The Global Champions Tour 2010, Chantilly, France, Day Two

Photos by Lulu Kyriacou

Girl Power in Chantilly

24/07/10 – The female of the species was most definitely deadlier than the male in Chantilly today as American Laura Kraut and Cedric headed another all girl 1,2,3. The riders had warmed up earlier in the day with the Prix Amunde, a Table C Speed class. This is where faults are converted to time so if you are very fast it is possible to win even with a fence down. However in this company only being fast and clean over the rails would be good enough. The course featured several alternatives where the line was shorter but the jumps more difficult and Penelope Leprevost riding British bred Belle was the first to set a decent target. 60.68 looked fast and it did take Harrie Smolders on Exquis Powerfee to get in front. The horse who won or was placed in several GCT against the clock classes in 2009 scooted round in 59.12 and then his rider had to wait for the other half of the class to finish to see if he would win. But although he had to endure a couple of close shaves as first Denis Lynch (All Inclusive NW) and then Jerome Hurel (Nectar des Forets) got close the top two did not change. “I think the GCT know all about Powerfee by now” said Harrie “But it is fair to say he is my best all round horse. You can always count on him as a standby for any class!”

Presented by EADS, the Grand Prix began with course designer Uliano Vezzani was on the top of his game. A double at four and a combination at nine proved the bogey fences and ensured the second round would have just eleven clears from 49 starters. They would not include the likes of Jos Lansink, Kevin Staut and Marco Kutsher and of the nineteen nations who started only 12 would still have representatives. As 18 went through to round two as is usual at the GCT, seven fast four faulters made the cut, two of who were Marcus Ehning (Plot Blue) and Meredith Michaels Beerbaum (Checkmate).

In the second round Marcus Ehning and Harrie Smolders (Regina Z) put immediate pressure on the leader by going clear but then the 7000 strong crowd were kept waiting for another until Penelope Leprevost (Mylord Cathargo) repeated her Aachen feat of last week by going double clear. A jump off was forced by Edwina Alexander (Cevo Itot du Chateau) and this pair were joined by Ludger Beerbaum (Chaman), Nick Skelton (Carlo) and of course, Laura.

Over a third new course Penelope set the standard with a clear in 40.39 which included a brave turn into the second last. Edwina could not quite catch her with 40.91. Ludger was faster in 39.27 despite a bad slip when emulating Penelope’s turning manouvre but although he cleared the next fence Chaman had the last oxer down. Laura was next and she flew. A smoother turn to the second last left her a little way off the upright but Cedric could not have tried harder to clear it. The pair was rewarded for their effort with a clear in 38.22. That only left Nick, fastest in in the first round, with a chance to beat her. But although Nick was up on the clock at the time, Carlo lowered the first part of the double and Laura had won her first GCT Grand Prix.

The race for the 1’000’000 Euro bonus has tightened up a little, as leader Marco Kutscher did not score points today so Marcus Ehning is now joint leader with two more rounds to go. Full details of this and all the results will be found at and the show continues tomorrow with two more classes for the world’s best riders.


Class 4 The GCT Grand Prix presented by EADS

1.     Laura Kraut (USA) Cedric, 0,0,0, 38.22, Euro 65’550

2.     Penelope Leprevost (FRA) Mylord Cathargo, 0,0,0,40.39, Euro 51’300

3.     Edwina Alexander (AUS) Cevo Itot du Chateau, 0,0,0, Euro 31’350

4.     Nick Skelton (GBR) Carlo, 0,0,4, 38.91, Euro24’225

Class 3 Prix Amunde

1.     Harrie Smolders (NED) Exquis Powerfee, 0, 59.12, Euro 4650

2.     Penelope Leprevost (FRA) Belle, 0,60.68, Euro 3650

3.     Denis Lynch (IRE) All Inclusive NW, 0, 61.10, Euro 2250

4.     Jerome Hurel (FRA) Nectar des Forets, 0, 61.97, Euro 1750


Laura Kraut – ”Cedric was in Aachen last week and so had got a bit used to big grass arenas but I have never asked him to go as fast as I did today. Penelope has set a good time and she is usually faster than me and today I decided I am just going to beat her for once! My horse was fantastic and I am thrilled to have finally won a GCT Grand Prix.”

Marwan Lahoud of EADS – “For the company, it is not about enhancing product recognition by sponsoring her; it is a love affair and who would stop one of those? Both Jan Tops and Gerald Manzinaldi (Chairman Jumping Chantilly) both realise the show is not just about excellence in sport but also has value as a high status public relations exercise. I have been able to bring executives from Malaysia and other parts of Asia, who have not just enjoyed a sport that can be practised equally successfully by men and women but all the things a unique venue like this has to offer in the locality.”

Lulu Kyriacou

GCT Press Agent

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