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Vanderveen and Faustino De Tili Shine in Asheville/Greenville BMW Centers’ Grand Prix CSI 3*

Kristen Vanderveen and Bull Run’s Faustino De Tili. Photo Credit ©Sportfot.

Mill Spring, NC – June 3, 2017 – Kristen Vanderveen (USA) and Bull Run’s Faustino De Tili impressed once again in the international spotlight at Tryon International Equestrian Center (TIEC), taking top honors in the $130,000 Asheville/Greenville BMW Centers’ Grand Prix CSI 3* in front of an electric crowd. Vanderveen and Bull Run’s Faustino De Tili stopped the jump-off timers in 39.05 seconds to edge Deborah Stephens (USA) and Condor C, who secured second place as the only other double clear effort in the jump-off, finishing in 42.864 seconds. Eric Navet (FRA) and Catypso earned third place with a jump-off time of 37.122 seconds, but added four faults to their final score.

Vanderveen and Bull Run’s Faustino De Tili managed to secure the last spot in the jump-off, as the final pair on course in the first round. Michel Vaillancourt (CAN) set a flowing, but technical track, which saw rails fall throughout the evening. Thirty horse and rider combinations contested the first round track, while seven pairs returned to try and secure a victory in the jump-off round.

“We love it here. He felt great from this morning on. He was in a great mood all day and it felt like it was going to be a good class,” smiled Vanderveen. “When I walked the course I thought it was really nice. It was one of those courses where it was set so nice, that you can easily make silly errors because you’re floating around, so I knew I had to pay attention.”

The duo has secured a number of FEI wins at the venue, with a highlight victory last season in the $380,000 Horseware® Ireland Grand Prix CSI 5*, the first FEI CSI 5* competition ever hosted at TIEC. The pair also secured a second CSI 3* win earlier this week, taking the $35,000 1.45m Suncast® Commercial Welcome CSI 3* on Thursday.

TIEC also holds a special place in Vanderveen’s heart, as she earned her first-ever international grand prix win, which came aboard Bull Run’s Faustino De Tili, in the $127,000 Kingsland Grand Prix CSI 3* in July of 2015.

“He was very excited under the lights and was pulling me to the jumps a little bit more than he usually does. He felt really relaxed and this is home for him. He loves this ring and he loves this atmosphere,” she added. “He always performs here. He builds on this atmosphere instead of getting nervous from it, which is great. It is so beneficial for us because he continues to get positive experience under the lights.”

Vanderveen noted that their draw to go last in the class worked to their advantage in the particularly tricky jump-off round, which caught a majority of the contestants with at least four faults.

“It was an advantage to go at the end. It was a great draw. I got to see that Debbie [Stephens] was the only clean, so I knew I could go at a medium pace and see if I could beat her time without taking any huge risks,” explained Vanderveen. “I feel like many of the riders who had to go at the beginning laid it all on the line and took some risks that we ended up not needing to take.

“I thought it was a great jump-off. There was a lot of galloping that then transitioned into some roll-back turns, which surprised some of the horse with the jump. I think that’s probably where a lot of people got caught off guard,” she added.

Bull Run’s Faustino De Tili has amassed an impressive record with Vanderveen and the duo is still only in the early stages of their career and partnership together. The 2005 Belgian Warmblood stallion (Berlin x Darco) owned by Bull Run Jumper’s Five LLC, is transitioning back to the larger grand prix classes, after Vanderveen studied and worked on their speed and agility this winter in Wellington, FL. According to Vanderveen, their training has paid off, as she now feels that he has strengthened his awareness and agility in the ring.

“This is a horse who likes to have fun, which is why we really have focused on speed with him. When the sport gets too serious he starts to lose his shine and personality. I think those classes got him back to a point where he was having fun with what we were doing,” Vanderveen detailed, describing her training program with the flashy stallion. “I’ve tried to rein him back in a little bit because he was starting to get strong, but that’s the way he likes to go. He likes to pull into the bridle and go. That’s where he feels confident.

“He’s gotten quite careful. Before, I felt like I was maybe holding him thinking he may need the pressure off of the ground, where now, after these speed classes, he’s automatically looking for the next jump and standing off of it on his own. It’s been a huge improvement,” she added.

