Update on Horses in Tornado Ravaged Oklahoma, by Catherine Masters/WHIN

Thought I would share this letter with you!

Dear Catherine,

Your call today was the highlight of the most difficult week we have ever experienced in our lives.  We thank YOU so much for the efforts you and your organization are making to assist the horsemen impacted by the horrific tornado that wiped out Celestial Acres on Monday.

Again the horses lost were not owned by Orr Family Farm or Celestial.  All the horsemen there were renting stalls to train and race at Remington Park.  They should not be fundraising on the death of our horses to rebuild their facility.  Orr Family Farm has told us there is nothing they can do to help us and that is quite sad considering the outpouring of donations is for the horses (not their carousel rebuilding, etc. which their insurance surely covers).

We lost 8 horses, 2 trailers, all our tack.  The only thing we found was a couple of feed bags, a plastic feed scoop and his cowboy bible… sitting exactly as he left them in the tack room but the entire barn was wiped away and our beautiful horses perished horrendously.

We are based in Emerson, GA and have 1 baby race horse left who is 1 now.  Her name is Derby Day Delight because she was born on Kentucky Derby Day 🙂 

We also have 4 regular horses on our land.

We race under my name – Jennifer Short as Owner and Jon M. Ellis as Trainer. We set up Heart’s All In It Racing LLC in the fall last year and figured we would get that more structured after racing at Hialeah and then Remington. Unfortunately we are now in grieving and will have to see when we rebuild and go forward but do want to do that and make it through this.

Jennifer Short

From Catherine Masters:
The people affected by this disaster need money. Most have lost their horse industry business and have no incomes. Plus, now they have to rebuild their companies from scratch. Their basic needs such as phone, mortgage, gas, food, etc. was paid for by their companies. But now with them gone, they are really struggling.

So, if you have not yet made a donation, please do so. You can do it on our website. Any amount will help.

We are already starting to send out checks and let me tell you it’s a great feeling to be able to help. Thanks to everyone who has made a donation so far.

WHIN is asking everyone who reads this message to PASS IT ON to others they know in the horse industry.

Catherine Masters
WHIN, Inc.

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