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Italy and Germany Take Home Male, Female and Pas-De-Deux

Germany’s Jannis Drewell shares a #TwoHearts moment at the FEI World Cup™ Final in Dortmund (GER) after winning the male category. (Gustavo Lorenzo/FEI)

Dortmund (GER), 5 March 2017 – The stars of this thrilling series were under pressure to peak when it mattered for this Final, and they did just that in front of fascinated crowds.

Italy’s Anna Cavallaro fended off tough competition from Germany’s Kristina Boe to take the women’s title, and the hotly contested pas-de-deux was won by Italy’s Silvia Stopazzini & Lorenzo Lupacchini – a first for Italy – who put on a show-stopping display of their ‘The Little Prince’ routine.

In the men’s category, vaulters had a tense wait until Sunday morning to find out who would be crowned champion, and after just missing out on the title last year Germany’s Jannis Drewell returned to top form. He performed both rounds with stunning conviction to lift the trophy in front of his home crowd.


Cavallaro, competing in her seventh World Cup Final, shocked audiences on day one with the début of a brand new freestyle theme. Her wolf interpretation impressed the judges to score 8.662, allowing her to take the lead over Boe (8,418).

You could feel the tension in the Westfallenhalle as Cavallaro with her lunger of 20 years Nelson Vidoni and star horse 11-year-old Monaco Franze 4 entered the arena for day two. She managed to hold her nerve to take her third FEI World Cup Vaulting title under intense pressure on a final score of 8,654.

Boe, the 29 year-old doctor known for her exceptional artistic impression, made a foot perfect second round performance of her zombie freestyle linking a number of risk moves, and with Don de la Mar and lunger Winnie Schluter, she finished second on 8,534.

Mum knows best

FEI European Champion Jannis Drewell (GER) hit unbelievable form at this year’s Final, leaving the crowd in awe as he performed his Sherlock Holmes routine.

Despite miss-timing one ground-jump of high risk, he gave everything with his mother and lunger Simone Drewell and Diabolus 3 scoring 8,720 to take the highly coveted title in front of his home crowd.

Lukas Heppler (SUI) once again teamed up with Monaco Franze 4, with whom he won the opening qualifier in Madrid, and after a nervous first round performance, he excelled on the second day finishing second on 8,554.

“It has been a long journey to get here,” said Drewell. “Last year was my first time in the World Cup and I finished second. I had a conversation with my mother before the second round where I asked about the ground jump as it is high risk. It’s always the way; I should have listened to my mother – but I am so happy it was enough to take the title even with that mistake.”

Italian gold rush

Silvia Stopazzini and Lorenzo Lupacchini, the breakthrough pairing of this season’s World Cup, performed their ‘Little Prince’ freestyle – a routine packed with difficulty and creative flair – to win the pas-de-deux on a total score of 8,695.

Germany’s Theresa-Sophie Bresch and Torben Jacobs maintained pressure on the Italian pairing throughout the competition and with their Swan Lake freestyle won second place on 8,689.

Vaulting Future

“Vaulting has come so far since becoming part of the FEI World Cup series,” said FEI Director of Vaulting Bettina de Rham. “Vaulting is now much closer to our other World Cup disciplines – Jumping, Dressage and Driving. Every vaulter competing at the World Cup is of the highest standard, and it is extremely difficult to qualify for the Final, let alone win. We’re really proud of the World Cup and all the athletes competing in this exciting series.”

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Germany Lights Up Leipzig

Kristina Boe. (Stefan Lafrentz/FEI)

Leipzig (GER), 22 January 2017 – The last FEI World Cup™ Vaulting series qualifier before next month’s Final exceeded all expectations in Leipzig (GER) with audiences at the Partner Pferde treated to a dramatic showdown with stand-out performances and home-nation athletes winning all three disciplines.

World number one Kristina Boe led throughout the competition with two commanding freestyles. In the male category, Daniel Kaiser came back from second in the first round to win with a masterful display, and Torben Jacobs and Theresa-Sophie Bresch closed with a high-class Pas De Deux.

Convincing lead

Boe put on a dominating display on home soil to secure her second consecutive World Cup qualifier on 8,469. Together with 16-year-old gelding Don de la Mar and lunger Winnie Schlüter, Boe looked at ease in the Partner Pferde arena, captivating the audience with every arm move, jump and bounce contributing to her zombie characterisation.

Silvia Stopazzini (ITA), whose grace and flexibility shone throughout the competition, finished second with Hot Date Tek and lunger Laura Carnabuci on an impressive 8.266, with Nadja Büttiker (SUI) finishing third (7,893) and series leader Anna Cavallaro (ITA) placing fourth on 7,791 due to a tumble from her horse in the first round.

Masterful display

The men’s division came down to a nail-biting stand-off between Germany’s Jannik Heiland and Daniel Kaiser. Together with Rockard H and Winnie Schlüter, Heiland led after the first round with a stunning freestyle set to classical music. He was elegance personified, showing exceptional harmony, flexibility and strength.

With only 0.1 point separating the two vaulters, the second round decider was electrifying.

Last year’s FEI World Cup™ Vaulting Final winner Daniel Kaiser drew on his competition experience with a freestyle masterclass on the second day. With lunger Nina Vorberg and 15-year-old gelding Sir Bernhard he gave everything to place first with a score of 8,634. Heiland, not quite able to recreate the seamlessness of his first round performance, finished second on 8,558, with Francesco Bortoletto (ITA) entertaining the Leipzig crowd finishing third on 8,118 in an incredibly hard-fought men’s final qualifier.

Recreating historical moment

The Pas De Deux category was won by Theresa-Sophie Bresch and Torben Jacobs (GER) who recreated the theme that won them the gold medal at the 2011 FEI European Vaulting Championships. Their adapted freestyle reflected their growth in the sport over the past five years. Together with lunger and former world Vaulting champion Patric Looser and Picardo they put on an emotive performance to finish on 8,615.

Italy’s Silvia Stopazzini and Lorenzo Lupacchini came back from a tough first round freestyle to place second on Rosentolz 99 with lunger Laura Carnabuci finishing second on 8,271, and Jolina Ossenberg-Engels and Timo Gerdes (GER) rounded out the podium on 7.786.

Dortmund Final beckons

At the FEI World Cup™ Vaulting Final in Dortmund on 2-5 March fans will find out who is able to hold their nerve and push the boundaries to take their prestigious titles.

The top six female and male athletes and top four Pas De Deux from the series will head to the Final.

In the female category, Kristina Boe and Anna Cavallaro will face tough competition, especially from Silvia Stopazzini with her three consecutive second place finishes in the qualifiers.

The male category, Switzerland’s Lukas Heppler has shone throughout this World Cup season but will face a tough task to fend off competition veterans including last year’s World Cup winner Daniel Kaiser and 2015 FEI European Champion Jannis Drewell (GER). Jannik Heiland is also one to watch with a high-scoring freestyle.

