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Strzegom Horse Trials – Germany and Grand Games

Andreas Dibowski. Photo: Leszek Wójcik/Strzegom Horse Trials.

Strzegom, 21.05.2017 – We started the day with horse inspection in all classes CCI1*/CCI2* and CCI3* and the CICO3* Nations Cup. Picking up on some comments from the riders and Head Coaches the XC had given the horses good footing and been quite fast to ride but with lots of technical questions given both horses and riders a proper test. In all classes, we had fewer than 10 horses being withdrawn or not accepted so most horses came out being fresh and in good shape. The trot up strip continued to prove itself a bit “scary” (windy) to the horses resulting in a few jumpy horses and some riders having to hold on properly to the reins. Our Chief Steward’s gorgeous chocolate colored Labrador Inka continued to make sure we were all behaving and performing our best.

After trot up it was all about show jumping. And all about Germany. Well, almost.

The German team came in as overnight leader in both the FEI Nations Cup team and Individual class and even though we had some really good rides today the German team proved unstoppable. Some horses came in strong in the jumping round but quite a few showed a bit of tiredness in the end of the course and the fences came falling down one by one.

The weekend’s winner was Kai Rüder who managed both 1st and 4th position in the CIC2* and as icing on the cake come in 1st in the individual CICO3*. Hats off, well done and what a super weekend for Kai and his team!

A winner that we admire even a bit more was German winner of the CIC1* Janet Wiesner who had a baby daughter only 7 weeks ago and still managed to beat the entire class and take a super win in the CIC1*. We are just so impressed that we still can’t really take it in!

Yet the Germans were not planning on settling with this; they also took home the entire FEI Nations Cup Team victory with a striking marginal of incredible 68 (!) points to Team GBR coming in 2nd and close to 70 to Sweden ending up 3rd.

Though we have to say it was really good fun to see so many new riders on the teams and we think it great to see the teams giving not only the top riders a shot at the Nations Cup but also the upcoming ones who need the experience test to grow.

So, a lot about Germany BUT also…

Karin Donckers – We at the press office adore Karin! She is such a pleasure to interview and never says no to us when we ask for her precious time. Karin had 4 horses in the 3* and we were cheering her on all the way as she had a super win in the CCI3*. We look forward to see a whole lot more of her in August.

Sanna Siltakorpi – What a super ride from Finland and a great win in the CCI2*. Sanna helped her Finnish team to qualify to the Europeans for the first time in 28 years! Well done Finland and we can’t wait to see your team here in August.

Miloslav Prihoda – Starting out on 5th from dressage Milolsav had a great ride in the XC with no additional penalties, all pushing him straight into the lead. A great win in the CCI1* and welcome back Strzegom!

The top positions for Strzegom Horse Trials 2017 ended up as follows:

CIC1* Janet Wiesner (GER)

CCI1* Miloslav Prihoda (CZE)

CIC2* Kai Rüder (GER)

CCI2* Sanna Siltakorpi (FIN)

CCI3* Karin Donckers (BEL)

CICO3* Individual Kai Rüder (GER)

CICO3*/Nations Cup Team Germany

A huge congratulations to you all and we hope to see you all back in August for the European Championships. Until then, enjoy the fantastic eventing season ahead and see you soon!


Strzegom Horse Trials – Final Day of Cross Country

Karin Donckers. Photo: Katarzyna Boryna/Strzegom Horse Trials.

Strzegom, 20.05.2017 – If you ever had a busy day, we know exactly what you mean. It was full speed ahead as we had everything from horse inspections to show jumping to cross country planned ahead. That meant it would be horses and riders all over the place.

We woke up this morning to what probably was perfect weather for the horses entering the XC course. Cloudy with a bit of a breeze, yet no more than 14 degrees. A quick change of gear and almost everybody entering the horse inspection where set with boots, hoodies, gloves and winter jackets. Of course; nothing does the trick as the occasional horse blanket around your shoulders so all set for a full day of action.