The duo will return to the main arena at TIEC next week as they are set to contest the FEI CSI 4* hosted at the venue and welcoming Tryon Summer II. Vanderveen commented on her plans for Bull Run’s Faustino De Tili following their anticipated start next week.

“He’ll do next week and then I think we’re going to give him some downtime. I’ll focus on some of the younger horses that we’ve just imported and let him take a break and reset before what we hope is a productive and busy fall season,” she said.

Vanderveen also received the Leading Lady Jumper Rider Award presented by Meg Atkinson of Town and Country Realtors, while her groom, Luis Salvaras, was awarded with the Absorbine FEI Groom’s Award, for his care and dedication to the evening’s grand prix winner.

For more information on TIEC, please visit www.tryon.com.

Vanderveen and Bull Run’s Faustino De Tili Win 1.45m Suncast Commercial Welcome Stake CSI3*

Kristen Vanderveen and Bull Run’s Faustino De Tili. Photo Credit ©Sportfot.

Brittni Raflowitz and Hope Van’t Zorgvliet Earn Win in $6,000 1.40m Nutrena® Power & Speed CSI 3*

Mill Spring, NC – May 31, 2017 – Kristen Vanderveen (USA) and Bull Run’s Faustino De Tili were the pair to beat in the $35,000 1.45m Suncast® Commercial Welcome Stake CSI 3*, stopping the timers in 32.039 seconds for the win at Tryon International Equestrian Center (TIEC). This starts the first of two weeks of FEI competition, boasting world-class show jumping at the venue to kick off the 2017 Tryon Summer Series. Second place honors were awarded to Andrea Torres Guerreiro (COL) aboard Fifty Shades, who completed the track with a time of 32.539 seconds, while Kaely Tomeu (USA) guided Gentille to the third place position with a time of 33.675 seconds.

Vanderveen and her flashy grey mount made quick work of the track set by Michel Vaillancourt (CAN), besting the twelve entries that advanced to the jump-off round. Seven combinations finished the afternoon with a double clear effort in both rounds.

Vanderveen was thrilled with how the pair’s first day of competition finished and detailed the course, saying, “I thought today was really nice as a welcoming course for our first class here. There was a lot of space between the jumps, so for my horse he was quite excited to be here. He was a little bit strong, so the space gave me time to get him back and set him up well, especially for Saturday. The jump-off also had a lot of right turns and I favor the left turns, so it was good practice for me.”

Vanderveen and Bull Run’s Faustino De Tili have been a very successful team over the past three seasons, with a major highlight win at TIEC in the $380,000 Horseware® Ireland Grand Prix CSI 5* in June 2016, the first CSI 5* event hosted at the venue. Vanderveen continued to elaborate on Bull Run’s Faustino De Tili’s strengths, as the pair has only grown together this season.

“He has really come a long way. He is so fast for such a big horse. Everyone looks at him and thinks he’s not going to be quick enough, but he is probably one of the fastest horses I’ve ever had. He listens so well and everything is right on cue.”

At first, Vanderveen was skeptical of riding the 2005 Belgian Warmblood stallion (Berlin x Darco), owned by Bull Run Jumpers Five LLC, but she described how special he has become to her and her team.

“He is really like a puppy,” she said. “He is such a nice boy for being a stallion. I’ve always been a little hesitant to ride the stallions because I didn’t grow up riding them much, but is very kind in the stall and overall is quite sweet.”

After her win, Vanderveen is already looking forward to the highly anticipated class of the week, the $130,000 Asheville/Greenville BMW Centers Grand Prix CSI 3* on Saturday, June 3, beginning at 8:00 p.m. She is hoping to have two horses entered in the class. The pair amassed several solid results in Wellington, FL during the winter circuit at the Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF) and Vanderveen is preparing Bull Run’s Faustino De Tili to take on a larger role in the competitive grand prix classes throughout their summer schedule.

“At WEF, I really just used him as a speed horse, so I am excited to use him again in the big class as my main horse because he considerably faster than my other rides,” Vanderveen detailed. “We love it here. The horses stay happy, the clients love it, and I like it! Everything is set up quite well here, and everything is very close. It is so convenient and my feet don’t get too tired walking around here,” Vanderveen added with a smile.