In the Pas De Deux class top honours could go to any one of the pairings, but based on current form Silvia Stopazzini and Lorenzo Lupacchini and Theresa-Sophie Bresch with Torben Jacobs will head into the Final as the favourites.

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Leipzig Results:

Female Individual: 1. Kristina Boe (GER) 8,469; 2. Silvia Stopazzini (ITA) 8,212; 3. Nadja Buttiker (SUI) 7,893; 4. Anna Cavallaro (ITA) 7,791; 5. Regina Burgmayr (GER) 7,551; 6. Marina Mohar (SUI) 7,129.

Male Individual: 1. Daniel Kaiser (GER) 8,634; 2. Jannik Heiland (GER) 8,558; 3. Francesco Bortoletto (ITA) 8,118 ; 4. Lukas Heppler (SUI) 8,048; 5. Erik Oese (GER) 7,872; 6. Balazs Bence (HUN) 7,603; 7. Lorenzo Lupacchini (ITA) 7,539; 8. Thomas Brüsewitz (GER) 6,976.

Pas de Deux: 1. Torben Jacobs & Theresa Sophie Bresch (GER) 8,615 ; 2. Silvia Stopazzini & Lorenzo Lupacchini (ITA) 8,271; Jolina Ossenberg-Engels & Timo Gerdes (GER) 7,786 ; 4. Zoe Marcuccio & Syra Schmid (SUI) 7,318.

By Hannah Eccles

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Cavallaro, Heppler, Stopazzini, and Lupacchini Take Titles in Salzburg

Silvia Stopazzini and Lorenzo Lupacchini. (Tomas Holcbecher/FEI)

Salzburg (AUT), 11 December 2016 – Under the lights of the incredible Meivisto Amadeus Horse Indoors arena in Salzburg (AUT), Lukas Heppler (SUI) won the male competition in spectacular fashion at this third leg of the FEI World Cup™ Vaulting series, while Italy dominated as Anna Cavallaro lifted the female title and Silvia Stopazzini and Lorenzo Lupacchini got their World Cup campaign off to a perfect start winning the pas-de-deux.

Salzburg certainly lived up to its reputation for delivering fascinating FEI World Cup™ Vaulting qualifiers with highly competitive classes across the board.

Rising to the pressure

Just 0.1 point separated the top three female athletes going into the second round, leaving no room for error.

Under intense pressure Anna Cavallaro, the favourite in Salzburg after her win in Madrid, drew on her vast competition experience to perform a near perfect second round, scoring 8,499 to win on Monaco Franze 4 with lunger Nelson Vidoni.

Silvia Stopazzini, competing in the individual female as well as the pas-de-deux classes, wowed the crowds and judges as she commenced her FEI World Cup™ Vaulting 2016/2017 campaign with an elegant bird interpretation that perfectly balanced strength, control and grace. Partnering with nine-year-old gelding Hot Date Tek and lunger Laura Carnabuci, she scored 8.266 for a routine to watch out for as the World Cup progresses.

Regina Burgmayr (GER), who placed second after the first competition, scored 7.906 to finish fifth on day two, leaving the door open for Switzerland’s Nadja Buttiker (7.976) and Marina Mohar (7.945) who finished third and fourth respectively.

Unstoppable in Salzburg

Switzerland’s Lukas Heppler, after winning in Madrid and placing second in Paris, continued his dominance in Salzburg in spectacular fashion, performing his Marco Polo freestyle that excels both technically and artistically.

Lukas Heppler (SUI) and Ramazotti 155 (Tomas Holcbecher/FEI)

Competing on his third horse of the tournament, Ramazotti 155, Heppler continued to show his calibre as a world class vaulter, adapting to a range of horses and still performing outstanding routines. With lunger Melanie Neubauer, he won on a score of 8.541.

The 2015 FEI European Champion Jannis Drewell’s Sherlock Holmes routine was not enough to challenge, and with a more reserved performance than usual he took second place (8,260) on Lago Maggiore 25 with his mother and lunger Simone Drewell.

Balazs Bence (HUN) once again entertained the World Cup crowd pulling up from sixth in the first round to finish third on 8,079, pushing Daniel Kaiser (GER), last year’s FEI World Cup™ Vaulting winner, into fourth place after he suffered a fall from the horse at the end of his freestyle.

Golden day for Italy – when two become one… or four become one!

Italy’s Silvia Stopazzini and Lorenzo Lupacchini in their first season together proved that their individual skills fit perfectly in pas-de-deux. On top of this, they performed for the first competitive time on Rosenstolz, who had previously only worked with individual vaulters in international competition.

“Today our performance was much better than yesterday, and I feel relaxed in this arena. I love competing under the lights here in Salzburg,” said Silvia Stopazzini. “Lorenzo is one of my best friends and I really enjoy performing with him; he is secure and I trust him completely.”

The 2011 FEI European pas-de-deux champions Torben Jacobs and Theresa Sophie Bresch (GER) made their World Cup début together finishing second on a score of 7.761. Torben, who won the FEI World Cup™ Vaulting pas-de-deux last year with Pia Engelberty, is now back with Bresch following Engelberty’s retirement from the sport.

Syra Schmid and Zoe Macuccio (SUI) rounded off the podium taking third place on 7,247, with a much improved performance of their 007 routine.

Next stop Mechelen

FEI World Cup™ Vaulting kicks back into action in Mechelen (BEL) on the 27-29 December (full programme: http://www.jumping-mechelen.com/en/program).

Current world vaulting number one Kristina Boe (GER) will commence her FEI World Cup™ Vaulting campaign in Mechelen, hoping to go one better after finishing runner-up in the FEI World Cup™ Vaulting2015/2016.

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Taillez, Derks and the Chevrels Prevail in Paris

Clément Taillez with Dyronn and lunger Cedric Cotton. (Erin Cowgill/FEI)

Lausanne (SUI), 26 November 2016 – The FEI World Cup™ Vaulting second qualifier at the Salon du Cheval in Paris (FRA) saw top individual honours go to Germany’s Janika Derks and France’s Clément Taillez, with the French brother and sister Lucie and Simon Chevrel winning the pas-de-deux.

The annual Paris qualifier got off to a dramatic start with several vaulters taking unexpected tumbles from their horses in the first competition, making the second vital for securing World Cup points, and this led to a fascinating two days.

Derks dominates

The favourite coming into Paris, Janika Derks faced an extra challenge of competing on a borrowed horse, but this did not deter her. With the 12-year-old Quartz d’Obliche and lunger Fabrice Holzberger she secured the top spot on a final score of 8.164 with her creative clown routine.

Derks, who finished fourth individually at this year’s FEI World Vaulting Championships for Seniors in Le Mans (FRA), vaults with the well-known club Neuss Grimlinghausen. Currently ranked world number two, she is now aiming to win her first FEI World Cup™ Vaulting title.

