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‘Just Doing My Job’ – A Bureau of Land Management Excuse for Mismanaging Wild Horses

Photo from NBC News video shows BLM contractor abusing a burro during BLM managed roundup.

History is replete with examples of people and agencies causing great harm or that have been caught in the act of some form of wrongdoing, only to offer the excuse, “I was just doing my job…”

On 16 March 1968, First Lieutenant William L. “Rusty” Calley, Jr., and his platoon murdered at least 300 Vietnamese civilians (and perhaps as many as 500) at a small South Vietnamese sub-hamlet called My Lai.

The excuse offered to the military court in regard to that massacre was “I was only following orders.”

Is it ever acceptable for Government agencies, such as the Bureau of Land Management (‘BLM’) and the U.S. Forest Service (‘USFS’) or their employees, to engage in wrongdoing as a function of ‘just doing their job’?

Are employees of Government agencies required to follow directives from their superiors even when such directives are highly questionable or fly in the face of common sense, logic, and established policies and law?

Is it reasonable for the BLM and USFS to willfully ignore the best available science that would lead to a more honest, humane, and ecologically appropriate wild horse management model?

Is it fair to American taxpayers for the BLM to knowingly waste over $100 million annually in taxpayer funds mismanaging wild horses when there exists a far more cost-effective and humane method for managing native species wild horses in America?

History teaches many lessons for those who ask the right questions.

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Stop Forest Service’s Plan to Eradicate Oregon’s Wild Horses

We have just days to save the Big Summit wild horse herd from the U.S. Forest Service in Oregon. The Service wants to drastically reduce herd size and could even brutally rip the ovaries out of the female horses. We must take urgent action now to prevent this diabolical plan from moving forward!

The U.S. Forest Service has been blatantly distorting the truth regarding wild horse reproduction rates of Oregon’s Big Summit wild horse herd in its attempts to reduce the number of wild horses to extinction levels. However, this herd’s population has been relatively static at 130 horses for many years, exposing the Service’s blatant lies.

The Forest Service’s proposed plan contains three options with its preferred being “Alternative 2,” which would reduce the herd to between 12-57 horses. A herd of just twelve horses would likely sentence the herd to immediate extinction, and any number below the current 130 would render the herd’s genetic viability futile. This option also suggests a particularly brutal form of surgical sterilization, which involves the barbaric and painful removal of mares’ reproductive organs.

The Forest Service based its plans on flawed data that only considers 4,900 acres, which constitutes the horses’ winter range, instead of the 25,434 total acres of their territory. The Service also utilized a ridiculous 30% riparian zone calculation to account for transitional areas between dry land and bodies of water, despite only 4% of the winter range actually designated as “riparian.”

In classic anti-horse double-speak, the plan states that “none of the alternatives will substantially impact resource,” meaning that “resources” such as streams, vegetation, and other wild animals are virtually unaffected by the presence of wild horses. This is inconsistent with other sections of the document that incorrectly blame resource damage on the wild horses. The document also conveniently omits mention of severe damage from 100 years of logging interests and ranchers grazing exploited animals on our public land, as well as more recent human ATV usage.

What YOU Can Do:

The U.S. Forest Service is only taking public comments for a very short time on this contemptible plan.

  1. Call one of the project leaders at the Lookout Mountain Ranger District of the Ochoco National Forest. Contact Beth Peer at 541-416-6463 or Tory Kurtz at 541-416-6407.
    Please say:
    I oppose “Alternative 2” of the Forest Service’s proposed Ochoco Wild Horse Herd Management Plan EA, it is a recipe for the destruction of this herd. These horses have steadily maintained their numbers at about 130 individuals year after year, with no resource damage to the public land they inhabit. The Appropriate Management Level should be raised to at least 150 horses, with humane, reversible fertility control as needed. Under no circumstances is brutal surgical sterilization acceptable which can be fatal!
  2. Write a polite comment expressing your support for the horses to the U.S. Forest Service on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  3. Send our letter, by filling out the form on this page (with your personal touch) by May 7th to Slater Turner, District Ranger, Lookout Mountain Ranger District.

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