Atlanta Summer – WCHR/Charleston/Southeast Medal Finals Updates

I just wanted to update you on a few things.

1. WCHR – I am still getting comments, emails and phone calls about the WCHR in Gulfport.  Just to set the record straight, I contacted Geoff Teal, the Chair of the WCHR Committee, to find out why a show that wins the USHJA Member Choice Award over all the show in Zone 4 for the entire year last year holds both a National and International Derby and call the show the “Celebration of Hunters” was not a WCHR show this year.  His response was very simple: VOTES. Each member of the WCHR is sent a ballot and we simply did not get enough votes for our show.  Geoff also shared that there are not a lot of members that vote.  So, if you want to see both Gulfport and Atlanta Summer be member shows, then vote for them when the ballot is sent to you – it’s that simple.  It has nothing to do with the caliber of event if it meets the minimal requirements.

2. Atlanta Summer Classic – Just a reminder that in order to get the reduced price in stalls, you must have them in by Wednesday, May 23.  I have had lots of calls about the show and we have signed a contract for both a 140 VIP Tent to be a long the Grand Prix ring for viewing and two tents for stalls.  I would suggest getting your stall counts in early to assure permanent stabling.  We have had many exhibitors calling about the International Derby and so pleased that has a lower entry fee this year.  The entry fees are based on prize money and sponsorship; each year we offer a $25,000 class we get half the number of entries compared to a $15,000 class.  More exhibitors are willing to risk the smaller amount to compete in the big class in the big ring than pay the much higher entry fee.  The $25,000 Pony Classic is scheduled for the second Sunday in the Grand Prix ring; it should be an exciting class.  We will also be doing something for Linda Tinkler to raise some money and an announcement will be soon.

3. Charleston Summer Classic – We just finished building a new ring so now there are four competition rings which will make our schedule work again this year with early days, even with the expected ponies.

4. Southeast Medal Finals – The prize list is in draft form and will be posted this month on the website: It’s going to be an exciting new show for us in Zone 4.

If you have any questions, call our office:  843 768 5503 or send us an email at

Classic Co Important Dates

June 15 – $15,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby – Conyers

June 24 – $25,000 Pony Hunter Derby/Classic – Conyers

July 21 – $25,000 Pony Hunter Derby/Classic – Charleston

September 21-23 – Premiere of the Southeast Medal Finals – Jacksonville

Nov 16 – Adequan Pre Green Championships – Conyers

Adequan Pre Green Championship Standings – Top 8

1. Long Street, P Bostwick

2. Delphine, Alyson Gurney

3. Kleiner Ralli, Holly Shephard

4. Ring Ling, Phoebe Sheets

4. Overjoyed, Cathy Rheinheimer

5. Curious George, Lucy Loper

6. Long Street, P Bostwick

7. Solomon, Susan Schwartz

8. Cromwell, Michelle Calster

Total Dollars – $4100.00

The Classic Company is a USHJA Members Choice Award winner, known for producing quality, exhibitor friendly, international-level hunter/jumper horse shows throughout the Southeast US. For additional information on any of the 2012 events please call 843-768-5503 or visit

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See you at the rings,
Bob Bell
The Classic Company, Ltd.
Phone/FAX:  (843) 768-5503
Post Office Box 1311  Johns Island  SC 29457

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