Switzerland’s Pascale Wagner pulled up considerably with her second round performance. Oozing confidence she took second place (7.579), and overtook wildcard Manon Noel (FRA) whose apt ‘Ice’ themed freestyle routine scored 7,522 in front of her home crowd in wintery Paris. Isabel Fiala (AUT) unluckily replicated her Madid qualifier, suffering a tumble from her horse in the first round to finish fifth (6.573).

Knowing each other 100%

Clément Taillez (FRA) gave two outstanding performances to take the title with Dyronn and lunger Cedric Cotton on 8.547 points. His artistic ‘dance’ freestyle received plaudits from three of the four judges who marked his technical elements in excess of 9.

“This is the first time I’ve scored a 9.4 for artistic, which is very cool,” said Taillez. “My horse was really good as usual – we know each other 100%, so it’s always a pleasure.”

Straight off the back of his win in Madrid (ESP) last Friday, Lukas Heppler (SUI) continued his convincing start to his World Cup campaign and with Edmonton, lunged by Koen Akkerman, he rounded off a successful weekend finishing second on 7.662.

Showman Balázs Bence (HUN) recovered from having to improvise to the wrong music, which ultimately impacted his artistic score, putting in a crowd pleasing performance in the second round to place third (7.579). Vincent Haennel, silver medallist at the FEI World Vaulting Championships for Seniors in Le Mans, finished fourth on 7.461 with his Napoleon-themed freestyle, with Theo Dennis placing fifth on 7.220.

Unplanned exits

The FEI World Cup™ Vaulting pas-de-deux category got its 2016/2017 series off to an unpredictable start. Lucie and Simon Chevrel, bronze medalists at the FEI World Vaulting Championships for Seniors, made an abrupt exit off their horse on both days of competition during their breathtaking performance on the slightly unsettled Sweetie de la Fosse.

But even with two premature finishes, their Adam and Eve routine proved enough to take the title on a score of 6.707.

Likewise, Zoe Maruccio and Syra Schmid (SUI) suffered an arduous first round, falling multiple times, but showed great resilience to put on a much improved second day performance to score 5.654.

Next stop Salzburg (8-9 December)

After an action packed four days, FEI World Cup™ Vaulting now has a short break before heading to the fairytale city of Salzburg (AUT) for the third qualifier on 8 December (Competition 1) and 9 December (Competition 2).

Spectators will see Germany’s Jannis Drewell and Daniel Kaiser go head to head in World Cup battle for the first time since the two fought it out for the male individual title at the FEI World Cup™ Vaulting Final in Dortmund (GER) in March, where Daniel Kaiser was victorious.

Watch FEI World Cup™ Vaulting in Salzburg live on FEI TV: www.feitv.org.

See full athlete line-up for Salzburg and series here.

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Paris Results:

Female Individual: 1. Janika Derks (GER) 8.164; 2. Pascale Wagner (SUI) 7.579; 3. Manon Noel (FRA) 7.522; 4. Carola Sneekes (NED) 7.469; 5. Isabel Fiala (AUT) 6.573; Coralie Chataigner (FRA) 6,385.

Male Individual: 1. Clément Taillez (FRA) 8.547; 2. Lukas Heppler (SUI) 7.662; 3. Balázs Bence (HUN) 7.579; 4. Vincent Haennel (FRA) 7.461; Theo Dennis (FRA) 7.220.

Pas de Deux: 1. Lucie & Simon Chevrel (FRA) 6.707; 2. Zoe Marcuccio & Syra Schmid (SUI) 5.654.

By Hannah Eccles

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Success for Cavallaro and Heppler at Madrid Opener

Anna Cavallaro with Monaco Franze 4, lunged by Nelson Vidoni. (Daniel Kaiser/FEI)

Lausanne (SUI), 26 November 2016 – Anna Cavallaro (ITA) and Lukas Heppler (SUI) got their FEI World Cup™ Vaulting 2016/2017 series off to the best possible start, storming to victory at the opener in Madrid (ESP).

The World Cup returned to Madrid Horse Week after its début last year to provide an incredible spectacle headed up with a top-class vaulting line-up, including multiple medal winners from past series.

Four horses for eight athletes made the journey to Spain’s capital, which meant that with only Cavallaro vaulting on her usual horse, quick adaptation was needed for the rest who had to perform routines to the highest standard.


Throughout the competition, the favourite Cavallaro proved untouchable, finishing on a final score of 8.423. In her first season with 10-year-old Monaco Franze 4, she showed that together they could be formidable lunged by Nelson Vidoni, who consistently gained horse scores in excess of 8.

Performing to Anastasia’s ‘Once upon a December’ under the lights of Madrid Horse Week, Cavallaro was able to show off her great strength and precision, evident in her effortlessly perfect split jumps.

Her dynamic freestyle showed her continuing growth in confidence with Monaco Franze 4, as she laid down the gauntlet for the female athletes going into the series.

Competing on borrowed horses, and with a short training day before the start of competition, four female athletes battled to the end. Switzerland’s Nadja Büttiker and Marina Mohar, who both borrowed 22-year-old Simbal, finished second (7.708) and third (7.593), with Isabel Fiala (AUT) placing fourth (6.810) after a tumble on day one from Royal Georg Alexander which impacted her final score.

“In Madrid the competition is wonderful, the organisation is fantastic and the arena is beautiful,” said Cavallaro after her win. “I really want to come back and compete at this competition next year.”

Unique vaulting

The four male athletes, also competing on borrowed horses, all posted exceptionally high scores above 8.

The top spot was closely fought between Switzerland’s Lukas Heppler and Germany’s Jannik Heiland. They both competed on Monaco Franze 4 – now recognised as one of the top scoring horses in the sport and in its first FEI World Cup™ Vaulting series – and were lunged by Nelson Vidoni.

Heppler’s artistic aspect of his performance, with strength moves constantly tight and soft on the horse, is one to watch this series as he develops his own unique style of vaulting. His final 8.535 score secured the Madrid qualifier.

Defending FEI World Cup™ Vaulting champion Daniel Kaiser (GER) once again teamed up with lunger Diane Fraser and Simbal, the combination that won the Madrid qualifier last year. His Houdini routine caught the eye of artistic judge Anita Flamand Prochaska (SUI), who awarded him 8.950 on the first day of competition, but after touching down after his dismounts he placed third with 8.176.

Thomas Brüsewitz (GER) rounded out the class finishing fourth competing on Dante lunged by Nelson Vidoni. Dante was a little unsettled as he entered the arena on the first day, but quickly acclimatised and allowed Brüsewitz to perform two tight routines to finish on 8.050.

Next stop Paris (27-28 November)

FEI World Cup™ Vaulting now heads to Paris (FRA) for the second qualifier, with Lukas Heppler and Isabel Fiala joining eleven vaulters vying for all-important World Cup points in individual and pas-de-deux today (Competition 1) and tomorrow (Competition 2).

Watch Paris live on FEI TV: www.feitv.org.

