They Said He Wasn’t Worth Saving

Dear Habitat for Horses Supporter,
On the day he arrived, most people would have called Sanford a lost cause. Ribs protruding, he was emaciated, trembling, and weak. His head hung low.

But here at Habitat for Horses, we had just one thought: “We have a chance to help this horse.”

Bringing a horse back from starvation is a slow process, fraught with setbacks. Under the close watch of a veterinarian, Sanford’s diet had to be carefully managed and adjusted until he could eat normally. He needed 10 months of loving attention in HFH foster care.

But when he returned to our ranch, Sanford walked in with his head high – one of the most handsome and gentle animals I have ever seen. He was ready for a new and loving home. That’s what happens when you give.

A year later, Laura, a rancher with 100 acres of pasture land met Sanford. “From the first moment, I knew he would be awesome. Riding him is like driving a limo.” Thanks to friends like you, the awful memories of neglect and starvation are a distant memory for Sanford.

Every week, more horses suffering from neglect, abuse, and abandonment arrive at our ranches. We can only rehabilitate them if you help! Please, give now to help horses!

Rebecca Williams
Executive Director

Habitat for Horses, Inc.  |   P.O. Box 213  |   Hitchcock, TX 77563

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