Hear Ye! Hear Ye! All Horses Can Now Join HHB’s Cookie of the Month Club

Ingredients you can trust – Taste they will LOVE!

Who doesn’t like a treat and what better delicacy then something filled with “goodness and love” ingredients that are actually beneficial to your horse? Well that’s why Healthy Horse Boutique is reaching out to all the horses in America to encourage their owners to join the Cookie of the Month Club so they get their monthly cookie surprise delivered right to their stable door.

When HHB says healthy, they mean it, as all their products and especially their cookies are made with only the finest ingredients. All cookies include nothing artificial and have been tried and tested by HHB’s horses. The ones they all gobbled down to the very last crumb were the ones selected.

Cookies will include ingredients such as oatmeal, brown rice flour, rice bran, honey, unsweetened coconut, soaked flax seeds, cinnamon, molasses, coconut oil, and salt.

HHB owner Marian Nilsen, nutrition and supplement expert, scours the nation searching for products that she approves of and it was in that search that she found Vicki Dudycha, baker of the monthly cookies.

“I have always enjoyed baking for my friends, family, and my four legged family members. Marian approached me on developing treats specific to the needs of a horse.  With a few trials, and changes we’ve come up with a line of goodies that our horses love to eat and also benefit from.  Every month we will be putting out a different healthy horse treat,” commented Vicki.

“Each month Vicki will be getting creative in the kitchen. She will bake fresh goodies for club members. They will be shipped on the 28th of every month. Vicki will always use organic ingredients carefully selected for a purpose, whether it be for energy, inflammation, joy, relaxation or a wonderful treat and pick me up on the trail,” added Marian.

The Cookie of the Month Club will be kicked off in time for the first cookies to arrive just in time for the holidays.  What a great gift this would make for you horsey friends and your horses.

December will feature Power Bars, a great and yummy way to give you horses a boost to weather the cold during the upcoming winter months.  Every ingredient is chosen for a specific purpose, and HHB will be listening to its Cookie of the Month Club members to get their input as well.

To join HHB’s Cookie of the Month Club visit www.HealthyHorseBoutique.com and click on the Cookies with a Clue link on the left side of the web site. For questions, fill in the “contact us” link at the bottom of the page.

Contact:  Press Link PR/Diana De Rosa, 516-848-4867, dderosa1@optonline.net

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