Belinda Trussell Breaks Records with Adequan Global Dressage Festival Wins

Photo courtesy of Shannon Brinkman.

Wellington, FL (March 10, 2016) – Years of hard work and experience really pay off – and this week, no one knows that better than Canadian dressage rider Belinda Trussell and Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals. Trussell once again topped the scoreboards during the weekend’s Adequan Global Dressage Festival Grand Prix and Grand Prix Special in Wellington, Florida. Her 16-year-old equine partner Anton out-performed large classes of talented competitors. “Anton is getting better and better. He’s like a fine wine; he’s better with age,” Trussell smiled. As an Omega Alpha Ambassador, Trussell certainly knows the benefits of improving with time – Omega Alpha is a company that has spent well over two decades researching and developing all-natural equine health supplements to become a leader in the industry. With such a wealth of experience and knowledge, Omega Alpha’s supplements have been shown to produce outstanding results. “I won’t go to a show without Omega Alpha supplements, because my horses need to feel great and perform at their best,” Trussell explained.

At the prestigious Adequan Global Dressage Festival this past weekend, Trussell and Anton certainly did perform their best. The pair took first place in the competitive FEI Grand Prix class of 40 entries with a 73.7 percent. Two days later, they showed that they had only just been getting started with their victory laps. In the FEI Grand Prix Special, Trussell and Anton scored their personal best score as well as broke the record for the highest-scoring Canadian pair in the Grand Prix Special. Their score of 75.529 percent was over two points higher than their closest contender, Arlene “Tuny” Page and Woodstock.

“Anton was stellar this week,” said Trussell. “He was brilliant in the ring. His highlight is his piaffe, and his passage is really good, too. His transitions in and out are very easy for him. He’s a really solid competitor, and it’s such a great feeling as a rider. You have that confidence going into the ring that your horse knows his job well.”

“I am so proud of Anton and so grateful to my wonderful team,” continued Trussell. “Hearing the Canadian anthem twice in one week among such a competitive field was incredible.”

Omega Alpha, based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, was proud to cheer on fellow Canadian and devoted Omega Alpha product user Belinda Trussell. Omega Alpha develops natural supplements through research-based science to improve equine health and performance. The company’s formulations consistently help horses and riders like Anton and Trussell achieve their dreams. For more information about Omega Alpha, visit or call 1-800-651-3172.

Contact: Patti Hanco
Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals Inc.

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