Speaking of horse inspection, we got off to an early start with horse inspection for both the CIC1* and CIC2*. With only two horses withdrawn and one horse not accepted in both classes it seemed a good indicator that the horses were still in good condition. The breeze hitting the side of the trot up probably added an additional “freshness” to some horses, giving their riders a bit of struggle to hold on. Overall a good morning entering the show jumping for these two classes.

The CIC1* showjumping started almost just after the CIC2* trot up and honestly, it was just a lovely contest. Noora Cederberg/Tilda V – the overnight leader – had one tiny fence down the last line leaving her in 2nd position, closely followed by Julia Elzanowska/Lucky Comeback in 3rd. Julia rode a clear round both in the XC and show jumping but nothing could touch the winner of the day Janet Wiesner on her 16-year-old horse FST Golden Joy. Janet had a great start in the dressage and clear rounds in both XC and Showjumping made her the winner of the day. Janet is just back in the saddle after she gave birth to a marvelous little daughter only seven weeks ago. What an amazing star.

A big congratulation to the Wiesner family to both the new born daughter that of course was with her mother here in Strzegom and to a great win in CIC1*.

CIC2* was almost all about the German riders from start to finish. The only riders who had a chance to beat the Germans riders out of a victory in the showjumping was Jan Kaminski/Senior and Merel Blom/The Quizmaster. Unfortunately Jan got one fence down and Merel two fences, leaving the German team with a complete top three starring Rebecca-Juana Gerken/Scipio S in 3rd , Elmar Lesch/Lanzelot 113 in 2nd, and the unstoppable Kai Rüder in both 1st and 4th place. What a super day for the German team.

After the horse inspections and CIC1* and CIC2*, the XC for the CCI1* started at 9.am. Julia Gillmaier riding Quinton 14 was the overnight leader continue to have super day leaving her still in 1st position after XC. For most riders the XC seemed quite a test so lots of changes in the top ten. Both Sandra Auffarth and Therse Viklund (top 2nd and 3rd) had a bit of a rough day and the new top 2nd Miloslav Prihoda JR/Ferreolus Lat and 3rd Lina Forsberg/Caloj.

Coming in after the lunch break we opened up the FEI Nations Cup, the 1st leg being started here in Strzegom. Honestly, the only thing that was not a surprise was the German riders. Having a mix of new and less experienced horses and riders opened up the competition a great deal and we got same real ups and downs during the day. The course had some fences we knew would prove hard (the line after the second water complex for example) and then there were some other fences that caught both us and riders by surprise (the checkered yellow and black fences on the small hills for example). Quite a few riders had problems with runouts and the time – only one rider, Alexander Bragg, inside the time. Having one rider jumping the wrong fence at the end of the course gave the Netherlands a less fun day as they were up there competing about the top three positions. The XC truly proved itself as being technical and seemed to tear a bit mentally both on horses on riders. Germany is still in the lead with almost 30 points.

1. Germany 2. Sweden 3. Great Britain 4. Netherlands 5. Italy. 6. Poland

Having a look at the individual scores on the FEI Nations Cup, Kai Rüder continues to have a field trip here in Strzegom, being in 1st position followed by three other German riders. Without ruining the fun for show jumping; we dare to predict Germany is going to be very hard to beat.

Last but not least, the CCI3* where Karin Donckers had a great day with two horses in the top ten (1st and 8th). Also in this class, we could see a lot of changes in the top ten, where we had refusals and time penalties changing the scoreboard. The XC continued to be a mentally tough and really demanded of the riders to keep the rhythm, good lines and balance. The CCI3* leaves us with Karin Donckers/Fletcha van’t Verahof in 1st, Merel Blom/Rumor Has it N.O.P in 2nd, and Eveline Bodenmüller/Waldmann in 3rd.

Still in our winter jackets and hoodies, we have had a bit of a cold day but lots of heartwarming rides and lots of great sport as we completed this year’s XC. We have had the opportunity to get to know new team members in the FEI Nations Cup and now we will take a well-deserved break for the evening and get ready for the final day with showjumping.

