Tip of the Week – Want to Be My Equine Valentine?

What to give a Fire horse for Valentine’s Day?

Did you ever think different horses might like different types of gifts?  It is true that most any self respecting horse loves a healthy food treat but above that you can offer different shows of affection to different temperament types.

According the Traditional Chinese Medicine there are five major temperament types, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. Each of these types has a unique set of characteristics and behavior patterns. Ideally, we want to approach each type in a way that best meets his/her physical and emotional needs.

For instance, the Fire horse loves attention, enjoys being admired and craves quality time with their owner. A detailed grooming session including a nice soap bath, mane and tail conditioner, bridle path touch up and pedicure is one way to get to the heart of a Fire horse.

A pleasant trail ride with lots of wide open trails and beautiful sites is another Fire horse favorite. This personal time with you is very special. The Fire horse loves to go fast and see new places but leave the mountain climbing and trailblazing to a tougher Wood type.

If you want to go on an outing to a local show, the Fire horse loves events such as English or Western Pleasure, hunter classes, dressage or trail; anywhere the Fire horse can show off how pretty and talented he is. Of course, he expects to be properly turned out in well fitted, attractive tack.

To make you Valentine’s gift to your Fire horse complete be sure and include a few Belly Bites. Fire horses have very sensitive digestion and they can be finicky eaters. They love Belly Bites and they are really good for them.

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