Grand Prix Show Jumper Aaron Vale Rides His Way into The Winner’s Circle in Amerigo Saddles from World Equestrian Brands

Award-winning Grand Prix show jumper Aaron Vale rides in an Amerigo Saddle and is an endorsed rider with World Equestrian Brands. (Photo courtesy of Mallory Norton)

Buena Vista, VA (April 20, 2011) – Grand Prix rider Aaron Vale has solidified his position as one of America’s greatest show jumpers, riding into the history books with over 165 Grand Prix wins and more than three million dollars in prize money. Vale rode in his first Grand Prix at the tender age of 14 and said he is always looking for an advantage when competing — and that riding in an Amerigo Saddle gives him that advantage.

“Aaron is an extremely talented rider and definitely one of the best in the sport,” said Robin Moore, President of World Equestrian Brands, LLC, the United States distributor of Amerigo saddles and strap goods, Amerigo Vega saddles, Vespucci, E. A. Mattes and Equilibrium products. “Aaron has been one of World Equestrian Brand’s endorsed riders for quite some time and we are so pleased that he finds benefit from the Amerigo Saddles.”

Vale, who holds the records for the most Grand Prix wins in one year, the most money won in one year and the most double clear rounds in one year, has been riding in an Amerigo Saddle for three show seasons. “At the top levels of every sort, everyone is looking for an advantage. I discovered the Amerigo Saddles when my good friend Buck Davidson had me help him with one of his three-day mounts. Buck rides in the Amerigo and I was very impressed with the balance of the saddle and how great it felt on the horse’s back,” Vale said. “Some of today’s brands don’t focus on the true fit of a saddle regarding the horse’s back and I love the way Amerigo does. The horse is an athlete and has to be comfortable to perform well. Amerigo Saddles gets this done.”

Vale, who is based out of Morriston, Florida, added that the Amerigo saddles put him in a balanced position and allow his horses to move and jump freely with very little interference from the tack. “The end result is increased performance from my horses,” he said. “Plus I love how the saddle is comfortable for both the horse and rider, all the while being an elegant design.”

Moore said she believes the fact that Vale endorses the Amerigo speaks volumes about the saddle. “Aaron has been a member of the USET since 1996 and understands how a saddle affects the horse,” she said. “Aaron is a talented rider and also a talented and gifted horseman. World Equestrian Brands enjoys partnering with him and learning from his expertise. Aaron won the $100,000 Upperville Grand Prix while riding in his Amerigo Saddle as well as the 7/8 Year Old Young Jumper Championships at the Hampton Classic. We are very proud to stand behind Aaron with our products.”

Amerigo Saddles were created and designed by Peter Menet and follow Menet’s philosophy of using the natural biomechanics of the horse to create accessories that help optimize the horse’s potential. “Amerigo Saddles are used by top riders around the world in all disciplines. At World Equestrian Brands we sell jumping and dressage saddles and offer a comprehensive range of models to accommodate the many types of horses that compete,” Moore said. “Riders who rely on the Amerigo saddles know they can count on their saddles to help them achieve clear rounds or earn extra percentage points. Aaron has proven that over the years and it means a lot to us that he has so much confidence in his Amerigo saddles.”

Vale said he looks forward to the future in his Amerigo saddles, and plans to develop his younger string of Grand Prix horses to be more seasoned for a competitive 2012 season. “I also hope to win some bigger classes with my older Grand Prix horses and would love to qualify for the HITS Million Dollar Grand Prix and be competitive in the World Cup Qualifying Grand Prixs,” he said.

World Equestrian Brand’s recently debuted their newly upgraded website and Moore encourages riders to check out the Amerigo Saddles online. Chocked full of testimonials from riders, as well as a retailer locator, the website also offers World Equestrian Brand’s complete catalog.

For more information on World Equestrian Brands and Amerigo Saddles, visit their website at or call 1-888-637-8463.

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