Dorian Now Expected to Reach Category 4 Strength before Landfall

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Dorian, which strengthened into a Category 1 hurricane Wednesday afternoon, is now projected to reach Category 4 strength before it makes landfall along Florida’s east coast early next week.

As of 11 a.m. Thursday, Dorian was moving northwest near 13 mph and this general motion is expected to continue through Friday. On this track, Dorian should move over the Atlantic well east of the southeastern and central Bahamas on Thursday and Friday and approach the northwestern Bahamas on Saturday.

Hurricane-force winds extend outward up to 15 miles from the center and tropical-storm-force winds extend outward up to 90 miles.

Farm & Barn To-Do List

  • □ Make sure ALL horses are microchipped and numbers recorded
  • □ Check and repair fences (walk the fence line)
  • □ Clear trees and limbs
  • □ Remove debris
  • □ Store jumps/tables/chairs
  • □ Examine barn for loose shingles/debris
  • □ Move tractor, trucks & trailers into large pasture
  • □ Spare fuel, store in trailer or stall, four 5 gallon cans, and all vehicle tanks full
  • □ Get tie downs for trucks and trailers
  • □ Store feed, a 7 day supply, in waterproof containers
  • □ Store hay under tarps in a stall off the ground
  • □ Water – 15-20 gal/horse/day (fill up boats, 55 gal drums, pools, troughs). Bleach – 8 drops/gallon (if contaminated)
  • □ CUT OFF POWER to the barn as storm approaches

Farm & Barn Equipment List

  • □ WATER – Hand pump for well (pitcher pump)
  • □ WATER – 55 gal drums (down spout on barn)
  • □ WATER – pond, lake, pool, boats, troughs
  • □ Generator 4 hp or higher (5000 watt)
  • □ Extension cords (50-100 ft)
  • □ Tools – hammers/nails
  • □ Fencing materials – field fence (no barbed wire), fence tape, and posts.
  • □ Chainsaw – extra chain, 2 cycle oil, bar/chain oil/gas
  • □ Ropes and tow cable, chain with hooks
  • □ Ladder
  • □ Wire cutters and pry bar
  • □ Rolls of black plastic and staple gun, large tarps
  • □ Flood lights – work light and handheld car plug-in type (1 million candle power), Headlamps
  • □ Waders or snake boots
  • □ Extra halters and lead ropes (in plastic storage bin)

Preparedness can be your best friend

If you are not evacuating, please make sure you have identification weaved into the mane or tail of your horse.

Have your Coggins and health certificate papers ready. If your horse has a microchip to be used for identification, have it with you.

Please keep in mind, our veterinarians have families to take care of as well. If the bridges and roads are blocked in any way, they will not be able to get to you.

Please have a medical kit ready to go.

If you do not have these things ready for this Hurricane, please make sure they are ready for the next one.

Jacksonville Equine / Southern Georgia Equine

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