3rd Annual Business Networking Expo

Hi Everyone!
As you can probably tell, we are pretty excited about our upcoming 3rd Annual Business Networking Expo. We have some great exhibitors and some super panels set up to help you through these crazy economic times.

If you haven’t made reservations to attend, please do so ASAP since we are limited with space for both attendees and exhibitors. Only five exhibit spaces are left at this point in time. You can register at www.womenshorseindustry.com.

If you really want to forget about the recession talk and DO SOME BUSINESS, this is the place to be. We are also offering room sharing to help everyone save a few dollars. Details on our website.

We are also going to have two other events including the Rhythm & Hooves Benefit silent auction and the 1st annual WHINNY awards.

This is our first year giving out these awards and we have selected a great group from those that have been nominated to receive the awards. Some of these people include Sheryl Crow, Willie Nelson and Templeton Thompson.

The event will be televised on a delayed basis on HRTV to millions of horse enthusiasts as part of a one hour special on the 3 day event. How totally cool is that?

We will be hosting a cocktail party reception at this event and we really want it to be fantastic. And, to do so, we need some support from you. You can help support this event even if you are not attending it.

Here’s how you can help raise the funds necessary to put on a heck of a show, please go to:

You will see everything you need to know about this project and how you can donate and get some goodies in the process.

If you would like to donate something for the Rhythm & Hooves silent auction, please email racheal.burton@att.net.

Thanks so much. We don’t often ask for help, preferring to help others instead, but this time, we could use a little. Please feel free to spread the word about this to ALL of your equine minded friends. Pass it on and I bet we will reach our goal in a very short period of time!

Thanks. Let me know if there is anything here at the WHIN office can do to help you.

Have a great rest of the week!
Catherine Masters

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