Grand Prix Dressage Star Sagacious Receives Papers with KWPN Crown Predicate Honors

Sagacious HF recently earned Crown Predicate honors from the KWPN (Dutch) Registry, which places him in the top 200 FEI Dressage Horses in the world. (Photo by

Wellington, FL (June 11, 2010) – Al Guden’s 11-year-old Grand Prix KWPN gelding, Sagacious HF, recently earned Crown Predicate honors from the KWPN (Dutch) Registry. This special symbol on his registration papers means he is ranked in the top 200 FEI Dressage Horses in the world. Sagacious HF was actually ranked 56th in the world.

Guden’s journey with Sagacious HF started when Al purchased the 4-month-old colt in Holland in 1999. Sagacious was imported to the US in 2004. Guden put the young gelding in training with Lauren Sammis and that combination turned out to be a very successful match. In 2007, Sagacious and Sammis proved they had what it takes to be international contenders by winning the Team Gold and Individual Silver Medals at the Pan American Games in Rio. Over the next three years they made a very successful transition from the small tour to winning CDI Grand Prix classes at the nation’s most competitive shows. Al Guden, Lauren Sammis and Sagacious became on popular trio on the dressage circuit.

For Guden that journey has been an amazing “ride”. Guden, an amateur dressage rider and competitor, shared that he has only had the pleasure of riding Sagacious once (on his birthday last year) and he emphasized that riding him compares to driving a Ford all of your life and then driving a Masarati. He leaves all of the riding to Lauren Sammis, his professional trainer. Guden notes “that while Sagacious is a willing intelligent horse with near perfect confirmation and exceptional movement, it is Sammis’ talent for training and showing that has made it possible for him to reach his full potential.”

Guden commented, “It is always great to have a horse honored for his successes and while Sagacious has taken us to new heights, I never take any of his victories for granted. I am as appreciative watching Lauren and Sagacious take a victory pass at the Palm Beach Derby as I was opening the envelop from the KWPN with Sagacious’ registration paper with the esteemed Crown Predicate seal displayed prominently on it. I am just so proud of him and am very excited about what lies ahead this year.”

Sagacious and Lauren Sammis became “dressage household names” after their win in the Prix St George cinched the Team Gold Medal at the 2007 Pan American Games in Rio. They went on to win the Individual Silver Medal for the US with scores of 69.3% in I-1 and a 70.2% in I-1 Freestyle. In 2009, they made the successful transition to the Grand Prix with wins at the NEDA Fall Festival CDI-W earning a 70.085% in the Grand Prix and handily winning the freestyle with a 73.86%. The pair has never looked back. Their 2010 summer season begins with the CDI in Blainville, Canada this month.

After competing in Canada, Sagacious and Lauren’s next stop will be at Gladstone in August, with their sights set on qualifying for the 2010 Alltech World Equestrian Games. Lauren said, “Sagacious is physically more fit than at any other point in his career. He is working better than ever.” He trains five days a week, on day six he hacks in the woods, and on day seven he rests.

“Our journey has been filled with hard work and the ups and downs of life and dressage”, says Guden. “We are excited about what the next six months hold for Sagacious and always try to keep his friends and fans in the know via Facebook.” Yes, the now “crowned prince” Sagacious HF has his own Facebook fan page at!/pages/Sagacious-HF/184288265274. Also visit and for more information and updates.

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