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What’s My Favorite Time of the Week? Equine Assisted Therapy at Mane Stream

AJ, Blaze and Miss Gina working on life skills that enabled AJ to enroll in public school in Fall of 2015.

Therapies at Mane Stream is not only a favorite time of the week for many of our participants; it also happens to be the most beneficial activity for many individuals with physical, developmental, emotional and medical challenges.

Parents of children with special needs often struggle to find a breakthrough therapy or activity for their child. Those who find OT, PT, SLP equine assisted therapies at Mane Stream witness first-hand the progress that is made when traditional therapy techniques are coupled with equine movement. Progress is seen in several areas including balance, posture, confidence and most importantly in activities of daily living.

AJ’s story is just one example of a young, vibrant, life-loving child with an extensive medical history and a continuous fight to achieve success with the most basic life skills that most parents take for granted. Even before AJ was born his parents knew that his physical and developmental conditions would make doing things other kids do more challenging so they set forth two top goals for AJ:

#1 – attend public school                     #2 – walk on the beach

After several years of therapy sessions with a variety of therapists and countless doctor appointments, AJ is the first to tell you how much he loves his therapy sessions with Blaze, one of the hard-working horses in the Mane Stream herd.  “Their personalities fit together so well,” says Mane Stream occupational therapist, Gina Taylor. “This really helps AJ’s comfort level and confidence as he takes on more challenging therapy tasks. His progress has been remarkable.”

AJ has made great strides towards those two top goals in the past six years.  His parents attribute the weekly OT sessions at Mane Stream as the most beneficial in his physical and emotional development – so beneficial, in fact, that AJ started public school in the fall of 2015 and is now able to run on the beach.

Mane Stream, located in Oldwick, New Jersey, is one of a few of the Premier Accredited Centers in the state.  Your help is needed today to help us continue to provide novel, engaging, and beneficial services to children like AJ. Please donate now to Mane Stream; all contributions are tax deductible.

If you know someone who could benefit from equine assisted therapy or adaptive riding, consider finding a PATH International Accredited Center nearest you.

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