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Nevada’s Wild Horses Need Your Help

Comments Needed for the Desatoya Herd & Other News

Wild horses of Nevada

Dear Wild Horse & Burro Defenders;
Please help the Desatoya Wild Horse herd in central Nevada by commenting on the helicopter stampede and removal plan in which the vast majority of wild horse families would lose their freedom later this year. As many as 500 horses could be removed from their legally designated Wild Horse Herd Management Area of over 160,000 acres. BLM is only allowing for 127-180 wild horses, while permitting the year round grazing of 600 head of privately owned livestock.

Instead of preparing an Environmental Assessment (EA) for just the wild horse removal, BLM has included this wild horse action as part of a habitat restoration project EA. The “restoration” plan calls for the cutting of pinyon, juniper and sagebrush to improve the habitat for threatened populations of sage grouse. Yes, that’s right — destroying sagebrush habitat to help struggling sage grouse populations. It is easy to conclude that the “restoration” might also create more grazing land for welfare cattle. Livestock damage is the major cause of declining sage grouse populations throughout the West.

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