See full athlete line-up for Paris and series here.

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Madrid results:

Female Individual: 1. Anna Cavallaro (ITA) 8.423; 2. Nadja Büttiker (SUI) 7.708; 3. Marina Mohar (SUI) 7.593; 4. Isabel Fiala (AUT) 6.810.

Male Individual: 1. Lukas Heppler (SUI) 8.535; 2. Jannik Heiland (GER) 8.395; 3. Daniel Kaiser (GER) 8.176; 4. Thomas Brüsewitz (GER) 8.050.

By Hannah Eccles

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FEI World Cup Vaulting 2016/17: The Countdown Begins – Who Will Be Triumphant?

Daniel Kaiser (GER), winner of the FEI World Cup™ Vaulting 2015/16 individual male title (FEI/Liz Gregg)

Lausanne (SUI), 23 November 2016 – This week the thrilling FEI World Cup™ Vaulting 2016/17 season gets underway, as vaulters compete at two different stations, Madrid (ESP) and Paris (FRA), for the all-important points to qualify for the final in Dortmund (GER), March 2017.

The event, which has proved to be an overwhelming success, returns with this promising to be its best year yet.  Many of the stars of this summer’s FEI World Vaulting Championships in Le Mans (FRA) are taking part in the hope of winning the prestigious FEI World Cup™ Vaulting title.

In a sport that is continually growing, crowds are promised jaw dropping routines as vaulters perform a mixture of power and grace moves, all creatively intertwined with music to entertain equestrian audiences, as vaulters battle it out for the titles of individual male, individual female and Pas de Deux.

With the emphasis solely on two rounds of freestyle, vaulters are continually having to push the boundaries of imagination and artistry in order to set themselves apart from the competition.

There is a top class line up, and with a range of championship winners and medallists all vying for the title, it is a tough competition to call. After Madrid and Paris vaulters will head to Salzburg (AUT), Mechelen (BEL) and Leipzig (GER), seeking qualifying for the Dortmund final.

Individual male – a tough battle

Last year’s individual male winner Daniel Kaiser (GER) will compete at the season opener in Madrid, 24-25 November, which successfully hosted its inaugural FEI World Cup™ Vaulting qualifier last year. He will face the challenge from fellow Germans, European silver medallist from Aachen 2015 Thomas Brüsewitz and Jannik Heiland (GER) and from Switzerland’s Lukas Heppler.

Whilst in Paris (26-27 November), FEI World Vaulting Championships 2016 silver medallist Frenchman Vincent Haennel, will be the firm favourite to win in front of the home crowd.  He will have to fend off strong competition from club mate Clement Taillez for those crucial World Cup points. Switzerland’s Lukas Heppler – who will compete at both Madrid and Paris qualifiers – and Hungary’s Balazs Bence will also be hoping to put on the pressure.

Audiences will have to wait until Salzburg, 8-9 December, for the rematch between German countrymen Daniel Kaiser and Jannis Drewell – who battled it out for the title last year.  Jannis finished the year as the ranked number one male vaulter in the world.

Individual female – A new champion

Following the retirement of FEI World Cup™ Vaulting 2016 individual female winner Simone Jäiser (SUI), this division will be closely contested.

Runner-up in last year’s FEI World Cup™ Vaulting, and coming off the back of her most successful season, where she won the silver medal at the FEI Vaulting World Championships 2016 and ranked number one female vaulter in the world, Kristina Boe (GER) will be the frontrunner coming into the winter season. Freestyle specialist Kristina will make her FEI World Cup™ Vaulting 2016/2017 debut in Mechelen (BEL), 27-29 December.

She will have tough competition for the title from previous FEI World Cup™ Vaulting winner Anna Cavallaro (ITA), who is back on top form with her new equine partner Monaco Franze 4. Together they won the bronze medal at this summer’s World Championship. She heads up the Madrid line up which commences at 19.00 local time on Thursday 24 November, where she will face opposition from Austria’s Isabel Fiala and the young Swiss competitors, Marina Mohar and Nadja Büttiker who have positioned themselves at the top of the sport.

The current number two in the individual female world rankings, Janika Derks (GER), will be the favourite for the Paris qualifier which commences on Saturday 26 November at 16:30 local time, where her competition will be Switzerland’s Pascale Wagner and Austria’s Isabel Fiala – who will compete at both Madrid and Paris.

Pas de Deux – Three Hearts

Janika will also contend for the top points with her Pas de Deux partner Johannes Kay (GER), together the FEI World Vaulting Championship 2016 silver medallists.  Battling them for the sought after points on home soil, are French brother and sister combination, bronze medallists from this summer’s championships Lucie and Simon Chevrel, and the Swiss pairing of Zoe Maruccio and Syra Schmid.

It will be in Salzburg when the Pas de Deux competition really heats up with Italians Silvia Stopazzini and Lorenzo Lupacchini hoping to improve upon their fourth place position at this summer’s championship.

This hotly contested class includes the German pairing of Theresa-Sophie Bresch and Torben Jacobs in their comeback season, Torben, who took last year’s FEI World Cup™ Vaulting title with Pia Engelberty, is back with the partner with whom he won the FEI European Championships in 2011, following Engelberty’s retirement from the sport.

Whilst there is no Pas de Deux at the Madrid qualifier, the inclusion of the Pas de Deux class into the FEI World Cup™ Vaulting calendar in 2014 took public interest in the sport to a new level.  The unconditional trust of the pairs is obvious as they perform daring lifts coupled with interesting transitions, expanding the FEI’s Two Hearts concept.

Equally important are the horses who not only allow the vaulters to perform these awe inspiring routines but are also marked themselves making up 25% of the total score. With a mix of experienced and young horses taking part in the tournament – it will be interesting to see the impact our equine partners have on proceedings.

Bettina de Rham, FEI Director of Vaulting, says, “FEI World Cup Vaulting is back for its seventh season with the world’s best male, female and pas-de-deux athletes competing in five qualifiers at amazing venues. We kick off with Paris and Madrid this weekend, followed by Salzburg next month, and Mechelen taking us to Leipzig in the New Year ahead of the Dortmund Final in March.

“This series will certainly be dramatic with the athletes’ routines becoming more sophisticated every year. We’re all now very much looking forward to seeing the world’s best vaulters, lungers and horses perform in this truly thrilling World Series.”

There will be live coverage from Madrid and Paris, with Competition Day 1 on the FEI You Tube channel and Competition Day 2 live on FEI TV from each venue.

Male Category:

Balazs Bence (HUN), Thomas Brüsewitz (GER), Francesco Bortoletto (ITA), Jannis Drewell (GER), Dominik Eder (AUT), Vincent Haennel (FRA), Jannik Heiland (GER), Lukas Heppler (SUI), Daniel Kaiser (GER), Lorenzo Lupacchini (ITA), Ramin Simon Rahimi (AUT), Clement Taillez (FRA).

