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Longines Grand Prix of Paris: The French Flair

© Cécile Sablayrolles pour EEM.

What better present for the organizer and the public of the 11th Longines Masters of Paris than this 100% French podium? In front of their fans, French team stalwarts Simon Delestre, Kevin Staut, and Roger-Yves Bost took first, second, and third, respectively, in the Longines Grand Prix of Paris. Believe us, there was noise – a lot of noise! – in the stands while history was made in the arena.

“Fair,” “perfectly balanced,” “definitely sport and welfare oriented.” A lot of praise went towards French course designer Grégory Bodo’s tracks during the press conference. “The course was interesting and faults occurred everywhere as opposed to a true stumbling block which would have penalized a certain type of horses in particular. Grégory did a very subtle job forcing the riders to ride forward which one of the basis of our sport.” Coming from reigning team Olympic champion Kevin Staut, second of this Longines Grand Prix of Paris, these words were certainly honey to the ears of Bodo who is very much in demand in the horse world and whose courses raise unanimous appreciation wherever he operates. “The tracks of the Longines Grand Prix of Paris and all the weekend’s classes of this 11th Longines Masters of Paris required fluidity, delicacy, accuracy, and rhythm. I nonetheless included two turns to give the competitors a chance to take risks.” Did it mean that the Longines Grand Prix of Paris was to be won on the flat and not over the jumps?

“A champions’ class”
“Hermès Ryan is naturally very fast on the ground,” confirmed the winner Simon Delestre. “I did actually win on the flat and stuck to my plan as far as related distances were concerned but turned very fast. This was a big Grand Prix. Going last in a six-strong jump-off was a rather comfortable position to be in.”

“Walking the course, I really thought that this was going to be a champions’ class and that the winner would be really strong,” added Roger-Yves Bost, third of the Longines Grand Prix of Paris, the other reigning Olympic champion on the podium. “I had to risk it all, take off strides… I knew that the rockets Staut and Delestre were going to be hot on my heels. I haven’t ridden very many jump-offs this fast with Sangria. I’m really pleased with her.”

As far as final placings go, the three French leaders are followed by Ireland’s Darragh Kenny on Classic Dream, France’s Félicie Bertrand, the only lady rider to have qualified for the jump-off of this Longines Grand Prix of Paris 2019 on Sultane des Ibis, and Germany’s Christian Ahlmann riding Take A Chance On Me Z.

55 000 spectators over four days
Christophe Ameeuw, president and founder of EEM, organizer of the Longines Masters of Paris and the Longines Masters Series (Hong-Kong, Lausanne, Paris), commented that this Grand Prix perfectly reflected the sport, passion, and boldness which prevailed in Paris-Villepinte over the weekend. “This 100% French podium is the perfect conclusion. An event like ours must absolutely serve the sport and keep bringing on to new fans the best showjumping has to offer. During this weekend, we have experienced historical moments and kept our good spirits despite external constraint. We also innovated with the introduction of a new competition for the best ponies in the world as our duty is to always challenge ourselves, fly high, experience new things, and pursue our ideas. There is still some way to go and many people have yet to discover this sport which, to my eyes, is the most beautiful in the world. Therefore, we need to cross community borders and create new fans. This actually was one of the bets of this youth oriented 11th edition.”

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Emanuele Gaudiano Wins Longines Speed Challenge of Paris and Speed Challenge Series Bonus

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This amazing pair boasts a fabulous total of sixty plus international wins over the past five years, twelve of which in 2019! Emanuele Gaudiano and Carlotta 232 confirmed their status when they won the much acclaimed 2019 Speed Challenge of Paris in a super time of 60’’48 without a single pole down: a repeat for the winners of the same flagship competition during the Longines Masters of Lausanne, Switzerland this summer. “I’m extremely lucky to ride such an amazing mare. Each round with her is a pleasure – even more so at a show like this one where the stands are packed,” he commented.