If you cannot make it, don’t worry. You can join Strzegom Horse Trials live via our web site: http://www.strzegomhorsetrials.pl/pl/galeria/strzegom-tv.html.


Strzegom – Time for FEI Nations Cup & Cross Country

Beeke. Photo: Leszek Wójcik/Strzegom Horse Trials.

Strzegom, 19.05.2017 – After two days of dressage we were eager to get the speed up here in Strzegom and this is what we all have been waiting for – it’s cross-country time!

Strzegom continues be sensational sunny, warm and to just make it perfect there has been a bit of a breeze all day that made us all hang on to our hats, scarves and caps. Thankfully, the exhibitors have gotten their trade stands opened so if needing a new hat, shirt, jacket or something for the horse, that is now all taken care of. We also had the great opportunity of inviting in children from the schools in the area, setting the ice cream and soft drink vendors in hyper mode sales. Until now the coffee vendors have been the most busy, quite likely do to the coffee consumption from the press office.

Before throwing ourselves into the cross country we still had a bit of dressage to round up – three classes remained.

Taking up where we left off, we started the morning in Arena B with CCI 1* where we had a Swede in the lead overnight. 20 riders went before the Ground Jury and now we have a new leader for the upcoming XC, Julia Gillmaier (POL) in 1st position after a strong dressage, being chased by Sandra Auffarth (GER) and Swedish Therese Viklund (our overnight leader) coming in 3rd. We can look forward to a very exciting XC.

In arena B CCI 2* dressage had 27 riders starting, a nice variety of seasoned riders on a bit younger horses to younger riders starting with more seasoned horses. Quite a mix! The arena B is a neat little arena that allows close access for spectators and it was nice to see some many coming along to cheer on their favorite rider. We ended the day at Arena B with a national favorite and very experienced rider Pawel Spisak in the lead, closely followed by another rider of great expertise Linda Algotsson in 2nd. Alice Naber-Lozeman came in 3rd and with only a few points separating the top 5 it’s really an open race as we head on for the XC.

In the Main Arena it was all about FEI Nations Cup 3* dressage. 6 teams had lined up for the FEI Nations Cup: Germany, Poland, Sweden, The Netherlands, Great Britain and Italy. Strzegom is the 1st leg out of 9 where the best 7 scores will be counted as the final result.

Overall it ended up being a very close race between the teams. All six countries brought similar level of the teams leaving this class open for surprises and the certainly a few came along. The Arena A itself, being wide and open plus adding some distractions, spooked quite a few horses causing a few “blow outs”. Adding a bit of riders’ nerves might have added to the tension so all in all not as many top results as we expected. With that said, we still had some very nice rides; Germany rarely lets you down and it may not come as a surprise to have them in the lead. Coming in for the XC it’s:

1. Germany 2. Netherlands 3. Great Britain 4. Poland 5. Sweden 6. Italy

On the XC we had two classes starting; first to enter the XC course was the CIC1* and a bit later in the afternoon the CIC2*. Having this amazing weather meant both spectators and riders got superb conditions for the XC.

The courses gave the riders in both 1* and 2* a proper test. Marcin’s courses are known to be technical and the fences come at you quickly. Being a narrow course it’s a challenge to keep, especially the younger and less experienced horses, focused on the task and not having them distracted by all that is going on around them. In both classes, we could see that tension/loss of focus happening especially by the second water complex where the horses had to jump a log into the water followed by two corners directly after the water. That in itself can be tough question without adding the people, other fences, spectators and cameras just opposite the water complex. Some horses got a bit distracted already before jumping into the water resulting in lost balance, rhythm and line. Others ended up in trouble after the first jump into the water as the horses lost speed and didn’t quite get the momentum and balance back. Overall both courses ended up with some very good rides for those who managed to keep their horses in a steady rhythm, focused on the task and keeping a good line towards the fences.

