WHIA Newsletter January 15, 2011

Snow is melting for most of us and we are back from the holidays. I’m sure you are noticing that things are starting to jell for you and people are wanting to do business. That’s great! We have brought in some really great new members and renewals so I hope that when we send you these contacts you’ll take some time and CONTACT some of them. These are the people that want to do business with you!

Things are pretty busy around here. We are working with our Toronto Chapter Director, Lucie Burdon-Sereda, and our Platinum Media Sponsor, John Allan at Redstone Media (Equine Wellness Magazine), to make the first WHIA Canadian Conference, March 4-5, a big success. Lucie has done a bang up job bringing in some top industry leaders as speakers. You can contact Lucie at www.jequinesport.com.

Here’s who we have so far: Melissa Monardo – Marketing Manager, Ontario Equestrian Federation; Melanie Prosser – REACH Huron – Director, Program Services; Lucie Burdon-Sereda – Owner – J’Equine Sport and EBPM accreditation; Sue Leslie, Ontario Horse Industry Racing Association; Sandi Holst, Holst Equation – Accountant; David Delagran, Attorney – Beard Winter, LLP; Stephanie Kirton – BFL Insurance; Jennifer Coxworthy – Owner of Richvale Saddlery; Cheryl Gibson – Equibow Canada; Dr. Barbara Sloat – Chiropractor; Dr. Nathalie Coté – DMV, DVSc, Dipl ACVS; Peter Skoggard-Sutherland-Chan School & Teaching Clinic, Equine Wellness Magazine Editors;  Christine Rolando – equine appraiser; Sharon Campbell-Rayment; Julia Sutor, Pet Memorials. Marc Andre Blouin of Agribran-Purina will be a luncheon speaker. The deadline for early bird registration is January 22, 2011. You can find out more about this event by visiting our Canadian website.

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