The Paris crowd was held spellbound throughout the aptly named Longines Speed Challenge, the fastest class in the world. The spectators who supported each rider unreservedly were treated to the most spectacular show. The special table where one pole down is worth 2 seconds extra time goes toward an increased speed and more suspense.

However, a clear round was definitely a bonus to score the best time to win the class. A goal reached among others by world n°1 Steve Guerdat (Switzerland). Number 13 out of 27 to go, the 2012 Olympic champion set a very fast pace in 61’’98 aboard Ulysse des Forêts. “I rode according to my plan and mostly took advantage of my mare’s natural speed without pushing much,” the rider commented. Enough to win? “I think it’s possible to be faster. If I finish in the top five, or even on the podium, it’ll be a good thing.” He ends up a very creditable third, behind Emanuele Gaudiano and his long- standing friend, Canada’s Eric Lamaze. Riding top mare Fine Lady 5, the 2008 Olympic champion also put down a top performance thanks to a time of 61’’37 at the very end of the class. A lesson in riding and courage greeted by all.

Best of the French is none other than Roger-Yves Bost, a.k.a. “Bosty the Rocket”, who gave it his all with Castleforbes Talitha to finish fourth 62’’22.

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Nayel Nassar and Martin Fuchs Hand in Hand on Top of the Masters Power Lido de Paris

Nayel Nassar & Can Can Della Caccia © Aléa pour EEM.

High jump contest the Lido de Paris Masters Power was the first highlight of the day at the Longines Masters of Paris. Seven of the seventeen pairs entered came from the Masters Two category and ten from the Masters One. Tied at 1.97 meter, Egypt’s Nayel Nassar and Switzerland’s Martin Fuchs are joint winners of the Masters One while the Netherlands’ Elise van de Mheen, the only rider from her category to clear 1.87 meter, was the best of the Masters Two section.

After an initial round at 1.45m, all riders but Italy’s Filipo Marco Bologni started in the first jump-off at 1.72m. With an extra 27cm, things were getting a bit trickier. Nonetheless, twelve pairs gave the second jump-off (1.87m) a go! Now, the added 15cm proved much more challenging. Of the Masters Two field, only The Netherlands’ Elise van de Mheen managed to clear the line. On the Masters One side, Nayel Nassar, France’s Philippe Rozier, and Martin Fuchs remained in contention. The Egyptian and the Swiss easily cleared the next round at 1.97m while Philippe Rozier’s Prestigio LS La Silla refused to launch himself at the impressive vertical.

The competition was then coming to an end. Both leaders had a final attempt at 2.07m, both a record height and a challenge with a 10 000 euros Super Bonus for all riders clearing over 2.05m at each leg of the Longines Masters Series. Were they going to be able to fly even higher? Despite their determination and the support of the Paris audience, neither managed to clear the huge jump. No Super Bonus, then, but a nonetheless superb victory for the riders who were both partnered with horses who were novices at this type of competition.

“This was a good class in which I had entered my Grand Prix horse Silver Shine. We gave a go at 2.07m and it didn’t work. 2.07m is actually quite high. Especially as it was Silver’s first puissance. I like entering this kind of class before a Grand Prix. The gymnastics are very good preparation,” explained the European champion Martin Fuchs. “It was Can Can Della Caccia’s first puissance. Honestly, I did not know how he would react. I’m not very experienced either at this kind of class. But he got better and better after each round. He felt like he kept growing up.”

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Riders Masters Cup: Unbeatable Europe

© Jean-Louis Carli / Aléa pour EEM.

This year, the competition was open to riders from the whole American continent. This year, the Americas managed a superb first round. This year, true showjumping legends made up the American team. And still, Europe yet again won the Riders Masters Cup, for the fifth time in a row!

