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Atlanta Fall Classic Wraps Up with Big Numbers and Big Winners

Ricardo Villa Pilots Cludy to Victory in the $15,000 Classic

The $15,000 Jumper Classic saw twenty-seven horse and rider teams tackle the course designed by Paul Jewell of Lambertville, New Jersey in the Olympic Arena Saturday. Only four advanced to the jump off round and Ricardo Villa of Campobello, South Carolina in the irons of Arianna Tucker, LLC’s Cludy won the class with a clear jump off round in 46.567 seconds.

“I think the course was very technical which is why we didn’t have more clears. I have a new horse and only had him for 2 weeks. I didn’t know how fast he was, but he has a huge stride and is really sensitive and turns quickly. I wanted to go a little fast and of course clear. I got to put a little pressure on those other girls and it worked – it was fast enough,” said Villa.

“Arianna [Tucker] owns him [Cludy] and she also rides with me. She’s been with me a couple of months and asked me to ride him for a month. I jumped him at home for a week and he was good and then I took him to Atlanta. I did the 1.20 m and won it, then we did the 1.20 Welcome and had just one rail down. I called her the day before the Classic and suggested that instead of doing the 1.20 on Sunday, we should do the Classic,” he said. “She agreed with me and that turned out to be an excellent decision,” he added.

Second place finisher, Stella Swarr of New Orleans, Louisiana, aboard High Hopes Farm, LLC’s Anos Veros went clear in the jump off round in a time of 47.581 seconds.

Last to go in the jump off order was Shanna Beyer of Collierville, Tennessee and her own Invictus who earned one time fault in their jump off round with a time of 48.020 seconds and a third place ribbon. Welcome winner, junior rider Olivia Epple and Livhaven Stables’ Itile Horta, placed fourth with one time fault in the jump off round with their time of 44.351 seconds.

Fifth place was awarded to Paul Macrae and Maarten Hygens’ Casquino for their first-round performance which earned them one time fault for their time of 75.435 seconds.

Heather Steinman and Elisabeth Yaeger’s Hot Spot earned a sixth for their four fault first round in a time of 66.243 seconds, and seventh was awarded to Madeleine Reich and Booth Parker’s Nomination Hastik for their four fault first round in a time of 67.038 seconds.

Eighth place finisher J. F. Gagne and Lyons Creek Sport Horses’ Lyons Creek Dragon Bleu posted a four fault first round in a time of 68.591 seconds, and Casey Charles in the irons of Double C Sporthorses’ CC Kolaborant earned a ninth place for their four fault first round in a time of 69.002 seconds.

Freestyle 3, owned and ridden by Greer Campbell of Charlotte, North Carolina, placed tenth for their four fault first round in a time of 65.910 seconds, and Aide Sanchez Long of and Eliza Lehrman’s Mr. DW took home an eleventh placing after posting a four fault first round in a time of 72.036 seconds. Mary Meghann Huitt and her own The Stig wrapped the class up with a twelfth-place ribbon after posting a four fault first round time in 73.455 seconds.

Fifteen-Year-Old Olivia Epple and Itile Horta Win the $5,000 Welcome

Week II of the Atlanta Fall Classic again saw big numbers in the jumper rings. The week kicked off with twenty-five horse and rider teams competing for the blue ribbon in the $5,000 Welcome Thursday over a course designed by Paul Jewel.

Set in the famous Olympic arena, the first round was designed with a time allowed of 80 seconds and second round of 45 seconds.

Livhaven Stables’ Itile Horta, ridden by fifteen-year-old Olivia Epple of Woodstock, Georgia, took home the blue ribbon in lightning fast double clear rounds in times of 70.785 seconds and 36.399 seconds, respectively, beating twenty-four horse and rider teams, including her trainer Heather Steinman.

“I know a lot of the folks I was riding against, and a lot were from my barn. And I just have to say, I have the best barn family!” commented the high school Junior.

“The course was great! It was challenging and just fun. I loved the lights in the big arena; it’s so cool when it gets really quiet when you start and well; you just get into a zone when you start going,” she said. “I just went for it. It is so much fun and it’s what I want to do for the rest of my life. I love to go fast and really love the tight turns.

“My mare is amazing. There was one turn where you had to turn back left. I haven’t don’t that often and I thought it was kind of cool. My mare is scopey; I enjoy going fast and pushing limits. The distance really turned up there for us,” she said of the course.