Female Category:

Regina Burgmayr (GER), Kristina Boe (GER) Nadja Büttiker (SUI), Anna Calvallaro (ITA), Janika Derks (GER),  Isabel Fiala (AUT), Corinna Knauf (GER), Katharina Luschin (AUT)(TBC), Marina Mohar (SUI), Silvia Stopazzini (ITA), Pascale Wagner (SUI).

Pas De Deux Category:

Theresa-Sophie Bresch & Torben Jacobs (GER), Lucie & Simon Chevrel (FRA), Janika Derks & Johannes Kay (GER), Zoe Maruccio & Syra Schmid (SUI), Jolina Ossenberg-Engeld & Timo Gerdes (GER), Alexandra Semeredy & Petra Dragan (HUN), Silvia Stopazzini & Lorenzo Lupacchini (ITA).

Full information on the FEI website here.

Social media hashtags: #FEIWorldCup #vaulting

By Hannah Eccles

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US, Swedish and Dutch Cities Win Hosting Rights to Major FEI Events

(Photo: Liz Gregg/FEI)

Tokyo (JPN), 19 November 2016 – The Longines FEI World Cup™ Jumping and FEI World Cup™ Dressage Finals for the years 2020 and 2021 and the FEI European Championships 2019 in Jumping, Dressage and Para-Equestrian Dressage were among the key events allocated by the FEI Bureau in Tokyo (JPN).

Following the success of the 2015 Finals, the Longines FEI World Cup™ Jumping and FEI World Cup™ Dressage Finals will return to Las Vegas (USA) in 2020 when the Finals will be hosted at a new venue, the MGM Grand Garden Arena from 15 to 19 April. Las Vegas has previously hosted six FEI World Cup™ Finals, two in Jumping and four combined Jumping and Dressage Finals at the Thomas & Mack Center (2000, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, and 2015).

The new venue, located in the MGM Grand Hotel on the famous Las Vegas Strip, is world renowned for hosting high-profile sporting events such as boxing and basketball, as well as live performances from global superstars like Celine Dion, Elton John and Britney Spears.

Gothenburg’s Scandinavium Arena, spiritual home of the FEI World Cup™ Jumping Final since playing host to the inaugural Final back in 1979, has been awarded the 2021 Finals. The Swedish sporting capital, which has already organised 22 FEI World Cup™ Finals including joint-Finals in 2013 and 2016, will host the Longines FEI World Cup™ Jumping and FEI World Cup™ Dressage Finals 2021 from 31 March to 5 April.

The 2021 double FEI World Cup™ Finals will kick-start celebrations of the City of Gothenburg’s 400th birthday celebrations.

Rotterdam (NED), another city with a long-standing tradition of hosting major equestrian championships, was announced as host for the triple FEI European Championships 2019 in Jumping, Dressage and Para-Equestrian Dressage from 19-25 August.

“We are delighted to confirm the allocation of some of our major Finals and Championships to major global cities like Las Vegas, Gothenburg and Rotterdam,” FEI Secretary General Sabrina Ibáñez said. “The organising committees for all these top events have such hands-on practical experience, and understand the process, commitment and dedication involved in organising these important fixtures on the FEI Calendar. We are very grateful to all the organisers who put in bids for these key events and are extremely happy to have the opportunity to showcase our sport in major global cities.”

The allocations were made at the FEI Bureau in-person meeting in Tokyo, prior to the FEI General Assembly (22 November). The Bureau also allocated the following FEI Championships and Finals:


FEI South America Jumping Championships for Young Riders, Juniors, Pre-Juniors & Children, Buenos Aires (ARG) 2-8 October 2017
FEI World Jumping Challenge Final, Algiers (ALG) 26-29 April or 3-6 May (dates to be confirmed)
FEI Balkan Jumping Championships for Seniors, Young Riders, Juniors & Children, Zhitnica (BUL), 31 August – 3 September

FEI European Dressage Championships for Young Riders, Juniors. & Children, Roosendaal (NED), (dates to be confirmed)
FEI Balkan Dressage Championships for Seniors, Young Riders, Juniors & Children, Zagreb (CRO), 30 June – 2 July

FEI World Driving Championship for Young Horses, Mezöhegyes (HUN), 7-10 September
FEI Balkan Driving Championship, Floresti (ROU), 29 September – 1 October
FEI World Para-Equestrian Driving Championship for Singles, Izsák (HUN), 28 September – 1 October

FEI Balkan Endurance Championship, Salcioara (ROU), 29-30 September

FEI European Reining Championship, Givrins (SUI), 2-5 or 9-12 August (dates to be confirmed)


FEI European Dressage Championship U25, Roosendaal (NED), 25-29 July

FEI World Cup™ Driving Final, Bordeaux (FRA), 2-4 February
FEI World Driving Championship for Young Horses, Mezöhegyes (HUN), 13-16 September

FEI World Cup™ Vaulting Final, Dortmund (GER), 1-4 March


FEI European Jumping, Dressage and Para-Equestrian Dressage Championships, Rotterdam (NED), 19-25 August

FEI European Driving Championship, Donaueschingen (GER), 20-22 September


Longines FEI World Cup™ Jumping and FEI World Cup™ Dressage Finals – Las Vegas (USA), 15-19 April

FEI World Cup™ Driving Final, Bordeaux (FRA), 7-9 February


Longines FEI World Cup™ Jumping and FEI World Cup™ Dressage Finals – Gothenburg (SWE), 31 March – 5 April

The FEI Bureau was also informed about the Secretary General’s decision to open a multi-year application process for the FEI WBFSH World Breeding Championships for Dressage and Eventing for 2019 and 2020 in order to align the bidding process with Jumping.

Details on the bidding process for FEI events can be found here.

For further information about the FEI Bureau, its role and composition, please click here.

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Grania Willis
Director Press Relations
+41 787 506 142

Ruth Grundy
Manager Press Relations
Email: ruth.grundy@fei.org
Tel: +41 787 506 145

Lindner Takes Double Gold and Germany Dominates in Junior Category

Lambert Leclezio (MRI) (FEI/Daniel Kaiser)

Lausanne (SUI), 21 August 2016 – Competitors from 20 different nations came to Le Mans for the World Senior Vaulting Championships and the Junior European Vaulting Championships.  The atmosphere at Boulerie Jump was electric as athletes battled it out for the eight FEI titles on offer.  Spectators were treated to a range of different themes from the individuals, Pas de deux and teams, all who were hoping for that elusive FEI medal.

Senior Female class

Coming into the senior female competition, the class was wide open with a number of competitors winning CVIs throughout the season.  However, it was Pas de deux superstar Jasmin Lindner who stole the show, leading the class from the initial compulsory round and advancing her lead throughout the following freestyle and technical rounds.  Jasmin amazed audiences with her range of moves especially a difficult combination of a backwards handstand on the handles through to an inside bounce.