On paper, the Americas had serious chances to win the fifth Riders Masters Cup, flagship competition of the Longines Masters of Paris launched in 2017 by EEM with Longines for Founding Partner. Robert Ridland’s troops really seemed in a position to turn the tables on Europe and at last clinch the class that has been eluding them since the beginning. On paper only. Led by Swedish chef d’équipe Henrik Ankarcrona, Europe mercilessly won on a final score of 125 for the Old Continent to 80 for the New World.

The Americas dominated the first round
For the very first time, Robert Ridland’s team stood up to their opponents in the first round. It must be noted that for the sake of sport and suspense, the rules made it possible to select riders from all the Americas. The chef d’équipe could thus pick Canadians and Brazilians. Good choice: Ridland’s team included as many as 3 Olympic champions with the USA’s Laura Kraut, Brazil’s Rodrigo Pessoa, and Canada’s Eric Lamaze. Thanks to Kraut and Pessoa as well as Brazil’s Marlon Modolo Zanotelli, the Americas won three of their five duels. On Europe’s side, Olympic champions Kevin Staut (France) and Henrik von Eckermann (Sweden) both had four penalties. At that point, with a provisional score of 40 to Europe’s 35, Ridland’s five had reasons to hope for a win.

Second round: Europe regains control
Right from the beginning of the second round, Europe recovered some strength… and took advantage of a weakness of the Americans who had all changed rides. Clear in the first round, Modolo Zanotelli was now eliminated for two refusals. The young Canadian Kara Chad was equally unfortunate. Only the legend that is Rodrigo Pessoa managed to win his duel against Henrik von Eckermann. Spearheaded by a reigning European champion and reserve World champion Martin Fuchs in top form, Europe eventually won four of the five duels for a fifth victory in as many editions. First to go in both classes and double clear, Fuchs commented, in front of packed stands: “I’m feeling very well at the Longines Masters of Paris. I won the Grand Prix here five years ago and I hadn’t been back since.”

The Americans only have two days left to win competitions at the Longines Masters of Paris 2019. On top of their triumph in the Riders Masters Cup, the Europeans won most classes so far, leaving only the Masters One Hubside to Modolo Zanotelli. Yes, they can… can’t they?

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Riders Masters Cup: The Duels

© Jean-Louis Carli / Aléa pour EEM

The first “signature” competition of the 11th Longines Masters of Paris, the Riders Masters Cup, will have two original teams of five European riders and five riders from the American continent battle it out on Friday December 6. The draw, which took place in the heart of Paris, at the Cirque d’Hiver, right before the young showjumping champions auction The Auction by Arqana, decided the duels for the first round of a competition which, so far, always smiled on the European side.

A spectacular and strategic competition, the Riders Masters Cup pits five riders from each team against each other in two rounds, or ten duels. The first round is held following timed Table A rules over a Grand Prix course. The starting order and the composition of the duels have been drawn. Each duel won in this first round earns the team 10 points. In the second round, held under Table C rules, the Chefs d’Équipes’ strategies and choices are crucial. In particular, they may, if they so wish, assign riders new mounts more suited to speed classes. The Chef d’Équipe of the losing team in the first set picks the first rider to start out; the leading team then has the advantage of choosing the competitor he wants to pitch against this first rider. The second, third, fourth, and fifth riders are then chosen alternately by the Chefs d’Équipe of the winning and losing teams. In the second set, each duel won earns 20 points.

The duels for the first round
Duel 1 : Kara Chad vs Martin Fuchs
Duel 2 : Marlon Modolo Zanotelli vs Kevin Staut
Duel 3 : Rodrigo Pessoa vs Jos Verlooy
Duel 4 : Eric Lamaze vs Darragh Kenny
Duel 5 : Laura Kraut vs Henrik von Eckermann

The Riders Masters Cup will start at 9h00 pm on Friday December 6. The line-up of riders is entrusted to world renowned Chefs d’Equipe: Robert Ridland, team USA selector, for the Americas, and Henrik Ankarcrona, Sweden’s selector, for Europe. Each team will be supported by a showjumping legend: Marcel Rozier, French Team Olympic Champion in 1976 for the European side, and Nelson Pessoa, the great Brazilian champion who won countless competitions all over the World, for the Americas.

