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WildAlert News from The Wilderness Society

Just before the new year, the Obama Administration took action to address a Bush-era “no more wilderness” policy that had left millions of acres of western wild lands at risk to destructive development. The new policy requires the BLM to reconsider millions of acres of our public lands for new protections. The WildAlert community had spoken up urging this policy change many times over the past years, so thank you!

The new policy will be only as strong as the agency’s commitment to it. That’s why we need you to take action today to ensure that the guidance document that directs the process ensures maximum protection for deserving wild places. Read on to learn more, and take action.

Take Action

In ending the Bush-era “no more wilderness” policy, the Obama Administration has restored a path toward protection for millions of acres of wilderness-quality public lands across the West. BLM officials are now working on guidance to govern the process for wilderness inventory and management, and we need to ensure that the document covers all the bases. Click here to take action.

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