Coming into the last day, Linder, who teamed up with her long term lunger Klaus Haidacher and her horse Dr Doolittle 5, competing in its first championship, needed to do a clean freestyle to take the all-important gold medal.  Last to go, she performed effortlessly and as she dismounted it was clear she would now be FEI Individual Female World Champion™ her gold medal adding to her collection of gold World medals in Pas de deux and her previous world team medals.

Scoring a total of 8,212, Jasmin commented after the event, “It’s a great feeling because it is really surprising for me that I have won individual.  I thought that I could make the top five.  But I never thought I could win this championship.”

It was a tough contest for silver and bronze with many of the women making costly errors in the initial freestyle and technical test rounds. Kristina Boe, who has been amazing audiences all year with her zombie themed freestyle, unfortunately got a costly time penalty in her first freestyle which resulted in her not getting her last risk move or dismount counted and occurring a one point deduction off her artistic score.

However, Kristina, who teamed with Don de la Mar and Winnie Schlüter, rectified the mistake and captivated the crowds in Le Mans with her portrayal of Mary Poppins in technical and the highest scoring final freestyle of 8.559 to score a total of 8.108.  Marina Mohar and Nadja Büttiker put in great performances for Switzerland to finish fifth and sixth, respectively. Janika Derks, competing on a new horse to the competition circuit, Bella Bientje, came back from a fall in the first freestyle round to take fourth place. However, it was the FEI World Equestrian Games™ silver medallist Anna Cavallaro who managed to take the bronze medal for Italy with a smooth performance on her new horse Monaco Franze 4 with lunger Nelson Vidoni at the helm.

Senior Male

The men’s competition climaxed in a gripping final. The top two competitors after first round Clement Taillez and Lambert Leclezio both made errors in one of the five important technical test moves: jump to backwards, which left them both having to fight back in order to try to fill one of the spaces on the podium.  Their mistakes left the door open for the three German competitors, Jannis Drewell, Thomas Brusewitz and Daniel Kaiser.  Jannis Drewell, last year’s FEI European Vaulting Champion™, suffered a fall from the horse in the first round freestyle whilst impersonating the famous Sherlock Holmes.  However, after a solid technical test and final freestyle, he scored 8.117 in total, thus securing a bronze medal for Germany.  Thomas, last year’s silver medallist, competing on new horse Big Star, unfortunately wasn’t able to capitalise on his first place in technical test and thus had to settle for fifth place. Vincent Haennel stunned the home crowd with his final freestyle, performing it impeccably.  Alongside his horse Quartz D’Olbiche and lunger Fabrice Holzberger, he scored a total of 8.127 which put the pressure firmly on the shoulders of the young Mauritian Lambert Leclezio who was the last to perform with his team horse Quiece d’aunis and lunger Sandra Tronchet.  The young 19 year old, who made a name for himself at the FEI World Equestrian Games™ in 2014 and won the Longines Rising Star Award the same year, was able to show his unique strength and flexibility within his routine to score 8,593 in the final freestyle and thus with a score of 8.135 went on to win the first ever gold Equestrian Vaulting medal for Mauritius. World Champion Lambert enthused, “I am relieved.  It has been really a lot of work and I am really happy that we did it.  We had the most fun in the final round.  It felt easy today.”

Senior Pas de deux

Jasmin Lindner and Luckas Wacha treated the audience to a Pas de deux masterclass, repeating the feat they managed for the first time five years ago winning the FEI World Championship in Pas de deux.  Together with Dr Doolittle 5 and Klaus Haidacher, they were untouchable. As firm favourites of the class coming into the event the pressure was on their shoulders, yet they managed to command the class as they performed two routines to perfection, scoring a perfect 10 for artistic from judge Karolina Wickholm on day one.  This rounded off a golden day for Jasmin Lindner, Dr Doolittle and Klaus Haidacher, who took gold earlier in the female individual class.  They were the only Pas de deux to score over a 9 finishing on a total of 9.084.  Second place was closely fought between Janika Derks and Johannes Kay from Germany, Lucie and Simon Chevrel from France and Silvia Stopazzini and Lorenzo Lupacchini from Italy.  The German Pas de deux were the first of the last four to go and laid down the gauntlet for the rest of the class. Together in a historic pairing with Alexander Hartl and Holt’s Romeo – as their own horse had a little injury – they scored a total of 8.435.  Next to go was the French pair who performed their ‘Adam and Eve’ routine with an impressive stand on stand block to finish.  With lunger Elke Nousse and horse Rayo de la Luz they faced an anxious wait as their score of 8.370 put them into second place with two more Pas de deux to compete. Next to go, Silvia Stopazzini and Lorenzo Lupacchini proved that they are a pairing to watch out for in the future.  However, their score of 8.185 put them behind the German and the French pairs and with the multiple championship winning pair of Lindner and Wacha left to perform, it looked like the result would not be enough to guarantee them the medal.  Last to go, Lindner and Wacha proved that they are Pas de deux legends in the sport, being unbeatable at every World and European Championship since 2012.  The audience was electric as they appreciated the spectacle that the Austrian pair had treated them too.

Senior Squad

The team competition resulted in a nail biting final.  Team Germany on Lazio lunged by Alexander Hartl led the class after the compulsory round by a significant margin.  However, after the first round freestyle Team France represented by Team Noroc and featuring 2014 FEI World Equestrian Games Champion Jacques Ferrari, started closing the gap on their rivals.  Partnered with Sandra Tronchet and horse Wizner, their revolutionary style of vaulting – dynamic, creating interesting shapes on the horse whilst interpreting different birds – amazed the crowd in Le Mans.  Also achieving a perfect 10 from Pavla Kraupse for artistic in the final day, they were able to perform two incredible freestyle performances to score 8.343 and take the gold medal ahead of the German team, who were represented by Team Ingelsberg on Lazio 9 lunged by Alexander Hartl. Austria’s ‘Revenge’ themed freestyle featured a never been done before – handstand on the straight arms of someone standing.  Along with their horse Alessio l’Amabile and lunger Maria Lehmann they were able to take the bronze a medal – one which has availed them the past couple of years.  Fourth place was occupied by Team Switzerland who managed to put on a fantastic show despite having to make changes due to injury in the past couple of weeks.

Junior Female

After a strong Austrian presence in the Junior Female class over the last few years, the German representatives stole the show and largely dominated throughout the competition resulting in them taking home every medal on offer.  This was the first time any nation has achieved this feat in the FEI European Vaulting Championship™ Junior Female class since its introduction back in 2008.  Mara Xander, her first time in these championships, took gold in emphatic style scoring 8.466 in her final freestyle leading the rest of the field by a whole 0.6 marks.  The 15 year old, alongside her horse Luigi 198 and lunger Andrea Blatz, scored a total of 8.147, performing four tight rounds and setting herself above the rest of the field. Her freestyle was perfectly balanced between artistic impression and difficulty alike.  The silver medal went to last year’s FEI World Junior Championships™ silver medallist Franziska Peitzmeier competing with her medal winning combination of Anna Brinkhamm on the lunge and 9 year old gelding Dorian Gray SN. She scored a total of 7.853.  Hannah Steverding completed the podium for Germany, her bronze medal being the first of two medals she won this championship, with an upbeat freestyle to Doris Days’ ‘Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps’.  Together with experienced horse Cyrano 147 and Doris Marquart, she was able to post a total of 7.707.