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Marlon Modolo Zanotelli at Full Throttle in the Masters One Hubside

Photo ©Sportfot / EEM.

The riders got their bearings and found their feet at the Longines Masters of Paris. Among the 74 pairs who started in the Masters One Hubside, opening class at 1,45m of the CSI 5* at the Longines Masters of Paris, Brazil’s Marlon Modolo Zanotelli scored the best performance.

Aboard his 10-year-old KWPN mare Sweet Tricia, he was the only rider to manage a clear round under the symbolic 30 seconds mark in 29’’84. A first win for this relatively new partnership as he only took over the ride a few weeks ago. “This is obviously a very good start to the show. I’m very happy and proud of Sweet Tricia who had already won a lot with her previous rider Darragh Kenny (Ireland). It’s a pleasure for me to be able to ride such a horse,” said double Gold medalist at the 2019 Pan-American Games. The rider who is based in Belgium will be able to take home a very special yellow and black ride, the Ducati Scrambler presented to the winner.

45th to go, Marlon Modolo Zanotelli remained unchallenged until the end of the class. A clear round in 30’’09 enabled the USA’s Jessica Springsteen to take the runner-up spot with Tiger Lily. Young Italian rider and member of the Riders Lab, Filippo Marco Bologni, was clear in 30’18 with Diplomat, for 3rd. A total of 19 combinations managed to keep a clean slate. Best of the French contingent are Max Thirouin and his chestnut mare Utopie Villelongue who started for the first time among the World’s elite at the Longines Masters of Paris.

Find the complete results HERE.

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Young Show Jumping Champions Presented at The Auction by Arqana in the Heart of Paris

Paris, France – The Auction by Arqana is coming to the heart of Paris for an exceptional “Yearlings & Performers” sale on Thursday evening, December 5, at the Cirque d’Hiver.

The City of Lights will showcase the future superstars of show jumping, coinciding with opening night of the legendary Longines Masters of Paris. Today’s international show jumping players, and the community of breeders, riders, and owners, will have the opportunity to place bids – either in person or online – on an exciting line-up of proven performers as well as yearlings hailing from exceptional bloodlines.

ACT II follows the success of The Auction’s debut on February 15, 2019, when ACT I took center stage at Asia Horse Week during the Longines Masters of Hong Kong. It was the first sale of its kind in Asia and set a world record by reaching the highest average selling price for an embryo at an auction.

Now, the biggest names from the international show jumping sporting and breeding communities will be reunited at the spectacular venue, Cirque d’Hiver, in the heart of downtown Paris. The historical building’s unique circular shape, which has made it a desirable location for events such as fashion shows and circuses, offers an ideal vantage point for viewing some of the most promising young show jumping horses in the world.

A team of experts has carefully selected 20 of the most promising young talents and champions with the potential to excel at the highest level on the world stage. Former World Champion Jos Lansink and Belgian Olympian Ludo Philippaerts are joined by breeding and industry leaders Joris de Brabander, Virginie Couperie, and Carlos Pinto as members of the esteemed expert panel. Most of the horses selected are proven performers with stellar competition records, including six that have earned national young horse championship titles, or reserve championship titles, which is unique.

Featured horses include the six-year-old Belgian Champion and Runner-up: Conmitage, a fast and stylish daughter of Conthargos, and the remarkably intelligent and talented Noortje Van Het Houterhof. Also, Kespri DC, a six-year-old stallion, and 2019 Swedish Champion in his category, who impressed the experts thanks to his beautiful conformation and exceptional quality.

