Amerigo Sponsored Dressage Star Kyra Kyrklund Shines at NEDA Fall Symposium

Kyra Kyrklund was the featured clinician at the NEDA Fall Symposium.

Buena Vista, VA (November 29, 2011) – World-renowned dressage trainer and rider Kyra Kyrklund, a Finnish dressage icon from West Sussex in the United Kingdom, was the featured clinician at the NEDA Fall Symposium at the UMass Hadley Farm in Hadley, Massachusetts. Kyrklund has competed in six Olympics and is proudly sponsored by Amerigo Saddles, sold in the United States by World Equestrian Brands, LLC.

“Every year NEDA brings top riders and trainers to their symposium and all of the dressage enthusiasts who attend the NEDA Fall Symposium are thrilled to be learning from the best of the best. Kyra is certainly is all that, and she is such an inspiration. It was a fantastic experience for everyone at the NEDA Symposium to be able to learn from one of the best in the world,” said Robin Moore, President of World Equestrian Brands. “Kyra is well known for her training methods and also for riding in Amerigo Saddles. At World Equestrian Brands we carry Amerigo and Amerigo Vega products and we are pleased to represent a product endorsed by Kyra.”

Kyrklund’s book, Dressage with Kyra, details Kyrklund’s unique training system, a system that has enabled her to accomplish a great deal in the dressage world. Kyrklund said she is always interested in developing better ways to communicate with horses, and she shared that knowledge with those attending the NEDA Symposium.

“While Kyra focuses on communicating with her horse, one form of communication comes through the saddle you ride in,” Moore said. “The Amerigo Saddles are designed by Peter Menet, who has created a legendary following among top riders. Peter applies equine biomechanics to saddle design to help the horse optimize their true potential. Peter has long term partnerships with vets, therapists and top international riders who constantly confirm the functionality of the Amerigo saddle concepts.

The dynamic Peter uses to design saddles is the reason Amerigo is successful across disciplines — biomechanics are biomechanics.  You can’t fight forward motion and gravity, and Peter has taken all of this into consideration when designing saddles that can truly help keep the horse free to move from behind and forward into the bridle by factoring organic distances into his trees.”

Moore added the Amerigo Measuring System allows for a precise fit for all horses and riders with almost unlimited options and choices. “One of the big strengths of Amerigo is the wide variety of trees we use to acquire proper fit. Additionally, a wide variety of billet strap configurations, panel density and head iron options truly provide a huge ‘toolbox’ to work from to get the best fit possible for horse and rider,” she said. “All of the Amerigo models are totally customizable.”

World Equestrian Brands carries Vespucci, Amerigo and Amerigo Vega products all designed by Menet. World Equestrian Brands also carries E. A. Mattes and Equilibrium products. To learn more about World Equestrian Brands, or to view their catalog online, visit their website at or call 1-888-637-8463.

Robin Moore
World Equestrian Brands LLC

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