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Very Exciting News from Team Poulsen!

I have VERY exciting news for you! I have purchased a farm in Wellington, Florida to be able to continue to give my clients and horses the best possible training facility and “home away from home” as possible. I’ve been working on this special project since last April, and it’s finally done.

I am going to be offering a special rate for the first season of operation at our new facility, as well as offering month to month full care and training for those who can not afford the full season.  After talking to numerous people about their needs and budgets, I have found over the years that a lot of you would love to take the opportunity to come to Fl for training. But due to the traditional billing of seasonal stalls, it’s just not feasible.

Of course, stall priority will be given to those horses who would like a stall for the entire season. But I am determined to offer training and full care at an affordable price for those who would like only 2 or 3 months instead of the entire season. I feel that this is a service that has been overlooked in Wellington.

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Ruth Poulsen’s June Newsletter – Horses and Music and Other Great Stuff!

Freestyles from A to C

Hi everyone! I hope that the warm weather and the beginning of summer has inspired you to start implementing your new goals for you and your horse.  The beginning of a new season is a great time to set some goals and start attaining them one step at a time. I find that writing my goals down as if I have already achieved them helps me stay focused and positive about my day to day progress.  It’s easy to over look how much progress you have made in any area when you get drawn in to the day to day routine.  Be fair to yourself when you are looking at where you were 6 months ago and where you are now.  Sometimes when we have a bad ride or a bad day, our first conclusion is that we are “stuck in a rut”.  But if you look back to the challenges you were having 6 months ago, you will find that there have been positive changes!  Remember that training is relative!  What used to be good enough 6 months ago is maybe not good enough now.  So for example, if you worked 6 months ago on putting your horse in front of the driving aids, and you realize that you have to have that lesson again, it may not be because your horse slipped back in his training, it could be that you are in a new place in training and that your expectations are higher than they were 6 months ago.

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