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Iron Spring Farm and the KWPN-NA Award $7,500 to North American Breeders

El Paso ISF. Stacy Lynn Photography.

Coatesville, PA — Iron Spring Farm (ISF) has joined forces with the KWPN-NA (North American Royal Dutch Warmblood Studbook) to award $7,500 to North American Breeders through the Iron Spring Farm KWPN-NA Keuring Championships. These awards will distribute prize money and recognize the Champion and Reserve Champion Foal and Mature Horses (3-7-year-old stallion, mare or gelding) in each of the breeding directions – dressage, jumpers, hunters, harness and Gelders (riding horses).

“It is important for North American breeders to receive both recognition and monetary compensation for their efforts,” explained Mary Alice Malone, owner of Iron Spring Farm, of her motivation for supporting the awards. “The best domestically-bred horses are on par with what is produced in Europe.” The ISF/KWPN-NA Keuring Championships help shine the spotlight on breeders’ work and determination.

The Champions and Reserve Champions are determined from scores received during the keurings held throughout North America. Horses must be bred in North America. Foals must receive a minimum of 75 points and Mature horses must receive a minimum score of 145 points from the KWPN jury. The breeder of each champion receives $500 and the breeder of each reserve champion earns $250. Prize money and recognition will be awarded at the KWPN-NA Annual Meeting.

Jumper-Bred Foals and Jumper-Bred Mature Horses
North American Champion                            $500.00
North American Reserve Champion            $250.00

Dressage-Bred Foals and Dressage-Bred Mature Horses
North American Champion                            $500.00
North American Reserve Champion            $250.00

Hunter-Bred Foals and Hunter-Bred Mature Horses
North American Champion                            $500.00
North American Reserve Champion            $250.00

Gelders-Bred Foals and Gelders-Bred Mature Horses
North American Champion                            $500.00
North American Reserve Champion            $250.00

Harness-Bred Foals and Harness-Bred Mature Horses
North American Champion                            $500.00
North American Reserve Champion            $250.00

2012 ISF/KWPN-NA Keuring Championship Results

Foals and Weanlings


North American Champion
No. 73 Harriet HF 840025201200053
Uphill x Deodora HF ster by Jazz pref
Owner/Breeder: Julie Ballard Haralson, Haralson Farm, Georgia

Reserve Champion
No. 90 Hear Me Sing 840025201200012
Voice x Tamarinde keur sport/dr by Jazz pref
Owner/Breeder: Judith G. Yancey, Yancey Farms, Florida


North American Champion
No. 171 Hybritta MG 840025201200130
Crespo VDL x O’bert-E-De keur by Glennridge keur
Owner/Breeder: Kathleen Hickerson, Majestic Gaits, New Hampshire

Reserve Champion
No. 130 Hero 840025201200013
Werner H. x Siena ster by Idocus crown
Owner: Ashley Seufer; Breeder: Ashley Seufer, Pennsylvania


North American Champion
No. 95 High Illuczion 840025201200058
Cquito V/H Panishof x Sakura Hill Czola by Alla Czar
Owner: Logistical Enigma, LLC, Blair and Peterson;
Breeder: Sakura Hill Farm, LLC, Florida


North American Champion
No. 234 Hanna-Dessa 124007201200063
Paganini crown x Adessa keur by Koss pref
Owner/Breeder: Beverley Hilton, Ontario


North American Champion
No. 39 Hovan 840025201200005
Zion-JC x Keberna keur by Fabricius pref
Owner/Breeder: Bill and Janet Bradley, Bradley Horseshoeing, California

Reserve Champion
No. 1 Harley 840025201200084
Whiskei x Angel by Jonker
Owner/Breeder: Steven Graber, Indiana

Studbook Inspection

Geldings and Stallions – Dressage

North American Champion
No. 162 El Paso-ISF 840025200900057SterProkIbop
UB 40 x Toscane ster pref by Cabochon keur
Owner/Breeder: Iron Spring Farm, Inc., Pennsylvania

Reserve Champion
No. 17 Downtown S 840025200800216Ster Q.
Johnson x Raindancer S ster by Zeoliet keur
Owner/Breeder: Sonnenberg Farm, LLC, Dan & Gina Ruediger, Oregon

Geldings & Stallions – Jumper

North American Champion
No. 216 Eragon 840025200900159Ster Q.
Goodtimes x Nirvana ster by Fleming
Owner/Breeder: Larry and Kathy Childs, Crooked Post Farm, Kansas

Mares – Dressage

Reserve Champion
No. 176 D’Orites SSF 840025200800174Sterk/Elig
Donatelli x Orchis keur by Jazz pref
Owner/Breeder: Carroll & Carol Tolman, Shooting Star Farm, New Hampshire

Reserve Champion
No. 175 Carpe Diem SSF 840025200700011Sterk/Elig
Farrington keur x La Liscia by Pass The Glass
Owner: Susan M Wildman, Sugar Meadow Farm; Breeder: Carroll & Carol Tolman, Shooting Star Farm, New Hampshire