Junior Male

This year’s junior male competition was a highly competitive class which saw the leader change almost every round.  Going into the final day the title was there for anyone to take. This year also saw a lot of new young faces burst onto the scene. Last to go on the first day Philip Clement, who only turned 14 in May, cemented himself as one to watch in the future by taking the lead in the first compulsory round.  He went on to make an impact in the freestyle round with his theme of the ocean showing a mix of flexibility and strength.  He just missed out on the podium; taking fourth place, however, is an exciting prospect is for the future. Likewise, 15 year old Ludo Campïon, who was last to go on the final day with Françoise Sivar and Ipsos d’Ecotay, wowed crowds with his freestyle and full twist dismount to take home the silver medal for the host nation France, scoring a total of 7.459. However, it was Konstantin Näser who managed to put in four solid rounds to score a total of 7.479 take the title for Germany and continue the German gold rush that day.  He partnered with Cyrano 147 and Doris Marquart who had just taken the bronze medal in the Junior Female class.  In this tight final there were a number of vaulters in the running for the bronze medal.  It went to Leon Hüsgen from the famed club Neuss Grimlenhausen.  He fought back hard after a disappointing first compulsory round, where he placed eighth to come alive in the second round with a great final compulsory and freestyle set to score 7.443 and secure the third position on the podium.

Junior Pas de deux

Diana Harwardt and Julian Kögl won the Junior Pas de deux title for the first time for Germany since its inception in 2012.  Together with lunger Hendrick Falk and Longinus 4, they performed a graceful, near perfect routine both days to clinch the title with a score of 7.989 and win the class by a huge margin of 0.9. With 0.4 separating the rest of the field going into the final day all the remaining Pas de deux were in with a chance. However, it was Spain’s Lucy Mae and Layla Anne Fraser who made history by taking home the silver medal for Spain, performing their space routine to score 7.239 overall.  They were aided by their mother Diane on the lunge and horse Simbal to come through from sixth place on the first day.  This is Spain’s first ever medal in Equestrian Vaulting and the Fraser sisters, who had a tense wait in kiss and cry, could not contain their excitement as they found out they had become European medallists.  The bronze medal was hard fought and eventually went to Austria’s Clara Köpke and Lara Maurer partnering with their horse Louis Bonheur and lunger Lena Kalcher-Prein to score a total of 7.143.

Junior Squads

The junior team competition culminated in a duel between Germany – represented by Mainz Ebersheim – and Switzerland – represented by Montmirail, with the latter coming through to win the competition by a narrow 0.028 margin in the final round.  After finishing compulsories in third place, Switzerland, aided by their horse Livanto CHA CH lunged by Mirjam Degiorgi, fought back round by round putting in two energetic performances of their dynamic freestyle to score 7.610 to take home gold for Switzerland.  This is the first time Switzerland has ever won the title of FEI Junior European™ team champions.  Germany, lunged by Alexandra Dietrich on Celebration 38, had to settle for the silver medal, performing two enjoyable rounds of their Japanese inspired freestyle.  They fell just short of taking the title scoring 7.582 overall.  Third place was occupied by the current FEI Junior World Champions™ Austria, represented by the successful Club 43 competing on Darwin 5 lunged by Karen Asmera.  After a shaky first freestyle they pulled out a great final performance of their circus freestyle to score 7.321 and take the bronze medal. The Czech Republic showed great potential for the future, finishing fourth with 6.999, with Italy also delighting audiences with their Mary Poppins theme, finishing fifth on a total of 6.964.

German National Trainer Ulla Ramage commented on the success of the Germans in the Junior Championship after taking three of the four titles on offer. “I expected success but now we got more than I was expecting; we gave them more support and we had a master plan for this.  This was the reason for the success.”


Individual Senior Female: Gold – Jasmin Lindner (AUT) 8.212; Silver – Kristina Boe (GER) 8.108; Bronze – Anna Cavallaro (ITA) 7.992.

Individual Senior Male: Gold – Lambert Leclezio (MRI) 8.135; Silver – Vincent Haennel (FRA) 8.127; Bronze – Jannis Drewell (GER) 8.117.

Senior Pas de deux: Gold – Jasmin Lindner & Lukas Wacha (AUT) 9.084; Silver – Janika Derks & Johannes Kay (GER) 8.435; Bronze – Simon & Lucie Chevrel (FRA) 8.370.

Senior Squad: Gold – France (FRA) 8.343; Silver – Germany (GER) 8.260; Bronze – Austria (AUT) 8.159.

Individual Junior Male: Gold – Konstantin Näser (GER) 7.479; Silver – Ludo Campïon (FRA) 7.459; Bronze – Leon Hüsgen (GER) 7.443

Individual Junior Female: Gold – Mara Xander (GER) 8.147; Silver – Franziska Peitzmeier (GER) 7.853; Bronze – Hannah Steverding (GER) 7.707.

Junior Pas De Deux: Gold – Diana Harwardt & Julian Kögl (GER) 7.989; Silver – Layla Anne Fraser & Lucy Mae Fraser (ESP) 7.239; Bronze – Clara Köpke & Lara Maurer (AUT) 7.143.

Junior Squad: Gold – Switzerland (SUI) 7.610; Silver – Germany (GER) 7.582; Bronze – Austria (AUT) 7.321.

For full results and information, visit the Official Website: www.pole-europeen-du-cheval.com.

Re-watch the action on the FEI YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/user/feichannel.

By Hannah Eccles

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USEF Announces Combinations for the 2016 FEI World Vaulting Championships for Seniors

Lexington, Ky. – The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) has named the following combinations to the 2016 FEI World Vaulting Championships for Seniors to be held in Le Mans, France, August 18-21, 2016. The U.S. will be represented in the Individual Female, Individual Male, Pas de Deux, and Squad Championships. Chef d’Equipe Craig Coburn and Assistant Chef d’Equipe Mary McCormick will guide the U.S. vaulting contingent.

The following athlete-and-horse combinations have been named to compete in the Individual Female Championship (in alphabetical order):

Michelle Guo (Palo Alto, Calif.) will vault on RVC Gilching e.V.’s Donatelli 11, a 2004 Bayerischer gelding, and be assisted by Lunger Julia Handel

Elizabeth Osborn (Menlo Park, Calif.) will vault on Voltigeklubben Thommysminde’s Ghost Alfarvad Z, a 2000 Zangersheide gelding, and be assisted by Lunger Lasse Kristensen

Emily Rose (Santa Cruz, Calif.) will vault on RVC Gilching e.V.’s Diva 506, a 2003 Oldenbug mare, and be assisted by Lunger Carolyn Bland

The following athlete has been named as the reserve for the Individual Female Championship:

Kimberly Palmer (Half Moon Bay, Calif.)

