Youth Wins Shetland Pony in American Shetland Pony Congress Essay Contest

Jada Wright was the lucky winner of the ASPC's Youth Essay Contest at the Annual Shetland Pony Congress Show in Oklahoma. (Photo by Washburn Photography)

Ardmore, OK (August 19, 2010) – The annual Shetland Pony Congress Show, a competition highlighting the best small equines in the country, turned out to be a big event for one young member. Jada Wright, of Byars, Oklahoma, wrote the winning essay for the American Shetland Pony Club’s (ASPC) Youth Essay Contest, and took her own American Shetland Pony home from the show.

Jackie Tyler, of Emerald Glenn Farm in Woodville, Wisconsin, donated a two-year-old gelding named Naughty By Nature EGF to the youth essay contest and was pleased that Jada won the contest. “She was really happy about winning,” Tyler said.

Tyler, who also donated the winning pony to last year’s youth essay contest, said she decided to donate Naughty By Nature because he is a good prospect for a youth, has great brains and attitude and also has lots of color. “I enjoy giving a pony to a child who wants to really and truly work with it and show it. I think it makes children turn into better adults,” Tyler said. “A child learns to take the good with the bad when looking after a pony or horse. The pony can give you a bad time but you still have to keep going, no matter the weather or if you don’t feel good. You still have to get out there and take care of your pony.”

Wright is looking forward to taking care of her new pony and wrote in her winning essay that she has been involved with small equines, riding and showing them, for three-and-a-half years. She said the best thing about winning the contest is that the pony will get “lots and lots of love.” Wright ended her essay by saying another benefit of winning the contest is the pony “will be mine!”

Tyler feels that the ASPC youth program ranks as one of the best in the country. “I’ve had Shetlands for over 50 years and there wasn’t a youth program when I was young. I think the ASPC can really be proud of this effort,” Tyler said, adding that another reason she donated the pony to the youth essay contest was because of values taught to her by her father. “I was always told by my Dad that I had to share. The other kids in our neighborhood didn’t have ponies to enjoy, but I did, and I had to share. I was the lucky one, and I still feel that way.”

The ASPC Congress show was held at the Hardy Murphy Coliseum in Ardmore, Oklahoma, and over 500 ponies turned out to compete for National Championship titles in classes such as driving, halter, jumping, youth and costume classes. The show was sponsored by a variety of company’s that support small equines, including Farnam’s Platform Feed, Vetrolin and Radon Horse Blankets.

“Congress was once again a huge success and a wonderful celebration of the breed. Jada was thrilled to be the youth essay winner which just made the youth contest all that much nicer,” said Zona Schneider, Director of Operations for the ASPC. “Another exciting fact about Congress this year was that it was broadcast on iEquine, a social network equine community. We had thousands of people tune in to watch the classes and I want to thank all those who made the broadcast possible.”

The ASPC recognizes many types of Shetlands, all of which competed at the show. Types of ponies recognized are the Classic Shetland Pony, the Foundation Shetland Pony, the Modern Shetland Pony, the American Show Pony and the National Show Pony.

For more information on the Shetland Pony Congress, visit their website at or call (309) 263-4044.

The American Shetland Pony Club, the American Show Pony Registry and The American Miniature Horse Registry are non-profit organizations established to preserve and refine the bloodlines of these small equines and promote the enjoyment of small equines. Recognized as the oldest and most versatile registry in the United States, the American Shetland Pony Club offer a variety of programs for Shetland Pony and Miniature Horse enthusiasts of all ages.  Visit their website at or 81-B East Queenwood Road, Morton, IL 61550.

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American Shetland Pony Club

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