Mares – Jumper

North American Champion
No. 51 Evelien DG 840025200900132Sterk/Elig
Mr. Blue keur x Corvelien Z by Carthago Z

Owner/Breeder: DG Bar Breeders, Inc., Sierra Vista Sporthorses, California

Reserve Champion
No. 86 Eclipse SCF 840025200900088Ster
Balou Du Rouet x Nova keur by Consul
Owner: Amanda Lorinc; Breeder: Dr. Carlos & Karin Jimenez, Sporting Chance Farm, Pennsylvania

Mares – Hunter

North American Champion
No. 150 Cheval Bronze VF 840025200700146Keur
Indoctro pref x Oyez ster by Idocus crown
Owner/Breeder: Pamela Ann and Nicholas Volpone, Volterra Farm, Pennsylvania

Reserve Champion
No. 48 Dior 840025200800101Sterk/Elig
Idocus crown x Regina by Riverman
Owner/Breeder: Jeffery and Candace Bastow, Utah

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Christine DeHerrera
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Get the VIP Treatment at the KWPN Stallion Show

Registration Closes October 31

Sutherlin, OR — What could be more exciting than private tours of some of the finest barns in the Netherlands, a VIP seat with English translation at the 2012 KWPN Stallion Show and the opportunity to personally interact with some of the sport’s biggest luminaries? If talking horses for a week sounds like fun, you won’t want to miss the 2012 KWPN-NA Annual Meeting, held January 29 – February 5 in the Netherlands and centered around the KWPN Stallion Show. This event is the largest of its kind, with more than 25,000 spectators descending on ‘s Hertogenbosch to experience the excitement of top-level sport and the introduction of the biggest new equine stars.

Julie Ballard Haralson has attended three KWPN stallion shows over the past 10 years. “I love every bit of it,” she recalled. “The KWPN educational seminar for foreign visitors; the auction; the young jumping horses; standing within three feet of the most famous horses and riders in the world and watching them warm-up for their classes; trying to guess the judges’ scores; visiting the sale horses at their stalls; shopping; seeing old friends; shopping some more, and lots of laughs!” Haralson, of Newnan, GA, bred three horses that were awarded 2011 KWPN-NA Top Five Awards. One of her favorite memories of the Stallion Show was in 2010 when Edward Gal rode both Totilas and Gribaldi. Who knows which international superstars will make the 2012 edition an event to remember?

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KWPN-NA Awards $9,000 to Young Riders in 2011

Catherine Chamberlain and her KWPN gelding Verdicci

2012 Applications and Details Online

Sutherlin, OR — The KWPN-NA awarded $9,000 to three young riders in 2011 through the Willy Arts Grant, sponsored by Little Creek Farm. Madeleine Birch, Salt Lake City, UT, Sadie Lahey, Eagle, ID, and Catherine Chamberlain from Chandler, AZ were each awarded $3,000 to help make their equestrian dreams a reality. The riders were able to use the funds to pay for lessons, clinics and competition expenses. All three riders parlayed their grants into successful show seasons, with each rider earning a gold medal at the 2011 North American Junior and Young Riders Championships (NAJYRC). The Willy Arts Grant is an annual scholarship award and is intended to aid in the development of KWPN-NA horse/rider combinations competing in young rider divisions.

Madeleine Birch, 20, is a full-time student at the University of Utah, majoring in Biology, with the goal of attending medical school in 2014. In the meantime, Birch rides her horse Uoeri, a 10-year-old KWPN gelding (Houston x Idorette by Kaiserstern) that was bred by H. H. Pieters. The duo made their Prix St. Georges debut this year at shows in Denver, CO and Nampa, ID and qualified for the NAJYRC, where they claimed a Team Gold Medal and finished 8th individually. “He’s pretty easy going, as long as you can make him think it’s his idea,” Birch said of Uoeri. “He’s easy to travel with and likes to show.” Birch’s aspirations include another trip to the NAJYRC in 2012 and then onto the Brentina Cup.

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Ready for the KWPN Keurings? Eight Page Guide Available Online

11 Keuring Sites throughout North America

Sutherlin, OR — You’ve devoted your resources – financial and energetic – to producing quality sport horses with hopes that they will compete at the highest levels of dressage, jumping, eventing or driving. One of the best tools for breeders, whether you have one mare or a herd, is the keuring, or inspection of breeding stock. You can receive invaluable advice and feedback on your breeding and training decisions from respected authorities. Perhaps your horse will be rewarded with high scores or a predicate, potentially increasing his or her value. There are also the networking and marketing opportunities that can only occur when like minded horse people get together. The 2011 KWPN of North America (Royal Dutch Warmblood Studbook) keuring tour kicks off next month and has 11 locations throughout North America. Breeders, owners and spectators are welcome at all events.

The KWPN-NA keurings offer inspections for both young and mature horses. Foals are examined for correct movement, conformation and type. The jury comments on each foal, making the process educational for all who attend. Mature horses are evaluated on conformation, movement and jumping (if applicable for their type) and are assessed in-hand and moving freely. Horses are able to advance to the studbook, earn predicates and compete in the DG Bar Cup (dressage 3-, 4-, and 5-year-old) or Iron Spring Farm Cup (jumping 4-, 5-, and 6-year-old) Championships.

