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No Land. No Horses.

Can Wild Horses and Burros Survive the 2016 Election?

There has been a move afoot for several years to privatize our public lands, turning over millions of acres owned by the American public to states or corporations or even individuals. Take the Bundy family for instance. They have refused to pay their grazing fees for decades, claiming that public lands belong to them because they live next door. Never mind they didn’t buy the land. They believe they are entitled.

This isn’t the first time a movement such as this reared its rapacious head. In the 1980s a Secretary of the Interior named James Watt supported a similar movement. It was called the Sagebrush Rebellion. Thankfully, he and the movement faded away, but guess what? They’re baaaaaack.

If you think wild horses and burros have had it tough in the past 20 years (and they have!) consider how much worse it would get if the state of Utah or Nevada for instance had the ability to make decisions on whether to allow wild horses and burros to roam free.

Without the protections afforded in the Wild Horse and Burro Act, the wild horses and burros would be history. Consider this when you vote next week. Where do your candidates stand on this issue?

The Cloud Foundation

Secret Documents Reveal Plot to Kill Mustangs

You can see the secret documents to kill and dispose of America’s wild horses and burros reveal the Bureau of Land Management’s (BoLM) plan started in 2008. Is this how you want your tax dollars used?

“Jim says Burns takes them to a pit…” Read more here: http://protectmustangs.org/?p=9850.

Notice that Pesticide PZP, made from slaughterhouse pig ovaries, is part of their wipe out plan. It sterilizes after multiple use. Their goal is zero population increase which would ruin natural selection and make it impossible for the species to survive climate change.

Members of the public and some organizations have been fooled into supporting Pesticide PZP as the “lesser of two evils”. Follow the money if you want to understand who profits from forcibly drugging wild mares with Pesticide PZP for population control.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is the registrant of Pesticide PZP https://www3.epa.gov/pesticides/chem_search/reg_actions/pending/fs_PC-176603_01-Jan-12.pdf. HSUS called native wild horses and burros “PESTS” on the EPA Pesticide Application. Have they changed the legal definition of wild horses and burros with the EPA application that should be revoked?

Scott Beckstead, who was born and raised on a working cattle ranch and now works for HSUS, reported at the BoLM’s Spring 2016 Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board meeting that HSUS is experimenting on a stronger form of Pesticide PZP. Does “stronger” mean their new form of Pesticide PZP will forcibly sterilize native wild horses and burros with one injection?

Wild horses and burros are underpopulated on public land which is overpopulated by beef cattle and sheep. Ranchers, BoLM and others try to scapegoat wild horses and burros for range damage when the truth is commercial livestock is destroying or already has destroyed the ecosystem.

Please share this petition with everyone you know! Email and snail mail the front page of this petition to your elected officials asking them to intervene to stop the killing, sterilization, PZP, roundups and sales to slaughter. We must stop the Bureau of Land Management’s documented plans to KILL America’s wild horses and burros. Knowledge is power.

For the wild ones,
Anne Novak
Executive Director
Protect Mustangs
PO Box 5661
Berkeley, CA 94705

Shocking Recommendation to Euthanize Thousands of Animals

By now you have heard that the Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board to the BLM got together in Elko last week. In these meetings, all attendees but one, Ginger Kathrens, voted to euthanize any unadoptable horses in holding facilities as well as those on public lands. Firstly, with this statement the BLM are admitting to 45,000 Wild Horse and Burros being managed. We all know that number is highly exaggerated.

Second, and more importantly, the BLM Advisory Board state there is no other option but to do this. We demand to ask why Mustang Monument has not been considered or allowed to even try to assist! After spending 25 million dollars jumping through hoops to put in power, fencing, water wells and even an accessible cemented parking spot in the midst of a dirt road, we ask:


Hear what Madeleine Pickens has to say about this in this short video.

Coming to the conclusion to euthanize this large number of animals is only evidence that the BLM cannot manage their own Wild Horse & Burro Program. However, it is also all part of a strategic bigger plan by the BLM. You see the BLM needs and wants more money from the government, or actually the tax payers.  Here is how it works: The BLM budget is not enough. The Advisory Board recommends euthanasia and the public strongly disagrees. BLM then goes back to the government to say: We can’t kill them due to public outcry; we need more money to continue round ups and caring for these animals in holding facilities.