The following athlete-and-horse combinations have been named to compete in the Individual Male Championship (in alphabetical order):

Colton Palmer (Half Moon Bay, Calif.) will vault on KCM Vaultinghorses’ Lord, a 2007 gelding of unknown breeding, and be assisted by Lunger Andrea Bicova

Kaleb Patterson (Stanwood, Wash.) will vault on Diva 506 and be assisted by Bland

Geoffrey Woolson (Tujunga, Calif.) will vault on RVC Gilching e.V. & Annabella Röhl’s Clay’s Power Boy, a 2005 Westphalian stallion, and be assisted by Lunger Julia Handel

The following athlete-and-horse combinations have been named to compete in the Pas de Deux Championship (in alphabetical order):

Carlee Heger (Fort Collins, Colo.) and Haley Smith (Parker, Colo.) will vault on Donatelli 11 and be assisted by Lunger Bettina Gross

Cassidy Palmer (Half Moon Bay, Calif.) and Kimberly Palmer will vault on Wolfgang Renz’s Leon 364, a 1998 Wurttemberger gelding, and be assisted by Lunger Wolfgang Renz

The following athletes have been named to compete in the Squad Championship (in alphabetical order):

Kalyn Geisler (Redwood City, Calif.)
Michelle Guo
Carlee Heger
Devon Maitozo (Calabasas, Calif.)
Mattea Petry (Portola Valley, Calif.)
Geoffrey Woolson

They will vault on RVC Gilching e.V.’s Amontillado 9 and be assisted by Lunger Bland.

The following athletes have been named as reserves to the U.S. Vaulting Team to compete in the Squad Championship:

Emily Rose
Haley Smith

Find out more about the FEI World Vaulting Championships for Seniors.

From the USEF Communications Department

Horse and Symphony, Opening Ceremonies, and Show Jumping Kick Off CHIO Aachen 2016

Traditionally dressed Swedish dancers and a painted Norwegian Fjord. Photos are property of Equinium Sports Marketing, LLC.

Aachen, Germany (July 13, 2016) – The king and queen of Sweden paraded into the main stadium of the CHIO Aachen Tuesday evening in grand style, accompanied by the Royal Fire Brigade of Malmo and a phalanx of mounted guards from the Swedish Royal Stables. Following a welcome to the participating nations, presented by Icelandic ponies and their riders bearing flags, Her Majesty Queen Silvia delivered the inaugural speech, officially declaring the CHIO Aachen 2016 open. With a roar of approval from the crowd the Opening Ceremony was underway, a spectacular showcase that highlighted the unique history and culture of Sweden and the equestrian roots of the CHIO Aachen.

Sweden, as the partner nation of the CHIO Aachen, presented a fabulous tribute to its equestrian, cultural, and musical traditions to a packed house at the Aachen Soers Main Stadium in a dazzling spectacle to set the mood for the week’s competition. Beginning with the middle ages, where knights from Sweden and Germany went to battle and Vikings rode again over the international show jumping field, the ceremony also included a display of midsummer songs and dances, the presentation of the Dalecarlia Horse, Wangen Trotters Quadrille, a presentation of Swedish competitors, a tribute to the storybook characters of Astrid Lindgren, and the musical stylings of both ABBA and pop sensation Mans Zelmerlow, who concluded the evening with an impressive concert framed by a spectacular sunset.

Earlier in the week, the Prize of the Sparkasse was presented to the top FEI vaulters, and a spectacular showcase of music and equestrianism took place in the Deutsche Bank Stadium. Dubbed Pferd & Sinfonie, or Horse and Symphony, the show featured equestrian exhibitions ranging from wild west rough riders, dressage quadrilles, jumping, vaulting, and breed presentations all set to the sounds of a live orchestra, playing above the arena. In addition to traditional classical pieces, the concert set horses dancing to the tunes of mainstream movies and music including ABBA, The Pirates of the Caribbean, Forrest Gump, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Superman, and The Lion King.

The Klimkes’ pas de deux
The Klimkes’ pas de deux

Tuesday’s early mix of sun and clouds persisted throughout the day and into the Opening Ceremonies, and the first show jumping contests were held in the main stadium beginning with the STAWAG Eroffnungsspringen, a 1.45m open jumper class which was topped by Italy’s Emanuele Gaudiano aboard his 11-year-old gelding, Kentucky v. Neerhof Z. The pair rode to a lead of almost four seconds over Germany’s Maurice Tebbel, the former Junior European Champion. German Olympic candidates Ludger Beerbaum, Daniel Deusser, Christan Ahlmann, Marcus Ehning, and Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum used the STAWAG Open Jumping class as a warm up.

Spain’s young talent led in the second class of the day, the Spakassen Youngster’s Cup. Featuring 7- and 8-year-old horses jumping 1.40m, the class served as a qualifier for the Sparkassen Youngster’s Cup Finale, to be held on Saturday, July 16. Sergio Alvarez Moya of Spain and the 8-year-old French bred mare Unicstar de l’Aumone proved unbeatable, securing the win with a lead of two seconds. The electric atmosphere and international caliber competition of the CHIO was a true test for the young horses, giving them experience towards future competition.

The CHIO Aachen continues Wednesday and Thursday:

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Main Stadium:

Prize of Handwerks – 1.45m Jumping Competition at 11:30am
Prize of Europe, presented by Turkish Airlines – 1.55m Jumping competition with jump off, Qualifier for the Prize of the AachenMunchener and Rolex Grand Prix (Grand Prix of Aachen) at 1:45pm
Prize of StadteRegion Aachen – 1.50m two phase jumping competition at 5:30pm

A bridleless dressage presentation set to the music of Forrest Gump
A bridleless dressage presentation set to the music of Forrest Gump

Deutsche Bank Stadium:

Prix St. Georges at 3:30pm
Grand Prix de Dressage CDI 4* at 6pm

Driving Stadium:

Prize of Fa. Horsch, Der Entsorger FEI Dressage Test 11

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Driving Stadium:

Prize of Martello Immobilemanament FEI Dressage Test 8 at 10pm

Deutsche Bank Stadium:

Prize of Family Tesch – Grand Prix CDIO Nations Cup Qualifier at 10am

Main Stadium:

Prize of Familie Muter – Deutschland’s U25 Sprinkpokal der Stiftung Deutscher Spitzenpferdesport Jumping Competition at 12:30pm
Sparkassen Youngsters Cup 1.40m Finale Qualifier at 2pm
STAWAG Prize – 1.50m Prize of the AachenMunchener Qualifying competition at 4:30m
Mercedes-Benz Nations Cup Round 1 Team Jumping Qualifier at 6:30
Mercedes-Benz Nations Cup Round 2 Team Jumping Qualifier at 9:50

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