Brittni Raflowitz (USA) and Hope Van’t Zorgvliet, a 2007 Belgian Warmblood gelding (Chacco Blue x Darco) owned by Brittni Raflowitz & ESI Show Jumpers, took top honors in the $6,000 1.40m Nutrena® Power & Speed Opener CSI 3*, after finishing with a time of 32.442 seconds. Schuyler Riley (USA) and Take Me 2 rode to second place with a time of 35.02 seconds, ahead of Todd Minikus (USA) and Sancento, who completed the track with four faults and stopped the timers in 33.49 seconds.

To learn more about TIEC, please visit www.tryon.com.

Kristen Vanderveen and Bull Run’s Faustino de Tili Win $35k Douglas Elliman 1.45m at WEF

Kristen Vanderveen and Bull Run’s Faustino de Tili. Photo © Sportfot.

Wellington, FL – February 1, 2017 – Kristen Vanderveen (USA) and Bull Run’s Faustino de Tili took the opening day win in the $35,000 Douglas Elliman 1.45m speed class during week four of the 2017 Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF) on Wednesday at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center (PBIEC) in Wellington, FL.

Course designer Steve Stephens (USA) set the track for 37 entries to start week four in the International Arena, with 14 clear rounds. Kristen Vanderveen and Bull Run’s Faustino de Tili clocked the winning time of 53.51 seconds. Laura Chapot (USA) and her own and Mary Chapot’s Thornhill Kate finished second with their time of 54.25 seconds. Kent Farrington (USA) and his own, Haity McNerney’s, and Daniel Crown’s Sherkan d’Amaury placed third in 55.12 seconds.

“I loved the course when I walked it,” Vanderveen said of her round. “It had a really nice, smooth rhythm to it, with not too many related lines. My horse is really quick when he turns, and there were a lot of left turns, which he is extra fast at. I think he was able to make up a lot of time landing and turning quite quick to the next jump.”

Vanderveen and Faustino de Tili finished a top 2016 season that included their first international five-star victory in the $380,000 Horseware Grand Prix CSI 5* in Tryon, NC. The 12-year-old Belgian Warmblood stallion (Berlin x Darco) has started his winter lightly, but will build up to bigger classes later in the circuit.

“He was my top horse this summer,” Vanderveen detailed. “Then when we got down here, he was peeking a little bit at the liverpools, and I felt like we were both taking this too seriously. I have a different horse that I am using as my main horse this week, so I backed him down to have fun and do some smaller speed classes.

“I think that he likes to go fast and he likes to have fun and win, so the speed class is great for him,” Vanderveen added. “I am able to go in and not overthink the technicality of it, but let him go forward, be careful, run, and jump. It suits him quite well, and I think he enjoyed today.”

Also competing in the International Arena on Wednesday, Andrew Kocher (USA) and Le Conte won the $6,000 Illustrated Properties FEI 1.40m speed class. The day concluded with the national $6,000 Illustrated Properties 1.40m speed class and a win for Ilan Ferder (ISR) riding Sagamore Farms’ Fantast.

The 2017 Winter Equestrian Festival continues on Thursday featuring the $35,000 Ruby et Violette WEF Challenge Cup Round 4. For full results and more information, please visit www.PBIEC.com.

Vanderveen and Bull Run’s Faustino De Tili Win $380k Horseware Ireland Grand Prix

Kristen Vanderveen and Bull Run’s Faustino De Tili. Photos ©MegBanks/TIEC.

Mill Spring, NC – June 11, 2016 – On a historic and entertaining evening at Tryon International Equestrian Center (TIEC) featuring performances by Grammy-award winning artist Lee Greenwood and a special aviation demonstration by the Warbirds Flyover team, Kristen Vanderveen (USA) guided Bull Run’s Faustino De Tili to their first ever FEI CSI 5* victory, signaling the conclusion of an incredibly successful spring series. The duo, which earned their victory in the $380,000 Horseware Ireland Grand Prix CSI 5* for the Governor’s Cup in front of an enthusiastic crowd, outlasted the eleven horse jump-off with a time of 42.557 seconds for the win. Andrew Welles (USA) and Brindis Bogibo finished in second place, crossing through the timers in 44.191 seconds, while David Blake (IRL) and Binkie completed their FEI CSI 5* debut in third, finishing the track in 46.668 seconds.