Madeleine speaks about the above cycle of deceit here.

Please spread the word, write and email your representatives, bring the plight of the mustangs and burros to the light and let’s get this fixed.

Thanking you for your ongoing support.

Madeleine Pickens
Saving America’s Mustangs, 2683 Via De La Valle, G 313, Del Mar, CA 92014

BLM Director Announces No Killing of Wild Horses in Holding

Points to TCF/AWHPC Lawsuit as Reason for Halting Wild Mare Sterilization

The BLM announced that it was not accepting the recommendation from their National Advisory board to destroy the horses in holding and offering the horses that had not been adopted after three adoption events for sale without limitation.  This recommendation met a firestorm of outrage across the country and caused our phones to ring off the hook.  I voted “no” on this recommendation.

Most of you know that in March of this year I was chosen by the Secretary of the Interior to serve as the Humane Advocate on this nine-member board. Just last week I flew to Elko Nevada for my second BLM National Advisory Board meeting.  It was eventful to say the least.

Before the meeting began, I learned that BLM decided to drop all three sterilization research projects that were to be conducted on wild mares (and fillies as young as 8 months).  In announcing that the horses in holding would not be killed, BLM Director Neil Kornze referenced our lawsuit (TCF and AWHPC), requesting to be present to view and record the sterilization procedures, as the reason the experiments in Oregon were cancelled. Others lawsuits and the thousands of letters, emails and phone calls from concerned Americans certainly played a part as well. Great job, advocates!

But, this celebration was short lived. On the second day of the meeting, my colleagues on the Resources Working Group (we have five working groups) recommended to the entire Board that the horses in holding be destroyed and those offered for adoption three-times unsuccessfully, should be sold without limitation (i.e. buy as many as you want).  The Board then voted on this recommendation. I was the only dissenting vote. In fact, I said, “Absolutely not, no.” It was an easy decision.

We learned that BLM voted “no” as well. This does not mean the horses in holding and on the range are out of trouble. I remember the documents that came to my office in late 2008 revealing secret BLM meetings in which the agency discussed how many horses could be killed each year and how many psychologists would be needed to counsel BLM employees asked to kill healthy wild horses.

In June, I was asked to speak before the House Sub-Committee on Federal Lands. It was clear that the Western congressional representatives had no interest in hearing what I had to say. They wanted the horses gone, and Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming purred that euthanasia of thousands of captive wild horses would be such “a lovely way to die.” See our press release.

So where do we go from here? It is imperative that we continue to speak up, encouraging BLM to use humane tools to limit births in our wild horse herds. TCF board member, Sandra Sell-Lee, in collaboration with BLM, has developed an On the Range Management Guide, in which volunteers get out on the range and apply infertility vaccines to wild mares as recommended by the National Academies of Science in their 2013 report to BLM. The ultimate goal is limiting reproduction to natural mortality. And to reduce the number of wild horses held in short term corrals, we should return these non-reproducing geldings and mares to available BLM lands designated for wild horse use, but where no wild horses currently live.

I hope you will join us and support this effort. It will be hard. It will take time. It will take a lot of energy and tremendous persistence. But it is ultimately a way to keep our wild horses where they belong… in their homes, with their families, living in precious freedom!

Lawsuits like the one to stop the sterilization of wild mares are not cheap. I hope you will consider making a contribution to our organization to cover the costs of fighting legally for the rights of our wild horses — those in the wild and those held captive. Thanks for your help.

Happy Trails!

The Cloud Foundation

Protect Mustangs Calls for Nationwide Protests against Killing and Sterilizing Wild Horses and Burro

Protect Mustangs, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, calls for protests against the Bureau of Land Management’s (BoLM) Wild Horse Advisory Board’s decision to euthanize all the wild horses in long-term holding. Under former Secretary Salazar, the BoLM has irresponsibly rounded up more wild horses than they could ever adopt out at once. The federal agency has been hoarding America’s wild horses in captivity at huge tax-payer expense without correcting the failed adoption program. Protect Mustangs is calling for the Bureau of Land Management to #PutThemBack on the 1971 herd areas in the West. More than one-third of the herd areas have been zeroed out.

