Weber Breaks Record at 2012 CAIO Aachen and Shares the Win for the Prize of the Martello Immoblienmanagement

Weber’s individual dressage score of 33.54 set an Aachen record and put him in the lead during the first and second phases of the CAIO Aachen. (Photo courtesy of Franz Steindl)

Aachen, Germany (July 16, 2012)  – The 2012 CAIO Aachen was a rollercoaster of ups and downs for US driver Chester Weber, who with a team of horses owned by himself and Jane Forbes Clark is competing on the European tour this summer with his sights set on the World Championships in Reisenbeck.  Despite an excellent start, Weber met with a string of unfortunate events combined with moments of brilliance during his tour at Aachen, from record-breaking dressage scores to his horse putting a leg over a trace and an emergency in his immediate family.

Weber began by putting in his now trademark dressage test during the individual competition, scoring only 33.54 penalty points in the opening phase.  In so doing he broke the Aachen record and secured himself a comfortable lead going into the cones.  The Ground Jury unanimously put Weber in first place, an excellent sign as this same jury will serve during the upcoming FEI World Championships in Riesenbeck next month.  Weber also took home another accolade in the dressage arena when he tied with Australian driver Boyd Exell during the first phase of the team competition.  The tie awarded both drivers the Prize of the Martello Immoblienmanagement.

Weber’s string of successes was to be met with a surge of unlucky events going into the marathon.  Because of his strong lead in the dressage, Weber was still firmly in the lead following the cones phase.  As he geared up for the marathon, however, Weber’s wife My Elisabeth fell ill.  The mental strain took its toll and Chester dropped out of the running for an individual win.  Weber forfeited the team cones competition on Sunday to be with his wife, who is scheduled to be released from the hospital later this week.

The highs and lows of Aachen have left Weber even more determined as he plans his strategy for competing at Reisenbeck at the end of August.

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