Saturday’s event brought together a massive crowd from the western North Carolina region, amplifying the atmosphere in the stadium and creating a unique experience for a class full of veteran riders and rising stars. Vanderveen and Bull Run’s Faustino De Tili followed several incredible performances in the electrifying jump-off round, which saw eleven combinations test the short course designed by Alan Wade (IRL).

Each of the top three placed horse and rider combinations contested their first major FEI CSI 5* class, making it a memorable evening for each of them individually, as well as marking a monumental class for the sport of show jumping, as three talented riders reached the podium at the highest levels of the sport for the first time.

“I have no words. I’ve never won a class of this caliber before and I’m overwhelmed and excited,” smiled Vanderveen, whose energy was palpable after the class. “He was super relaxed today and this is his second night class here this season. In the first class, he was a little bit excited, but tonight he really settled in and fed off of the atmosphere and the crowd, which was great.”

Vanderveen earned her first career FEI win at the venue in 2015 aboard Bull Run’s Faustino De Tili in the $127,000 Kingsland Grand Prix and the two have only improved since garnering a series of top finishes throughout the 2016 season. Determined to piece together two strong rounds of competition under the lights, Vanderveen rode the 2005 Belgian Warmblood stallion (Berlin x Darco) owned by Bull Run Jumpers Five LLC, with a forward pace, making use of his large stride, especially on the short course track.

“I wanted to give this class a real shot. I went in knowing that I was going to go for it and lay it out there. It worked out well for us and he was really with me. He used a lot of his ability and thankfully he has a lot to give,” she elaborated.

Getting to know the talented stallion has been a focus of Vanderveen’s, as the pair encountered immediate success before re-evaluating a training regimen and competition plan in the past few months. She described the process, stating, “It’s been coming up on a year and a half that we’ve had him. It’s still a new partnership and finally over the past six months we’ve really started to understand each other better.

“I’m looking forward to finishing the season here through July and building on that consistency,” she detailed, explaining their competition plans for the coming months. “I’m really looking towards the winter season again, as that’s where I’d really like to start pulling all of these pieces together and do some big things with him there as well.”

Andrew Welles and Brindis Bogibo
Andrew Welles and Brindis Bogibo

Welles, who earned a top career finish in the FEI CSI 4* competition at TIEC nearly a year ago, guided Brindis Bogibo to a well-earned second place. The pair, who recently began competing at the FEI level together, proved that their partnership has grown tremendously in the past two months.

“It’s an amazing feeling. I’m over the moon right now. Just seeing the atmosphere and it was such a beautiful night for an event like this,” commented Welles. “The crowd that they drew and the plane flyover, I just feel so fortunate to have been able to compete in this class and anything on top of that was just a bonus.”

Saturday’s competition came full circle for Welles, who explained that his fourth place finish in the grand prix at the FEI CSI 4* during the Tryon Spring Series in 2015, propelled the purchase of Brindis Bogibo, as AEM Enterprises and the Scudder family, approached him concluding the class, offering support for another horse to compete at the top levels.

“I would say our good finish here last year with my mare Boo was the catalyst for getting Brindis. I flew over the day after this horse show to try him. AEM Enterprises and the Scudder family have been so supportive of me. I don’t think we pictured coming back here and finishing better the next year, but it’s a great feeling.”

The 2006 Dutch Warmblood gelding (Grand Pilot I x Pacific), owned by AEM Enterprises, has stepped up recently, and Welles felt it was time to test the gelding, without holding any expectations for the outcome of this week.

“He’s just such a special horse. He has an unbelievable character and a huge heart. He hadn’t jumped bigger than a 1.35m last year when we bought him as a nine year old, so I’ve spent the fall and the winter filling in the pieces. It’s really started to come together over the past two months,” he detailed.

“It’s been a very fun ride. I feel incredibly blessed to have him and the entire team around me. I just owe it all to them,” he added.

Originally, the main event of the week, the $380,000 Horseware Ireland Grand Prix CSI 5* for the Governor’s Cup, was not even a consideration for Welles, who didn’t anticipate that his mount would be ready to compete at the CSI 5* level this early in the season. Undaunted by course, Brindis and Welles made easy work of the first round track and only a small bobble to a difficult slice at the Rolex vertical would drop them behind the pace of Vanderveen.