“We will fight this outrageous plan to kill and sterilize America’s icons of freedom and we will win,” states Anne Novak, executive director of Protect Mustangs. “The public is not going to tolerate this. The Bureau of Land Management is a rogue agency who still wants to sterilize wild horses and burros with injections. Their advisory board is made up of people favoring the livestock industry except for one person. The bogus board of mustang haters needs to be dismantled and recreated with wild horse and burro experts – not cattlemen with a huge conflict of interest. It’s time to put America’s wild horses and burros back on public land where they belong.”

Pushing for slow sterilization with Pesticide PZP has only made matters worse by labeling wild horses and burros “PESTS” with the EPA and devaluing them further.

Read more here http://protectmustangs.org/?p=9733 and help us fight this in court and through nationwide protests. We have won important legal action stopping roundups and saving many lives. Now it’s time to save the lives of all the wild horses in holding! Go to www.ProtectMustangs.org, because you can help!

Protect Mustangs will not back down and will NEVER compromise for the “lesser of 2 evils”. It’s time to fight the Bureau of Land Management’s heinous final solution for America’s icons of freedom.

Keep sharing this petition. Now you know why they don’t care about the welfare of wild horses and burros in holding. They want to kill them after they rush them through adoptions to give them 3 Strikes and call them “unadoptable”.

Together we can turn this around!

For the wild ones,
Anne Novak
Executive Director
Protect Mustangs
PO Box 5661
Berkeley, CA 94705

George Knapp and 8 News Now Release 3-Part Series of Challenges at Mustang Monument

$100,000 Reward for the Capture & Conviction of the Criminals Who Vandalized Mustang Monument

We are thrilled that 54 of our Mustangs have been returned home to Mustang Monument, but the perpetrators responsible for the death of a dozen horses still need to be brought to justice. Any information could help the investigation. Please email Rean Wegley with any news or tips: RWegley@SavingAmericasMustangs.org.

Below are the links to the recent 3-part expose by George Knapp and the 8 News Now Las Vegas team. The investigation they have done into the politics behind the extreme challenges Mustang Monument has faced since its inception is an eye opener. We cannot thank these journalists enough for sharing their findings and including the “White Paper” in the report.

Mustang Monument in Jeopardy

The first in George Knapp and 8 News Now’s recent series on Mustang Monument.

Losing Battle with the BLM

This second episode starts drilling into internal documents and the deceptive double talk that Madeleine endured. Publicly there was support by the BLM, but what George Knapp uncovers is a different story altogether.

Elko County Strict Building Codes Raise Questions

The third story in the 3-part series from George Knapp and 8 News Now shows that it wasn’t just the BLM that was making sure Mustang Monument never opened.

Madeleine Pickens
Saving America’s Mustangs, 2683 Via De La Valle, G 313, Del Mar, CA 92014

54 Mustangs Found!

The outlaws who sabotaged the six wells and cut the fencing are still at large. The REWARD of $100,000 for the capture and conviction of these perpetrators that caused the death of 15 of these Mustangs still stands. Please help catch those who did this heinous act by spreading the word!

That said, The Nevada Department of Agriculture called Madeleine this morning with news that they had found 54 of our Mustangs! The mustangs were located 8.5 miles north of our property on a neighboring ranch.

“We are thrilled to have these wandering Mustangs found and returned to the sanctuary. It is a true sigh of relief to have them back,” Madeleine said following the news.

Please contact kdelange@savingamericasmustangs.org with any information.

Madeleine Pickens
Saving America’s Mustangs, 2683 Via De La Valle, G 313, Del Mar, CA 92014

Horse Murderers Still at Large! We Need Your Help!

We are all still in shock and trying to process the deaths of so many majestic creatures. Many of these horses were well known to the staff and we occasionally manage a smile as we recall some of their antics. They were a playfully mischievous bunch – always trying to gain that edge!

