A New Home for the Freedom Fund Bands

Annie Oakley and Pistol await turnout into their new home.

Dear Friends of our Wild Horses;
A year ago in September the BLM removed the family bands that roamed the Commissary Ridge area in the Custer National Forest, saying they were illegally grazing in this Pryor Mountains area. Their decision to remove ALL the horses in the Forest Service came at the 11th hour when there was no time to mount a protest. Their actions resulted in the removal of four bands led by the stallions Conquistador, Trigger, Bo, and Shane. The bands contained animals like Grumpy Grulla who was 21 years old and Conquistador, the magnificent 19-year-old stallion you may remember from the first Cloud film.

Because of an outpouring of donations from all across the country from generous wild horse lovers like you, the Cloud Foundation was able to adopt and buy the older members of the bands, keeping the families together and providing them with the freedom to roam on a beautiful ranch just north of their home in the Pryor Mountains. This spring three foals were born in Conquistador, Bo and Trigger’s bands. Diablo (Chalupa x Bo) and Diego (Cavelita x Conquistador) were born in April. Lovely Annie Oakley was born in early May to Mae West and Trigger. Our surprise gift arrived in August when Trigger’s mare, Evita, gave birth to little Pistol.

Evita and her son, Pistol (Chalupa and Diablo in the background).

Shortly after, in late August, we learned that our lease would not be renewed and we began looking for another appropriate area where band members could continue to live together as families. Only through the tireless work of foundation volunteers, Laura and Carl Pivonka of Billings, were we able to secure a lease on a 1,000 acre pasture in the rolling hills just outside Billings. This peaceful refuge for our bands is even larger than their pasture near Pryor.

The land is just amazing and contains a long valley lined with tall cottonwood trees growing along a creek with springs and ponds. The pasture rises to high, flat topped hills. The entire acreage has abundant forage. It is truly an ideal area for the horses to live in as it is similar to Commissary Ridge in the Pryors.

Conquistador, still a proud band stallion.

We are completing the preparation of this huge pasture which includes repair and replacement of fencing to make it secure as well as all the many costs associated with a move like this. It is expensive and we need your help. Please consider sending a special donation today on behalf of our family bands. Give what you can so they might live their lives in precious freedom. Thanks so much.

Happy Trails,


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