right now and is designed to create fewer targets for playground and cyberspace bullies!

In addition to what we are offering for our military families and returning combat veterans, we are the only non-profit equestrian organization that is:

*  Making horseback riding affordable for families;
*  Bringing new people into the horse world and creating a passion for horses;
*  Creating a new customer base for riding instructors, lesson barns, horse camps and equestrian manufacturers and western lifestyle retailers;
*  Bringing in children as young as 2; and
*  Saying “thank you” to the men and women who serve and have served.

We serve all ages, all riding levels and support all breeds and equestrian disciplines and events from reining to roping, jumping to jousting and horse shows to rodeos.  In June, the Pinto Horse Assn. of America added to its world show line up, for the first-time ever, a Horses4Heroes Walk-Trot Open class that was open and free to anyone with ties to the military or veterans.

When we first introduced this program to Nellis AFB five years ago, we received the following anonymous email from the base.  It touched our hearts then and strengthens our resolve today to fulfill our mission to make the dream of affordable and accessible horseback riding a reality to our troops, our veterans and their families.

“Children that have parents deployed might need a friend. There are some good friends and there are bad friends, but the best friend in the world is a horse.  Horses can listen to you and really make you happy if you are down. Some kids may have a hole in their heart from their parent’s absence, and the horse could fill that hole with his love.  You may not know it but this organization means more to these kids than you may think.

“Now for the parents who are deployed. Some parents might not worry about their kids because they are so worried about getting killed and some parents worry about their kids all the time and how they are doing and if they are being taken care of.  For the parents that worry about their kids this organization may help. They will know that their kids are enjoying themselves and maybe aren’t thinking about the war and the welfare of their parents. Since they are worrying less about their kids it will help them fight better and give them a better chance at staying alive.  Now H4H is helping protect our country!”

Thanks for your time.  If you have any questions about Horses4Heroes USA, please give me a call or shoot me an email.

Sydney Knott
President/Executive Director
Horses4Heroes, Inc.
Empowering families … one horseback ride at a time!

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