Allison Springer and Arthur Celebrate Red Hills CIC3* Victory

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Photo: Leslie Threlkeld

It’s only fitting that the winner of the first event of the 2011 Adequan USEA Gold Cup Series would be decided on the final moments of the competition on Sunday afternoon, drawing out the nail-biting excitement to the very last jump. Overnight leader Allison Springer must have breathed a huge sigh of relief to cross the finish line with all the rails still neatly in their cups, solidifying her victory at the prestigious Red Hills CIC3*.

Without having a rail in hand heading into the final phase, Allison and Arthur won the event by just 1.3 points ahead of Boyd Martin and Neville Bardos. Michael Pollard and Icarus, Selena O’Hanlon and Colombo, and Leslie Law and Rehy Lux all finished third through fifth, respectively, also posting double-clear rounds.

For her win in the CIC3*, a delighted Allison earned a year-lease on a fancy new Mercedes SUV, and even took it for a victory spin around the arena. Allison also earned a bevy of prizes from the Adequan USEA Gold Cup series as well: $500 in cash, 7-dose box of Adequan, a 3-month supply of SUCCEED, and a pair of Nunn Finer American Style open front boots. Second placers Boyd Martin and Neville Bardos take home a 7-dose box of Adequan as well as a pair of the Nunn Finers boots.

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