“I’ve had her [Horta] a couple of months. I got her from Maartin Huygens. This is a new partnership and she’s something special. We’ve jumped up pretty quickly and she is very forward thinking,” she said of her mount. “We did a bunch of 1.25 m and played a little in the 1.30 in Brownland, but this kind of a bigger step it for us. Horta is 11 and has done bigger heights and grand prix and this was our first time showing at Conyers. I feel like on this mare I can jump anything and I’m really excited about showing her in Gulfport this winter,” she said.

Casey Charles of Birmingham, Alabama and Double C Sporthorses’ CC Kolaborant earned a second-place ribbon for their double fault free rounds in times of 78.968 seconds and 36.950 seconds, respectively.

Elisabeth Yeager’s Hot Spot, ridden by Heather Steinman of Canton, Georgia, earned a third-place ribbon for their double clear rounds in times of 75.511 and 36.961 seconds.

Caroline Monahan of Birmingham, Alabama piloted her own Sevani to a fourth place with double clear rounds in times of 75.362 and 37.556 seconds, and Camille Maddrix of Leeds, Alabama in the irons of Ellie Miller’s Zathura earned fifth with their clear rounds in times of 74.195 and 38.191 seconds, respectively. Maddrix returned for a sixth aboard Caroline Michele Dugas’ Skyfall for their double clear rounds in 75.276 and 38.388 seconds, and J. F. Gagne of Columbus, South Carolina and Lyons Creek Sporthorses, Ltd.’s Lyons Creek Dragon Bleu placed seventh. Eighth was awarded to Madeline Reich of Mountain Brook, Alabama and Booth Parker’s Nomination Hastak.

Sydney Crenshaw and Camera Ready Honor Cathey Coffey with Double Wins in Barry Lane Jumper Classics

The third installment of the $5,000 Barry Lane Classic Saturday welcomed 24 horse and rider teams to the 1.10 m course in the Olympic Arena and it was Sydney Crenshaw of Canton, Georgia and Fit to Print Farm’s Camera Ready who won the class with lightning fast rounds. The pair was first to go and turned in double clear rounds in times of 67.772 seconds and 29488 seconds, well within the 75 and 45 seconds time allowed. No one touched their new time to beat.

“Thinking back on the weekend, we wanted to honor Cathy [Coffey]. She used to own Carmen [Camera Ready]. I’ve known Cathy since I was about 12 and she was a really special lady to me. She made dreams come true for me that I didn’t even know I had at that time. I remember when I got the call January that she had died, I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to call Cathy and ask her if it was true.

“Looking back on Facebook on my way home, I realized I had won that class with Carmen [Camera Ready] in 2014 and 2015 and then back to back this weekend. It was really weird doing the class on Saturday. We finished the jump off and to not have Cathy there to celebrate; it was so strange. She was always there cheering us on, wanting to celebrate us, telling us what a great job we did. She loved the Barry Lane Classics and always wanted us to ride in it. It was a great way to honor her and winning both days was just amazing. I thought about Cathy the entire weekend,” said Crenshaw.

“Carmen is the nicest horse in the world and it was a perfect weekend – my perfect horse and just perfect weather. It’s funny – we always joke that Carmen’s name is Camera Ready, because she is anything but that! She cannot stand still ever!“

Alexandra Doyle, also of Canton, Georgia, and her own Wrozbita earned a second place for their double clear rounds in times of 70.0006 and 31.353 seconds and then picked up a fourth-place ribbon with her other mount, Carto’s Star, after posting a four fault second round in a time of 29.147 seconds.

Third place finisher, Cameron Parke of Marietta, Georgia, and her own Santa Rosa C posted double clear rounds in times of 73.501 and 33.277 seconds, respectively.

Falcon Ridge Stables’ Captivate and Annie Parsons of Atlanta, Georgia earned fifth place with their four fault second round in a time of 29.648 seconds. Jesca Henning of Milton, Georgia and Maarten Huygens’ Zaander VD Veoldekensho Eve Z placed sixth for their four fault second round in a time of 35.34, and seventh was awarded to Lauren Lemaster of Austell, Georgia and her own Lancelot Quainton, who finished their second round with four faults in a time of 36.190 seconds. Eighth was awarded to Chasm Z, owned by Madison Akins and ridden by Isabelle Blackstone of Monroe, Georgia, and Christian Currey of Franklin, Tennessee picked up ninth place with his own Vigaro. Courtney Kelling of Marietta, Georgia and her own Finnegan placed tenth, and Caliente, owned by Kate O’Grady and ridden by Sally Nicholas of Smyrna, Georgia, wrapped up the class in twelfth place.

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