Three five-year-olds, champions in their own countries: Pinki Pay, whose class, strength and respect impressed the experts, and who was Italian Vice-Champion as both a four- and five-year-old in 2018 and 2019; as well as the duo Okky Blue, 2019 Belgian Champion, and the runner-up, Janieta P, a fast and respectful mare.

Other great names to mention are Ninja, a six-year-old mare, and daughter of the famous star jumper, Gazelle, winner of this year’s legendary Aachen Grand Prix. Also, Camillo Z, a seven-year-old maternal half-brother of Olympic Reserve-Champion, London, and Hyodinus PP, a seven-year-old gelding and son of the famous French stallion Mylord Carthago, partner of the 2016 Olympic team gold medalist Pénélope Leprévost.

Of the exceptional 2018 yearlings to be presented, there are Souplesse Van’t Keikelhof, Flora de Mariposa’s full sister, who was a team gold medalist in Rio, and Quirina de Coriana Z, a daughter of Quabri de l’Isle, the 2019 Pan American Games team gold medalist, and Coriana Van Klapscheut, the exceptionally fast mare of 2008 Canadian Olympic Champion, Eric Lamaze. Savanah de Muze also joins the line-up with her exceptional pedigree, being a daughter of Emerald and granddaughter of the unforgettable Butterfly Flip, a silver medalist in Athens. Also, the daughter of an Olympic Champion, Big Diamond, is by the legendary Big Star and is a granddaughter of Sapphire, McLain Ward’s legendary Olympic mare. Vivant completes the selection of progeny of great champions, with his sire and dam having both competed at the 2010 World Equestrian Games in Lexington.

All available horses can be viewed here: https://www.theauction.online/catalogue/act-ii.-yearlings—performers/2.

The auction kicks off at 9:30 p.m. CET on Thursday, December 5, 2019. Tickets can be purchased here:

To register to bid, click here:

The Auction will be livestreamed on Clip My Horse (www.clipmyhorse.tv) and on the platform www.theauction.online, and buyers unable to attend in person will have the option of bidding online.

For more information, please visit www.theauction.online or contact Anouk Blain-Mailhot at ablain-mailhot@theauction.online or +33 6 88 14 15 47.

Riders Lab, the Champions Factory: The Longines Masters of Paris 2019 Promotion Unveiled

A full-fledged player in sport and its future worldwide, EEM World launched its Riders Lab in the first half of 2019; it’s a true Champion Factory! At each event of the Longines Masters Series, five promising young riders are invited to compete among the best. The young riders thus acquire valuable experience at the very highest level. By continually presenting new and exciting riders and combinations to its spectators, the Longines Masters also opens up equestrian sport to new audiences from the younger generation of enthusiasts, who become invested in supporting those emerging icons. The Riders Lab promotion of the Longines Masters of Paris 2019 was unveiled at the November 19th press conference.

The Five Riders of the Longines Masters of Paris 2019 Riders Lab

Filippo Bologni (ITA)
25 years old. 122nd in the Longines FEI Ranking as of October 31st, 2019. Team Bronze medalist at the 2014 European Young Rider Championship.

Kara Chad (CAN)
23 years old. 495th in the Longines FEI Ranking as of October 31st, 2019.

Pieter Clemens (BEL)
25 years old. 79th in the Longines FEI Ranking as of October 31st, 2019. European Young Rider Team Champion in 2015, European Young Rider Team runner-up in 2012.

Arnaud Doem (BEL)
27 years old. 826th in the Longines FEI Ranking as of October 31st, 2019.

Edward Levy (FRA)
25 years old. 80th in the Longines FEI Ranking as of October 31st, 2019.

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Ten Riders from the World’s Top 12 Expected on the Longines Masters of Paris Course

The eleventh edition of the Longines Masters of Paris, due to be held between the 5th and the 8th December, will welcome the very best of international of show jumpers. You can judge for yourself!  In front of an expected audience of 50,000 spectators, ten riders from the World’s Top 12 and no fewer than seven Olympic champions will compete in Paris-Villepinte on courses designed by Gregory Bodo, the French course designer.  They will take part in the “made by EEM World” events that secured the international reputation of the competition organized by Christophe Ameeuw, the Longines watchmaker, and their teams.