Finishing off the CIC1* we still have the same top three in the lead as after the dressage: Noora Cederberg/Tilda V in 1st, Rebecca-Juana Gerken/Day of Glory 4 2nd, and Janet Wiesner/FST Golden Joy 3rd. The difference between 2nd place and 6th place is fewer than 4 penalties so it’s still very much a fight going into the showjumping.

In CIC2* Kai Rüder seems unstoppable; he has had a flying start so far remaining in the lead with Coin Toss and keeping second ride Charlie Weld in 4th. Merel Blom/The Quizmaster in 2nd and Rebecca-Juana Gerken in 3rd – well done by Rebecca to have two horses in top three in 1* and 2*!

If you cannot make it, don’t worry! You can join Strzegom Horse Trials live via our web site: http://www.strzegomhorsetrials.pl/pl/galeria/strzegom-tv.html.


Second Day at Strzegom Horse Trials – Dressage & Horse Inspections

Therese Viklund. Photo: Katarzyna Boryna/Strzegom Horse Trials.

Strzegom, 18.05.2017 – It has been another blazingly beautiful day here in Strzegom. Sun and not a cloud in sight has kept the spirit high and truly we couldn’t ask for better conditions.


Having 6 dressage classes means quite a few horses in front of our Ground Jury members, who have been busy from early morning and just finishing off. The main arena is a real treat for the eye with the big trees and the spacious court next to the VIP area, restaurant tents and exhibitors. It makes even such a big arena feel tight and gives a great atmosphere. The Arena B has a bit more of a “cozy” feel overall to it being half the size, yet both arenas presented themselves as a bit tricky as some horses were not too keen to get in focus. Some would most likely prefer to take on the XC straight off..

We already had the CIC2* dressage and we have to say that this class offered a few surprises. Firstly, we are impressed with having the same two riders who started off the earlier dressage test as first and second rider to still have them in the lead! A total of 58 riders yet no one managed to move around the top three. Coming into the main Arena which is quite big and being a bit too fresh spooked a few horses having some of riders leaving the arena a bit frustrated. Nevertheless, good sport all morning with the CIC2* yet no rider above the magical 70%. This leaves KAI RÜDER still in the 1st and 2nd place followed by Jan Kaminski in 3rd. We look forward to the XC course.

Our riders in the CIC1* also completed their dressage test. 48 riders took on the challenge in Arena B with mixed results. Some of the horses had trouble to focus on the task at hand and gave their riders a bit of a hard day. Top three of dressage ended up with a Noora Cederberg from Finland in 1st and again strong rides from Germany putting Rebecca Juana Gerken in 2nd and Janet Wisner in 3rd.

As we said more dressage, CCI3* had 33 competitors entering the contest after lunch finishing off just after 5.30pm. Nice to some very good rides raising the scores to a bit above 70% for the top three riders. Starting after lunch meant dressage at the main arena and it was nice to some spectators enjoying this beautiful day in the company of great dressage. Coming out on top from the CCI3* was Swedish Therese Wiklund, Karin Donckers from Germany in 2nd and Marina Köhncke in 3rd. It was exciting all the way to the end as final rider Merel Blom from the Netherlands gave the top three a bit of a scare coming in on 4th place just behind Marina. The riders in this class can now take a bit of a breather until they head off to the XC course.

The horse inspections of the day went well for all; the morning session with the first horse inspection for the CCI1* has all but one horse starting for dressage at 9.am. Just as well did the late trot up for the CCI2* go; all but one horse passed the trot up.

If you cannot make it, don’t worry! You can join Strzegom Horse Trials live via our web site: http://www.strzegomhorsetrials.pl/pl/galeria/strzegom-tv.html.


Beautiful Day Kick Starts Strzegom Horse Trials 2017

Kai Ruder. Photo: Leszek Wójcik/Strzegom Horse Trials.

After the very intense heatwave during the event in mid-June 2016, we are thrilled to have close to perfect conditions starting off this year’s event.

