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Laura Tomlinson’s Dressage Superstar ‘Alf’ to Say Farewell at This Year’s Olympia

18 November 2013 – Laura Tomlinson (née Bechtolsheimer) will pay tribute to her long-standing dressage partner, Mistral Højris – more fondly known as Alf – during a special moment in the evening programme on Tuesday 17 December 2013 to celebrate the superstar’s retirement.

Tomlinson and Alf have been instrumental in helping to define modern British dressage. The formidable duo broke on to the international dressage circuit in staggering style in 2005, and they have arguably been responsible for the dominant position that the sport finds itself in today in Great Britain.

Tomlinson and Alf’s medal haul began at the 2005 FEI European Championships for Juniors and Young Riders in Barzago (ITA), from which they can boast team silver and individual bronze medals. The pair’s most notable achievements include team silver and individual bronze at the FEI European Championships in Windsor (UK) in 2009; three silver medals at the 2010 FEI World Equestrian Games (WEG) in Kentucky (USA); team gold and individual bronze at the 2011 FEI European Championships in Rotterdam (NED); and of course, most recently team gold and individual bronze at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

On her 18-year-old gelding that she owns with her parents, Wilfried and Ursula, Tomlinson commented, “Alf has given me and my family so much joy over the years, especially on the four occasions that we’ve competed together at Olympia, and in my eyes he’s more than earned his retirement.”

Alf’s retirement at Olympia, The London International Horse Show will mark the end of a highly successful eight year partnership; a partnership which has captured the hearts of dressage supporters worldwide, and one that has taken British dressage to a whole new level.

The programme on Tuesday 17 December will also feature the Reem Acra FEI World Cup Dressage Leg (Freestyle to Music) supported by Horse & Hound.

Tickets for Olympia, The International Horse Show start at £35 each and discounts for groups, children and concessions apply for certain performances. For more information and to purchase tickets online, visit the website at www.olympiahorseshow.com or telephone the box office on 0871 230 5580.

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Spectacular Spanish ‘Dancing Horses’ of Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art to Perform at Olympia

1 October 2013 – For the first time in forty years the UK will get the chance to witness one of the most outstanding displays of horsemanship in the world.  The Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art is one of only four* ‘High Schools’ of its kind and its show has become so prestigious that it attracts visitors from all over the world to its home in Jerez De La Frontera, south-west Spain.  This December they are coming to London to perform at Olympia, The London International Horse Show, to bring a touch of Spanish magic to one of the oldest shows on the international circuit.

The school’s famous equestrian ballet show is titled ‘How the Andalusian Horses Dance’ and combines classic dressage with Doma vaquero, the traditional working riding discipline of Spain.  The display is brought to life by vibrant Spanish music and authentic eighteenth-century style costumes.

The stunning white and bay stallions used by the school are all pure Spanish-bred Andalusian horses.  The breed has been native to the Iberian Peninsula for 3,000 years and their poise and nobility made them a tool of diplomacy by the Spanish government and used by Kings across Europe for centuries.  Today, they are renowned for their agility and striking beauty, with their strong but elegant build and long, thick manes and tails.  Each horse at the Andalusian school must complete at least four years of training before they are fully capable of mastering the complicated techniques and ready to perform in front of an audience.

The Royal Andalusian School will be thrilling the crowd twice a day throughout the Olympia week, the 16th to 22nd December, in a shortened version of their famous show.  However, on Monday 16th December Olympia is presenting ‘The High School Gala Evening’ which will give visitors the opportunity to see the school’s full exhibition.  The complete repertoire shall include technical and intricate equestrian moves in advanced dressage, traditional Spanish country skills, driving and work in-hand.  A show-stopping group display of horses and riders finally come together in unison to complete the magnificent performance.

More details of the choreographies included in the full repertoire:

– Doma vaquera: The rider drives the horse around the arena using only one hand, from trotting to galloping, changing rhythm and performing pirouettes and arreones. These are movements needed in the country when handling cattle herds.

– Classical dressage: Horses carry out advanced equestrian exercises, always in time with pieces of classical music which accompany them.

– Driving: A demonstration of the exciting skills of carriage driving. These horse-drawn carriages, originally used for transport but these days relegated to sport and exhibitions, are driven by coachmen using classical harnesses.

– Work in hand: Classical high school dressage exercises such as levades, caprioles, courbettes, piaffe (between pillars), the Spanish walk and long rein, all completed by the horse with the rider on foot.

– Carrousel: A group of horses and riders, in unison, perform advanced equestrian exercises in the arena to provide a most fitting end to the performance.

Tickets for Olympia, the International Horse Show, start at £35 each and discounts for groups, children and concessions apply for certain performances. For more information and to purchase tickets online, visit the website at www.olympiahorseshow.com or telephone the box office on 0871 230 5580.

* The other three schools are The Spanish Riding School in Vienna, The Portuguese School of Equestrian Art and The Cadre Noir in Saumur, France.

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The London International Horse Show Olympia Appoints Revolution Sports + Entertainment

25 September 2013 – Olympia, The London International Horse Show, one of the oldest and most established shows on the international circuit, has appointed Revolution Sports + Entertainment to build the event’s profile in the lifestyle press, and maintain the close relationship the show enjoys with its core equestrian media.

Running from Monday 16th to Sunday 22nd December, this year Olympia will feature three FEI World Cup legs in Jumping, Dressage and Driving, as well as displays from The Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art – the first time in 40 years that the world famous grey and black stallions have visited Great Britain.

Jo Peck, Head of Marketing at Olympia, said, “Revolution has a proven track record of taking the sport into new and original editorial areas. This approach, coupled with an in depth knowledge of the sport and great relationships with the equestrian media, made it a very easy decision for us to make.”

Rod Kohler, Managing Director at Revolution, said, “Olympia is a great show and we want to maintain its position as an equestrian Christmas institution with people of all ages for many years to come. We are delighted to have been appointed by Olympia, and look forward to working closely with them over the coming months as we prepare for the show.”

The show was originally started in 1907 and ran up to the outbreak of the 2nd World War. In 1972 Raymond Brooks-Ward reintroduced the event to the unique exhibition halls and his son Simon has run it since 1992.

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