Simply the best
If you take the Longines rankings on October 31, then remove Ben Maher from the UK and Beezie Madden from the US, you get the ten names of the headliners of this 11th edition of the Longines Masters of Paris. It’s quite simple. For the best riders in the world, the Paris meeting is a must for their indoor season, and they are loyally returning to a course they particularly like. So, Steve Guerdat from Switzerland, World No 1, as well as reigning European champion, Martin Fuchs, his runner-up in the ranking, will be present. From Germany, Mannschaft is sending both its most suitable ambassadors at the moment, Daniel Deusser, 3rd in the world, and Christian Ahlmann, 10th. Sweden won’t be left out either with Peder Fredricson, 4th best rider at the moment and 2017 European champion, as well as Henrik von Eckermann, 12th in the Longines rankings, also present. The new European team champions from Belgium will be represented with Pieter Devos (7th), Jérôme Guery, Grégory Wathelet, and Jos Verlooy. Other expected competitors are Kent Farrington from the US, 8th in the world, Darragh Kenny from Ireland, 9th, and Harrie Smolders from the Netherlands, at number 11 in the world.

Seven Olympic Champions
An Olympic champion is a champion for life. Seven other gold medalists answered the call to take part in the 2019 Longines Masters of Paris. Steve Guerdat (London 2012) of course, but also Rodrigo Pessoa from Brazil (Athens 2004) and the iconic Eric Lamaze (Beijing Hong Kong 2008). The spectators will also be able to count on the four reigning Olympic team champions: the French tricolours – Pénélope Leprévost, KevinStaut, Roger-Yves Bost, and Philippe Rozier. The Rio 2016 quartet will be accompanied by Simon Delestre and Julien Epaillard, all representing France.

Young riders
The Longines Masters of Paris has always been committed to opening its courses to promising talents. This spirit of openness and opportunity offered to budding young riders to acquire valuable experience is the DNA of the Riders Lab launched by Christophe Ameeuw in June 2019, during the Longines Masters of Lausanne. The young riders selected to join the 2019 Paris launch of the Riders Lab – Kara Chad of Canada, Pieter Clemens of Belgium, European Young Riders champion in 2015, his compatriot Arnaud Doern, Edward Levy from France, and the Italian carabiniere Filippo Bologni – will be on the prestigious Longines Masters course in Paris from December 5 to 8. Another highly awaited rider is Jessica Springsteen from the US. She will be 28 years old in a few weeks’ time and she’ll have the opportunity to confirm her excellent results recently achieved on French ground. Springsteen, considered a future star of her discipline, was triumphant in the Saint-Tropez CSI 5* in September and finished second at the Longines FEI World Cup in Lyon, only 58 hundredths behind a certain Martin Fuchs.

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Milestones and Magic at the Longines Masters of Paris: A Memorable Edition

Grégory Wathelet @EEM.

For four days, spectators were immersed in the excitement of the Longines Masters of Paris, one of the most prestigious equestrian competitions in the world. It was the not-to-miss sporting and glamorous event of the season: equestrian competition, shows, live concerts, artists’ exhibitions, gourmet meals and numerous French and international celebrities. Rich in emotion, the Longines Masters of Paris concluded in glory with the crowning event, the second step in the Grand Slam of Indoor Show Jumping, the Longines Grand Prix.

The Longines Masters of Paris “Grand Slam Indoor of Show Jumping,” the European stage of the Longines Masters series, closed its doors after four days of wonder, great sport and lifestyle with 171 riders – both professional and amateur – from 25 countries around the world.