Sunny weather, app. 25 degrees with a bit of a breeze keeping horses, riders, officials, volunteers and spectators in happy mood. We love it and fingers crossed it will last all week.

Ground Jury members have been doing the XC course walk during the day, together with our own course designer Marcin Konarski. It’s 15 years since it all got started and truly it has grown to something quite extraordinary.

As often with Marcin’s XC courses there are many aspects to consider and focus is key. It doesn’t matter if you are riding a short 1* or a long 3*; both horse and rider will have to be on their toes (or their hooves) because in this state of the art course, the fences turn up fast and there are many twists and turns.

Listening in to the ground jury members during the XC course walk we can honestly say we have a great week ahead of us. As one of the jury members concluded, “It’s a proper test,” and that goes both horse and rider. This XC is strong, solid, technical with lots of corners and demands a full focus from start to finish. A small breather is included but then it’s back to business again for the second half of the courses. The Water complexes are generous with lots of fences coming swiftly at the riders both in and out and will leave no room for hesitation. All in all, a XC that surely has the Konarski design all the way.

The day also included the start of CIC 2* dressage with some 25 riders starting and another app. 45 riders the next day following in the same class. After the first day, we have to take our hats off to the German riders who managed 6 out of the 8 top positions with Kai Rüder both in 1st and 2nd position followed by Jan Kaminski in 3rd.

Finishing off is the first horse inspection for the CI Long 3* and last but not least the DRAW for the FEI NATIONS CUP 1st leg that starts Friday – so exciting and we really look forward to this!

To give you a taste of what’s ahead, here are some facts for the week:

261 horses/entries from 18 countries. 6 XC courses from CI-short 1* to CI-long 3* and Nations Cup jumping a total of 140 fences, all being sponsored by some 30 sponsors/partners and hopefully plenty of spectators.

If you cannot make it, don’t worry! You can join Strzegom Horse Trials live via our web site: http://www.strzegomhorsetrials.pl/pl/galeria/strzegom-tv.html.


Strzegom Horse Trials Live Online

Equestrian enthusiasts will have a chance to watch online coverage from this year international competition Strzegom Horse Trials – the biggest eventing show in Poland.

Strzegom Horse Trials is the biggest equestrian event in Poland. 17th-21st of May for the fifteenth-time Hippodrome in Morwa near Strzegom will become a world equestrian capital. There will be five international competition and CICO3* – that last one is included in the Nations Cup Series.

Nearly 270 horses and riders from 18 countries will take part in the event. As usual, a number of riders come from Poland and Germany.

Equestrian enthusiasts will have a chance of watching the competitions in Strzegom live. Please join us online on www.StrzegomHorseTrials.pl, www.Swiatkoni.pl and FEI TV.

The broadcasts are sponsored by ACTIVO-MED.


Thursday, 18.05.2017
Dressage CI-long 3*

Friday, 19.05.2017
Dressage CIO-short 3*
Cross Country CI-short 1* & CI-short 2*

Saturday, 20.05.2017
Cross Country CI-long 1*, CI-long 2*, CIO-short3*, CI-long3*

Sunday, 21.05.2017
Jumping CI-long 1*, CI-long 2*, CIO-short3*, CI-long3*
Jumping CIO-short 3*


World and Olympic Champions at Strzegom Horse Trials

Almost 270 horses representing 18 countries are entered to compete at the biggest eventing show in Poland.

Strzegom Horse Trials as always will welcome top evening riders.  At Morawa Hippodrome we are going to see: German rider Sandra Auffarth, triple Olympic champion, World champion, and European vice-champion; Andreas Dibowski, team Olympic champion; Belgian rider Karin Donckers, double team bronze medalist of European Championships; and Swedish rider Linda Algotsson, double winner of Worlds Cup Final, as well as many others well known riders.

