Two Horses Not Forgotten

Near the end of February, we told you about the rescue of a herd of seventeen starving horses by IDA’s Hope Animal Sanctuary (HAS) in Mississippi. Several days after their rescue, two additional starving horses were found in an adjacent pasture. It was not immediately clear if these were animals from the same cruelty case or not; however, the investigator who assisted in the seizure later confirmed the two horses were the responsibility of the same individual.

The black stallion could barely move. His legs were hugely swollen and it looked like it would be impossible to put him in a trailer to move him. The mare he was with was discovered to be almost totally blind. Her eyes were diseased and the difficult decision to euthanize was considered.

Luckily, on March 4th, the two horses were successfully moved to HAS despite all odds. IDA was granted custody of the pair later that month. The stallion, Rafael, is slowly recovering and the hope is that he will make it. Gelinda, the mare, is totally blind in her left eye and sees only shadows with her right eye in certain lighting. Both are incredibly lucky to have been rescued from the nightmare they were living and we are grateful to have them in our care at HAS.

Without your support of our efforts, this rescue would not have been possible. Thank you.

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