“I hadn’t really committed to do this class. My original plan when I was mapping out the spring was to do Thursday and Sunday here,” he said. “He’s exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds as to what I had planned out for the spring. The two most recent classes we did on him we had a rail and both were my fault. There was really nothing holding him back from deserving a chance to take a shot at this class.”

“I think that Alan Wade is one of the best course designers in the world and I had confidence that it would be a fair chance to move my horse up and experience this level of competition,” Welles added.

David Blake and Binkie also completed their first FEI CSI 5* and have continued to demonstrate their strength and consistency throughout the season at TIEC. Binkie and Blake finished well throughout the week, but Blake explained he felt Binkie was excellently prepared, both mentally and physically for the test of the main event, in which he excelled.

“I thought last week he felt great and was a bit unlucky. He jumped great and had a rail down in the jump-off, but I knew that he was ready for this week,” commented Blake. “Again, I felt like we were a bit unlucky in the Welcome, so I knew we were knocking on the door for a good performance.”

The duo worked for their first round effort, but Binkie rose to the occasion around the short course, nearly pressing Vanderveen for time during the last line, which concluded at the Horseware Ireland oxer in front of the crowd.

“I had to work in the first round tonight, but then in the jump-off he really worked for me. The crowd was really great tonight and I could feel that he was feeding off of that energy, especially going into the double. It worked out really well tonight and I’m just delighted with him.”

Luis Salvaras accepted the $500 Groom’s Initiative Award presented by Mark Bellissimo and the Tryon Equestrian Partners, recognizing his efforts as the main care provider for Vanderveen’s winning mount Bull Run’s Faustino De Tili. An essential member of the Bull Run Jumpers team, Salvaras is responsible and dedicated to the daily care and well-being of the incredibly talented stallion, who has become a top mount in Vanderveen’s string.

Among several other awards, Vanderveen received the Leading Lady Rider Award presented by Meg Atkinson for the second week in a row, honoring and recognizing her success and performance in FEI classes throughout the week.

Competition at TIEC continues Sunday with the final day of the 2016 Tryon Spring Series featuring the $10,000 Junior/Amateur Owner Jumper Classic 1.40m presented by Asheville Regional Airport at 8:00 a.m., the $85,000 1.50m Suncast® Challenge at 10:00 a.m., followed by the $5,000 Junior/Amateur Owner Jumper Classic 1.30m presented by Ariat® beginning at 11:30 a.m. For more information on TIEC and to see a full list of results, please visit www.tryon.com.

Hunter Holloway Steals the Show at Tryon Spring 6 Capturing $75,000 Tryon Resort Grand Prix

Hunter Holloway and Cassevel. Photos ©ManciniPhotos.

Kristen Vanderveen Pilots Lucky Strike to Win in $25,000 1.50m Suncast® Open Welcome Stake; Holloway Continues to Win Piloting VDL Bravo S Top $25,000 Under 25 Grand Prix

Mill Spring, NC – May 31, 2016 – Hunter Holloway of Topeka, KS concluded a stellar week at Tryon International Equestrian Center (TIEC) during Tryon Spring 6, picking up major wins in the $25,000 Under 25 Grand Prix on Friday, May 27, aboard VDL Bravo S, and earning her biggest career win to date in the $75,000 Tryon Resort Grand Prix with Cassevel. Competition at TIEC continues with Tryon Spring 7, featuring the second FEI CSI 3* of the 2016 Tryon Spring Series, beginning on Wednesday, June 1.

Holloway and Cassevel sealed the win, crossing through the jump-off timers in 43.373 seconds for the win, holding off David Blake of Wellington, FL and Binkie in what would have been their third consecutive grand prix win at the venue. Blake and Binkie finished in 44.86 seconds, while Bryn Sadler of Sante Fe, NM and Bon Giorno rounded out the top three with a time of 46.257 seconds.

Holloway and Cassevel are a relatively new pair, as the 2007 Holsteiner gelding was purchased from Derek Petersen less than a year ago. Holloway rode with a confidence that allowed her to excel in the pressure situations that arose in the jump-off round.

“We got him just over a year ago and I’ve taken my time with him and tried to really make him my horse. He’s a great horse and won some in Ocala, FL and he’s just really consistent in the big classes. We’ll do more of the FEI on him this season and try for some good results.”

