Wellington Rider Stephanie Frederick Wins Premier Equestrian Sportsmanship Award at International Horse Sport Dressage Show

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Stephanie Frederick won the Premier Sportsmanship Award at the International Horse Sport Dressage Show. Josh Zorn presented the award on behalf of Premier Equestrian. (Photo courtesy of JRPR)

Loxahatchee, FL (April 8, 2011) – Wellington rider Stephanie Frederick had a smile on her face while competing Valentino Flemming at the International Horse Sport Dressage Show, and that smile helped Frederick ride away with the Premier Equestrian Sportsmanship Award. Sponsored by Premier Equestrian, a leading supplier of dressage arenas, horse jumps, arena footing and stable accessories, the Premier Sportsmanship Award is awarded to a rider who displays a high level of sportsmanship during a show.

Frederick was thrilled to win the Premier Sportsmanship Award and shared her secret to being a good sport. “You need to stick with it and be positive. If you want it badly enough you need to keep working hard at it and eventually you will get there,” Frederick said.

Frederick, who was awarded a pair of German-designed Roeckl gloves from Premier Equestrian for winning the Sportsmanship Award, added that having her parents attend the show also put a smile on her face. “My parents, Jim and Cindy Frederick, are my biggest supporters,” she said.

Frederick has been riding Valentino Flemming for two years and trains with Kelly Layne. “We were honored to present Stephanie with the Premier Sportsmanship Award. She had a lovely attitude throughout the show and she certainly represents what we consider to be a good sport,” said Heidi Zorn, President of Premier Equestrian.

“At Premier Equestrian we believe a good sport is one that has a smile on their face whether they win or lose and Stephanie is that person. I also know she will love the pair of Roeckl gloves she won, they are a favorite among dressage riders.”

Roeckl Gloves, which are available at Premier’s website and in their catalog, are available in the Regent Glove, an all leather sports design made from buttery soft leather with an elastic wrist and snap. Considered Roeckl’s most comfortable schooling glove, they are also great for driving. The Chester is a German-designed synthetic leather glove by Roeckl that combines style and versatility and features a textured palm and Velcro brand closure.

“Premier Equestrian is America’s leading manufacturer and distributor of dressage arenas and we love supporting the dressage community by giving out the Sportsmanship Award,” Zorn said, adding that Premier was chosen as an official supplier to the World Equestrian Games. “Premier’s products have been embraced by the dressage community and last year we were very excited to supply the dressage arenas for the World Equestrian Games, as well as the dressage warm-up arena, driving arena, driving warm-up arena and the flower boxes and dressage letters.”

Premier also supplied GGT Footing for the dressage arenas at the Jim Brandon Equestrian Center during the World Dressage Masters. “We brought GGT Footing to the existing footing in the arenas and blended it to renew them. Adding the GGT Footing gave the arenas an amazing footing surface,” Zorn said. “Premier is very experienced and well known for adding GGT to arenas that already exist. The Masters was an incredibly important show featuring the top international dressage riders in the world and we were pleased to create the ideal arena footing for the competition.”

Premier Equestrian also offers a complete line of horse jumps and horse jumping equipment, including jump standards, gates, walls, jump cups, horse jump poles, sponsor jumps, and cavaletti.

For more information on all Premier Equestrian products, including footing, dressage arenas, jumps and stable accessories, visit their website at www.PremierEquestrian.com or call 800-611-6109.

For more information contact:
Heidi Zorn, Premier Equestrian

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