The event began on Thursday, December 1, 2016, with a full day of exciting competition, after which the guests enjoyed an exceptional show by trainer Mario Luraschi, a soulful concert by American actor Gary Dourdan and a memorable opening gala. Guests also had the privilege of attending an unveiling of a new legendary competition, the Masters Riders Cup presented by EEM and the European Equestrian Federation (EEF), which will premiere at the 2017 Longines Masters of Paris.

This unprecedented competition will see the best American and European riders compete against each other. This duel of the two continents will showcase the top level of equestrian sport, expanding its popularity to that enjoyed by golf and tennis with the Ryder Cup and the Fed Cup. With the Masters Riders Cup, EEM and EEF begin the journey of a legendary competition.

Courage and skill defined the winners of Friday’s events, particularly in the world speed championship on three continents, The Longines Speed Challenge. This flagship event of the evening kept the international audience on the edge of their seats and electrified the energy in the stands. The very innovative course design of Maestro Uliano Vezzani, the designer of this second season, made the challenge even more exciting. This course, inaugurated in Los Angeles last September, features a unique and challenging enclosure of five jumps arranged in an octagon in the center of the arena. Kevin Staut emerged unscathed in the competition and was awarded the special Orlinski Trophy, designed by French artist Richard Orlinski, as well as a special Longines watch.

Saturday offered truly memorable moments for the huge crowds who came to enjoy the Longines Masters of Paris. The day saw the success of prestigious events such as the Masters Open, the Gold Cup in two heats, the extraordinary performance of blind rider Salim Ejnaini and the traditional Shetland Pony race.

That evening’s famous Pro-Am for Charity presented by Hyatt thrilled spectators through a combination of spectacle, sport, humor and generosity. Each team was made up of two costumed riders: one of the best in the world and an amateur among prominent figures in the world of showbiz, cinema and television. The combination of Camille Conde Ferreira as Snow White and Jerome Guery as her Prince were lightning fast around the course. They also accumulated huge points for style with their seven dwarves, winning for their charity Sauveteurs Sans Frontières or Rescuers without Borders.

The best of sport and emotion ruled the last day of the Longines Masters of Paris on Sunday, which featured three Grand Prix events: the SFAM Société Française d’Assurance Grand Prix won by the young Yasmina Bocti, the Land Rover Grand Prix won by Frenchman Guillaume Foutrier, and finally the flagship event of the four days, the Longines Grand Prix, the reigning event of the “Grand Slam Indoor.”

The challenge of this Olympic level event is to win consecutively the Longines Grand Prix of Los Angeles, Paris and Hong Kong in the same season, an intercontinental feat that allows riders to win the first ever Grand Slam Super Bonus of 2.25 million Euros. The German Daniel Deusser, candidate for this bonus after his brilliant victory in Los Angeles, did not repeat this feat even though it was within his reach. In the jump off the German was soon surpassed, earning third behind Grégory Wathelet in first place and Bertram Allen in second.

Christophe Ameeuw, CEO of EEM and founder of the Longines Masters, concluded: “These four days have been extraordinary. After the success of Los Angeles, we are proud of the success of this European stage in Paris, always very special for me and my team and feel great pride to have Longines as our partner by our side. We have welcomed the best international riders to what has become one of the most prestigious competitions in the world, which, as Roger-Yves Bost said at the launch press conference, is ‘measured by the riders’ impatience to come and compete in Paris.’ Thanks to all the riders, partners, exhibitors, artists and above all to the Parisian public, so magnificent that they should be on the winner’s podium. The atmosphere was exceptional and unique! I welcome you in the next two months to join the Asian stage in Hong Kong February 10 to 12, 2017.  We Ride the World!”

Spectacular evening entertainment delighted spectators following each day’s competitions, extending the experience well into the night.

Now this prestigious series will continue on to its next stage of the journey in Hong Kong February 10 to 12, 2017 for the Asian edition in season two of the Longines Masters.

The Longines Masters of Paris is broadcast live and on replay, on TV and by live streaming at: www.longinesmasters.com.