American Horse Council Recognizes Kentucky Equine Leader with National Award

Lexington, KY, July 2, 2012 – On June 26, 2012, the American Horse Council awarded Madelyn Millard of Lexington, Kentucky the prestigious national Van Ness Award.  Millard is former president and current board member of the Kentucky Horse Council.  The Van Ness award honored her accomplishments while President of the Kentucky Horse Council in “increasing awareness, generating interest, and raising the visibility of the horse industry through educational programs and related events.”

Presentation of the award took place at the annual American Horse Council Issues Conference in Washington, D.C. Jay Hickey, Executive Director of the American Horse Council, presented the award.

Millard, owner of a multiple discipline horse boarding facility, joined the Kentucky Horse Council in 2005 and was elected President in 2007. While president, she implemented a wide range of new equine programs to benefit the industry.  Some of those programs include: horse welfare training for Animal Control Officers, establishment of a U.S. Equine Disaster Fund, establishment of a networking venue for equine professionals, and implementation of a weekly “Kentucky Horse News” e-news for all horsemen, among others.

Millard said of the award, “I am honored to have received the Van Ness award; it adds to the reward which comes from seeing the effect that these programs have had on our Kentucky horse industry and the individual Kentucky horse itself. We are blessed in Kentucky with a diverse horse industry, and I was glad to play a part in keeping it strong.”

Jay Hickey of the American Horse Council commented on this year’s selection of the Van Ness award: “This year we had a number of qualified nominees, but Madelyn stood out as clearly eligible for this recognition.  We encourage strong Horse Council leaders across the country, and Madelyn embodies this ideal in both her passion for the industry and her leadership skills.”

At the American Horse Council conference, Millard was also elected as Chair of the Coalition of State Horse Councils, a national alliance of 38 State Horse Councils which are members of the American Horse Council.

Millard’s farm website can be found at More information about the American Horse Council can be found at, and information about the Kentucky Horse Council can be found at

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