They were our family and we deeply grieve their loss.

Your outpouring of love and support has really helped us through these trying times. It is truly heartening to know so many people share our passion for this important cause.

The search is supposedly under way for the ELKO HORSE MURDERERS but the silence is extremely upsetting. We are coming up on 2 weeks and have not even got a courtesy update. Our fear is that this is either not getting the attention it needs or is being swept under the rug.

We need your help!

Please call Jim Barbee, the Director of the Nevada Department of Agriculture, and demand he bring the ELKO HORSE MURDERERS to justice. He can be reached at 775-353-3619 or email the Deputy Director Lynn Hettrick at lhettrick@agri.nv.gov.

We can’t let this savage crime go unpunished. We must show them that the public will not stand for the heinous and premeditated murder of innocent creatures.

The authorities need to hear loud and clear that the public will not allow them to ignore the situation. To some it is no big deal, to others it is a GOOD thing, but to decent people it is a horrific crime that cries out for justice.

Please call and Email today!

How to Help

  1. Call Jim Barbee, Director of the Nevada Department of Agriculture and demand he bring the ELKO HORSE MURDERERS to justice 775-353-3619
  2. Email Deputy Director of the Nevada Department of Agriculture Lynn Hettrick at lhettrick@agn.nv.gov demanding justice for our horses
  3. Continue to spread the word of this atrocity and the $100,000 REWARD for the capture and conviction of these outlaws

Madeleine Pickens
Saving America’s Mustangs, 2683 Via De La Valle, G 313, Del Mar, CA 92014

They Need to Get to Safety!

Aug 18, 2016 — 3-Strike Friends SUZIE KING (#2473) and SNOWBUNNIE (#2256) are at-risk and need a forever home together. Please help them!

We met them both at Palomino Valley last Friday. They were super nice and friendly. The two friends have spent all of their lives in the captive pens since they were rounded up as tiny foals. Now they are 6 years old and about 14h. Please help SUZIE KING and SNOWBUNNIE stay together in a safe place away from horse-traders, kill-buyers and slaughter!

You can do a walk up purchase at the BLM facility until August 22nd and save both wild mares with $50 for the pair. You can also set this up from a distance and arrange for someone to haul them to you. Read more here: http://protectmustangs.org/?p=9501.

Thank you and Bless you!

With kindness,
Anne Novak
Executive Director
Protect Mustangs

Tell Congress to Stop the Modoc Roundup! Fix It with a Fence!

Aug 11, 2016 — Protect the wild horses in Modoc National Forest from brutal helicopter roundups!

It is good to know that the US Forest Service is promoting adoptions of wild horses. However, no roundup should occur.

Inadequate Population of Wild Horses in Devil’s Garden

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature recommends a minimum-viable population (MVP) of at least 2,500 for a wild-horse herd. The arbitrary management level (AML) for the wild horses of The Garden — 206 to 402 — is way below MVP. The AML implies that each wild horse needs 578 to 1,129 acres. But how many acres does BLM estimate each cow or calf needs? Answer: 38 acres. So, absolutely, The Garden’s 232,500 acres could support 2,500 horses at 93 acres per horse. I further note that it was USFS who split the horses’ habitat into 2 sections and, in so doing, took away 25,500 acres, which were then given over to commercial livestock, which already had many more grazing slots than the horses. Indeed, USFS allows nearly 4,000 cattle to graze in The Garden, where the horses are supposed to, by law, have principal use. Read more here: http://protectmustangs.org/?p=9434.

Then contact your elected officials and tell them to fix the situation with a fence — not a cruel roundup costing about $600,000.

Keep sharing this petition out to double the numbers ASAP. In face of the current mustang-hating climate, America’s wild horses need more signatures to let politicians know you are serious and you want them protected, not slaughtered.

Thank you for helping America’s wild horses!

By Marybeth Devlin

With gratitude,
Anne Novak
Executive Director
Protect Mustangs
P.O. Box 5661
Berkeley, CA 94705
A member of the Alliance for Wild Horses and Burros