Are you ready to take your horse to a KWPN-NA keuring? Download an eight-page guide, complete with photos at: KWPN Keuring pictorial overview. This reference will help you present your horse properly and answer many common questions.

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“Keuring 101” Webinar a Success

North American Department – KWPN (July 2011) – The idea for this unique event began in the autumn of 2010, following an analysis of the North American- KWPN keurings in general and the education seminars for our members specifically.  “How to reach more people with a minimum of expense for them and for us?” was the question kicked around by the seminar presenters and the Board of Directors.  “Everyone is always looking for more information, but the ‘How to get it to them?’” had been an ongoing dilemma.

Enter technology, our computers and a KWPN-NA Education Committee.  The first topic was easily selected with the keuring deadlines looming. A quick visit to the lists of questions the office receives gave an instant outline for content.  ‘Do I need to braid a foal?’ ‘How do I ride the IBOP test?’ ‘What is the Jury looking for in a jumper foal?’  ‘How is the DG Bar Cup (dressage horses) ridden?’  ‘How is a jumper scored in the Iron Spring Farm Cup?’ These provided a sampling of topics attendees wished to visit.

Registration for this unique event filled to the maximum capacity of one hundred in just a week – with a waiting-list beyond that.  The Board of Directors, Member’s Committee, and Keuring Hosts were each given a test-run for timing, questions, and familiarization with the software program.  For the real deal on June 28th, there were some technical glitches plus still more unanswered questions and requests for another go from those who couldn’t make it.  A re-run was quickly scheduled for July 6th, to include a longer session with interactive questions taking place.  The initial webinar stayed within its one-hour commitment, where the looser format ran almost 2 hours.

Attendees signed in from coast to coast and border to border of the USA and Canada.  Over 50% were non-members and had not been to a keuring; providing an opportunity for us to meet and welcome new keuring entrants, spectators, members and breeders.

Topics for future webinars are welcomed by the Education Committee at: kwpnna.webinar@gmail.com.


Steffen Peters Shares Tips for Identifying Superstars at the KWPN-NA Annual Meeting

Plus How Totilas Impacts Modern Breeding, the Road to Grand Prix with Idocus, and Other Hot Topics

Cor Loeffen and Steffen Peters answered questions about identifying talented horses. Photo by Monica Sakurai.

Sutherlin, OR – If your goal is to breed, own or ride the next Ravel, Totilas, Judgement ISF, Idocus, or Popeye K, the KWPN-NA Annual Meeting added to your inspiration. With insights from Olympic medalist Steffen Peters and renowned breeder and KWPN judge Cor Loeffen, along with networking with some of the world’s biggest and best KWPN horse breeders, the event was the largest in recent years. Two hundred enthusiastic equestrians gathered in Visalia, California to discuss and debate the best way to produce and manage superstar equines.

Longtime breeder, Scot Tolman of Spofford, NH, attends the KWPN-NA Annual Meeting in search of adding even more knowledge to his 20-plus years of breeding Dutch horses. “The breeders lead the KWPN; it’s an evolving studbook. Ravel and Totilas are shaping the breeding of dressage horses,” he says. “As breeders, we must be aware of what is happening in sport and [understand] what [qualities] stallions are producing.”

Conversations throughout the meeting always turned to particular stallion and mare lines and the traits they are known for producing. Scot referenced Jazz. Although the stallion has produced 40 Grand Prix horses, Jazz is often recognized only for producing hot temperaments. Scot continues, “Sometimes people hyper-focus on one trait. You can’t knock down horses because of one trait. You have to grasp the big picture.”

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Top KWPN-NA Breeders Share Their Secrets for Presenting Horses at Keurings

Breeder’s Achievement Awards Sponsored by Rabobank Will Recognize Success

Sutherlin, OR — Breeders devote their lives, energy and hopes to producing world-class sport horses that will compete at the top levels of dressage, eventing, jumping and driving. One of the best tools available to help breeders in their quest is the keuring, or inspection, of breeding stock. The 2010 KWPN of North America (Royal Dutch Warmblood Studbook) keurings will take place at 11 locations throughout North America and offer breeders the opportunity to have their bloodstock evaluated, as well as see the results of other breeding programs. The outcome of keurings can increase the value of horses and also provide excellent marketing opportunities. So how can you successfully prepare your horses to receive the best marks from the jury? Several top KWPN-NA breeders share their secrets for making the most of the keuring experience.

“My favorite things about the keurings are seeing the other breeders’ foals and offspring produced by different stallion and mare combinations,” says Julie Ballard Haralson, owner of Haralson Farm in Newnan, Georgia. “You see a lot of pictures and videos on the Internet, but it is not the same as seeing them in real life. This helps me a lot with future breeding decisions.” Julie has produced numerous first premium foals. She has foals by Indoctro and UB40 that will be joining her herd this year. “I look forward to the comments from the jury and their future breeding advice,” she continues. “Good, bad or ugly I treasure these comments to help me make better decisions in the future.”

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