Women’s Horse Industry Association to Raise Money for Middle Tennessee Horses and Owners Who Were Affected by the Recent Flood

The Women’s Horse Industry Association, the largest business networking group in the world for women in the horse industry, is bringing together all of their contacts both in the horse industry and in the music industry to raise funds for the horses and owners who were affected by the recent flood in Middle Tennessee.

“A great number of horse and farm owners in Middle Tennessee have lost everything including their barns, their tack, their feed, their bedding and in some cases, even their horses. We have a huge network of women and manufacturers around the country who want to help these horses and owners. We also know that there are a lot of country music stars living in Middle Tennessee who would like to help. So, we are setting up a coalition to bring everyone together to raise the funds to help these horses and owners,” states Catherine Masters, Executive Director.

The association which is based in Nashville, Tennessee will be working with rescue groups around the country, manufacturers, horse industry suppliers and entertainers to give support for those in need.

“People not living in the Middle Tennessee area do not know the scope of devastation that took place during the recent flooding. Complete barns and farms were wiped out and most of these people did not have flood insurance. Horses are being stranded or lost throughout the area and there is a tremendous need for people not only in our community but around the country to lend a hand,” Masters adds.

Individuals, rescue groups, manufacturers, entertainers or companies wishing to help the association with this project should call 615-730-7833 immediately. You may also email the association at whra44@yahoo.com.

Proceeds from the project will be disbursed and handled by the WHIA in association with Kirby Creek Equine Rescue, a 501c3 non profit.

Contact: Catherine Masters
Executive Director
Women’s Horse Industry Association

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