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Mette Larsen of Metlar Premium Performance Saddlery recently was a guest on Horses in the Morning radio show, with host Glenn the Geek (Photo courtesy of JRPR)

Riverhead, NY (February 15, 2013) – What’s as good as fresh coffee in the morning?  Fresh advice.   Which is exactly what Horses in the Morning listeners were served when the popular radio show asked Mette Larsen and Heather Hyde to talk about Metlar and Neue Schule Bits. That January 28 segment is available for replay and to share at this link:  The 10-minute segment on Neue Schule Bits will be found in the second half (12:47) of the show.

Fresh off the AETA (American Equestrian Trade Association) Trade Show – the equivalent of Fashion Week for all-things-equine — Neue Schule Bits U.S. distributor, Mette Larsen, of Metlar Premium Performance Saddlery, and U.K. distributor, Heather Hyde, brought Horses in the Morning listeners the latest in cutting-edge technology.

“We discussed the technology behind Neue Schule,” said Larsen.  “How the metal alloy that has been developed is leading the field, how the designs offer quarter-inch increments in sizing.” Neue Schule builds ergonomically designed high performance bits, using the latest in engineering and computer-aided design (CAD) technologies to offer superior comfort, in a unique metal alloy that promotes salivation, acceptance and communication.

Positive feedback to bitting advice is spurring Horses in the Morning to consider bringing the experts back soon.  “They had good feedback from the show,” Hyde said.  “We would like to do more shows on bitting and introducing listeners to more about these amazing bits.”  The link to the radio show is available for listening at any time, and Neue Schule bitting videos are also available on the YouTube link from

“All three of my horses use these bits,” said Larsen, including her dressage partner, Ulivi, when they were selected in 2012 to participate in a dressage demonstration with Anne Gribbons in front of thousands of Equine Affaire attendees.  “These bits address contact with the bit issues, like pulling, hiding behind the bit, unevenness in the hand, tongue issues, etc. They are designed to help alleviate these issues so a horse and rider get back to focusing on their ride or training.”

Competing in Neue Schule bits, Larsen and Ulivi have also won a US Dressage Federation KWPN Adult Amateur Horse of the Year (Prix St. George) title and reserve championship at Intermediaire-1. “He had issues with tension and Neue Schule helped us with tension and performance. Because of what I experienced with Ulivi, I decided to bring the bits to America and be their distributor.”

Metlar specializes in superior quality equipment and prestigious fashion accessories inspired by the equestrian lifestyle, with a focus on progressive and creative innovation, comfort and high standard.  Learn more about Metlar – Neue Schule Bits at or call 631-252-5574.

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