From Baborówko Horse Sale Show to Stables All over Europe

Baborówko, 5 September 2019 — Growing interest in the sport horses auction in Baborówko shows that horses bred and trained in Poland are appreciated by athletes from foreign countries, and the event has written itself into the growing demands of the market.

Every year, more and more horses are being submitted to the auction Baborówko Horse Sale Show, and each year the horses are even better. That’s why the selection by the organisers has to be more rigorous, in order for only the best horses predisposed for eventing and showjumping to be presented in the catalogue. All horses accepted for the next stage will be subjected to a bundle of examinations performed by veterinarians from Equi Vet Serwis Dr Maciej Przewoźny. The examinations include x-ray photos, endoscopy, and detailed clinical inspections, and the buyers can get acquainted with them before the auction.

Last year at Baborówko Horse Sale Show, horses were bought by riders such as Olympic champion Andreas Dibowski, titled rider Elmar Lesch, and a couple of excellent eventers from Finland – Sanna Siltakorpi and Elmo Jankari.

“I compete in Baborówko two times a year – at Equestrian Festival Baborówko and Baborówko Horse Sale Show. Last year from Baborówko Horse Sale Show I brought home a young horse that I had an opportunity to see and try at the show. The youngster is really promising. I will certainly check out the catalogue this year,” says Andreas Dibowski.

During three editions of the event, horses from the auction have found new owners in Germany, Finland, Russia, and Austria. A fusion of an international eventing show and sport horses auction into one event allows the sellers – breeders, riders, and owners – to meet with the buyers at one place and time.

19 horses predisposed for eventing and showjumping have been selected for the Baborówko Horse Sale Show 2019 catalogue. Baborówko Horse Sale Show 2019 will take place during the last weekend of September, from the 27th until the 29th. The bidding will take place on Saturday, the 28th. During the show and auction, interested parties will be able to schedule a test ride, get acquainted with the veterinary test results, consult them with veterinarians, and get to know the informational brochures.

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