At 15th edition of Strzegom Horse Trials, 239 athletes from 18 countries will compete. The most numerous will be 50 Polish and 37 Germans. We will have a chance to watch riders from Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Czech Rep., Denmark, Finland, Spain, Holland, Lithuania, Norway, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, Hungary, and Great Britain.

During five days of the event riders will take part in six international competitions including FEI Nations Cup, the most prestigious series in FEI calendar.

Strzegom Horse Trials will start on Wednesday 17 May with the dressage test, on Friday and Saturday there will be the cross country test, and on Sunday 21 May, after the show jumping test, the best team of the first leg of FEI Nations Cup series will be selected.


Strzegom Will Open FEI Nations Cup Series in Eventing

Strzegom, 27.04.2017 – Morawa Hippodrome will be the arena of the first competition for FEI Nations Cup Series in Eventing.

After the event in Montelibretti was cancelled, Strzegom will be the first leg in this year FEI Nations Cup Series in Eventing calendar.

Strzegom Horse Trials will take place in mid-May. Riders will compete in six international classes on different levels including the most important one: Nations Cup.

Strzegom Horse Trails have been organized for fifteen years now and for last six years the inherent part of the event is Nations Cup competition.

This year FEI Nations Cup Series consist of nine events which will take place in eight European countries and USA.

At every event, there will be nations team classification done. The winner team of the whole Series will be selected on 8th October after the competition in Boekelo in Holland.

Last year’s Series was won by German team, followed by Great Britain and France.


Strzegom Horse Trials Is Getting Closer

This year’s 15th edition of the Strzegom Horse Trials is already in a month – in the middle of May the first riders will come to Morawa. On Monday 17th April, we will finish accepting entries and find out who this year is going to face with the heavily rebuilt cross country in Strzegom.

This year’s Strzegom Horse Trials will be held more than five weeks earlier than traditionally. The very intensive preparations of the cross country are now taking place. This year riders can expect a lot of changes. Most of them are the results of preparation the facility for the FEI European Eventing Championships in August.

The most important change, which is waiting for the riders, is the start and the finish of the cross country, which are placed on the other side of the road. The start and the finish will be moved near the CCI3 * fence number 3. Thanks to that, both the start and the finish will be much closer to the stables, so it will be easier for the competitors to get there and return.

“The cross was designed in such way to give the last chance to familiarize with the topography of the Strzegom cross for horses and competitors who are preparing for the European Championships and on the other side to motivate the horses and riders before the start of the next preparation period,” concludes Marcin Konarski, Event Director and the cross-country builder.

“This applies to 3-star, 1-star and 2-star competitions. On the crossroads of the 3 stars, of course will be some obstacles that have been made specifically for the FEI European Eventing Championships.”

During the Strzegom Horse Trials will be held six international competitions: CIC1 *, CCI1 *, CIC2 *, CCI2 *, CCI3 * and CICO3 * – FEI Nations Cup ™ Eventing. The Nations Cup™ competition is the most prestigious cycle in the International Equestrian Federation calendar. The first event of the series will be played in the Italian Montelibretti (22-23 April), followed shortly thereafter by the Strzegom Horse Trials.


Heading towards Strzegom Autumn Show

Strzegom Summer Tour finished last weekend. It was a second international show on Morawa Hippodrome this year. More than 270 horses and riders from 17 countries competed! But we are heading now towards another international event in Morawa- Strzegom Autumn Show.

Strzegom Autumn Show will take place from 16th to 18th September. There will be CNC 3*, CI-short 1*, CI-short 1* YH, CI-short 2*YH and Open Young Horses Championships for 4 and 5 year old horses.

International Young Horses Event is a three day show for 4, 5, and 6 year old horses. It’s a great equestrian festival for breeders, owners, riders and future owners. During the competition horses are assessed in dressage, cross-country and jumping tests.

Strzegom Autumn Show is a more and more popular event. 170 horses competed in 2015 edition. Entries for this year event are currently open.

More on www.International.Stragona.pl.

Best regards/Pozdrawiam,
Marta Wójcik
Strzegom Horse Trials