Cookies with a Clue for Your Horse

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Have you ever been frustrated by how much time you spend making sure your horse has all the necessary supplements and wished there was a way to simplify the process?   After all your research, are you confident your supplement program is designed to deliver results and that the individual supplements will work together?  Well, you aren’t alone.  Lots of horse owners feel the same way.

For Marian Nilsen, owner of Healthy Horse Boutique, a company that prides itself on caring for horses with healthy, safe, effective methods, finding a solution to the supplement jungle became a mission.

“One day I was in the barn mixing and measuring when I really wanted to be riding, teaching and training.  I just felt like there had to be an answer.  So, I approached equine nutritionist Gabriele Sutton of KAM Animal Services, a company that focuses on therapeutic supplements for better health, to see if she had any clues on how I could simplify supplementing my horses.”

Together, Nilsen and Sutton came up with a clever solution. Why not put the supplements into a cookie?  That was the birth of Cookies with a Clue, a line of cookies that are designed to target the situation, while ensuring your horse gets the basic supplements that every horse needs.”

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“I came up with that name because it’s a spoof on words as in ‘having a clue’ about what horses and horse owners need.  I am very aware of what it takes to benefit them: supplements that are healthy, safe, effective and time saving.  In other words, I’m not clueless,” explained Nilsen.

“It now allows me to do what I want to do and not spend so much time researching the products, buying them and then divvying everything up.  Instead I mix and match the cookies based on the activities of that day.  For traveling I make sure to take the cookies with me so I’ve got what I need at a moment’s notice,” she explained.

All five cookies start with a base that is safe for metabolic horses and provides the necessary combination of ingredients to ensure that the nutrients are actually being absorbed.  Two of the cookies offer daily multi vitamins. The first, Booster Bites, also adds human grade joint, ligament and bone support. The second one, Chubbies, has nutrients to help those “easy keepers.”  Belly Bites is designed specifically for horses that need digestive support. When your horse needs relief, Cookies with a Clue offers two options.  Owchies reduce pain and inflammation associated with injury, chronic pain and muscle recovery. Stress Busters calm horses and give them the ability to focus.

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If you are someone who reads labels and understands about health then the following words are going to clarify how beneficial these cookies are: organic, GMO-free, no additives, no hormones, no chemicals, low NSC, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, sugar free, gut support, reduce the risk of ulcers and colic, help balance the acid/alkaline level, prebiotics, decrease lactic acid buildup, no side effects and, best of all, “legal” for competition.

With her “Cookies with a Clue,” Nilsen has achieved her goal because her cookies are revolutionizing the way horses are supplemented and changing the way horse lovers think of “treats.”  So now Nilsen is on a mission to share her cookies with other horse owners.  Her motto: “Nutritious, Delicious, and Effortless!”  To find out more about Healthy Horse Boutique and “Cookies with a Clue,” visit her web site at or  Receive a 5% discount on your first Cookies with a Clue order by entering HHBPR during checkout or by mentioning this press release on an email/phone order.

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