As the first to go in the order, Holloway and Cassevel nearly didn’t make the jump-off round, as they finished the track with a single time fault, but two rides later, course designer Hector Loyola adjusted the time allowed, moving the pair through to the short course.

“I thought both courses rode so well. I thought there were a lot of turns that you really had to ride smartly,” said Holloway. “There were a few spaces of good gallop track and he has a big stride. I felt like I went in with a lot of confidence because I knew he could handle the course and it suited him.”

Speaking candidly of her biggest career win, Holloway immediately complimented the heart and never-ending try of Cassevel, who she hopes will help her secure top results in FEI ranking classes throughout the remainder of the year.

“This was the biggest class I’ve ever won and it just is so exciting. It’s a great feeling and it’s only the second grand prix I’ve done with him, so this is a big result for us,” she smiled. “I am really proud of how my horses performed this week and I am just over the moon right now.”

“It’s been a very cool week for us. Each one of our grand prix horses has won a big class this past week. I think it’s a great feeling and it also makes you appreciate your horses. It’s such a great opportunity and we’re so lucky to have the rides on these guys. They’re a really special group and I just am so ecstatic right now,” she continued.

Holloway’s groom Gerardo Lopez was awarded with the Groom’s Initiative Award presented by Mark Bellissimo and the Tryon Equestrian Partners in recognition of his hard work and dedication to the care of Holloway’s grand prix mount Cassevel.

“Gerardo is absolutely incredible with our horses and we’re so lucky to have him. He takes impeccable care of them and he’s the only one I trust with my grand prix horses. He understands them and does an amazing job,” said Holloway. “He’s such an important part of our team and I’m so happy that he was recognized for his hard work.”

Holloway Continues to Win Piloting VDL Bravo S to $25,000 Under 25 Grand Prix at TIEC

Holloway found herself atop the leaderboard once more at TIEC during Tryon Spring 6, this time after clinching the $25,000 Under 25 Grand Prix aboard VDL Bravo S. The duo finished the track in 38.426 seconds to secure the win. Bryn Sadler and Cezarro completed the short course in 42.426 seconds for second, while Holloway also piloted Cassevel to third place with a time of 42.426 seconds.

“I was happy with the way the course rode and I felt like all of the questions that were out there on course I was able to answer and had a plan,” commented Holloway. “I thought both of the horses felt really fit and ready to play today in this class.”

The Under 25 Grand Prix Series has become an incredible stepping-stone for some of the world’s most talented riders under the age of 25, offering an opportunity to gain valuable grand prix experience in a competitive atmosphere.

“The Under 25 Series is just a great division. It’s nice having a little separation and it allows us younger kids to get some really good exposure in the bigger rings and atmospheres. In this sport a lot of the top riders are able to stay at the top of the sport for so long; I think the series is really a great way to be able to test the bigger tracks and give your horses some great experience too.”

“These classes give you a sense of confidence that I think is really important when you start looking at competing in some of the bigger classes throughout the year,” she added.

VDL Bravo S, a 2006 Dutch Warmblood gelding (Ephepe For Ever x Urbine S), has been a strong mount for Holloway and the duo have produced several top results throughout winter and spring season. Holloway feels that there is more to come from the pair, as they’ve just begun to find a rhythm this season.

“He’s an amazing horse. Just super brave and super easy to ride. I’m never really concerned with anything on course with him. We got him a little bit over a year ago and it has been a truly amazing experience,” she explained. “It’s a great horse and we have some truly great supporters behind us with Hays Investment Corp. and I’ve had a lot of success with him. I’m very excited for the future and what we have to come this season.”

Kristen Vanderveen Pilots Lucky Strike to Win in $25,000 1.50m Suncast® Open Welcome Stake

Kristen Vanderveen of St. Charles, IL guided Lucky Strike, owned by the Hays Investment Corp., to victory in the $25,000 1.50m Suncast® Open Welcome Stake on Thursday, May 26 at Tryon International Equestrian Center (TIEC). Vanderveen and Lucky Strike finished the jump-off round in 38.551 seconds for the win, while David Blake of Wellington, FL and Baron finished in second place with a time of 41.022 seconds. Darragh Kerins of Wellington, FL and S&L Through the Looking Glass rounded out the top three crossing through the timers in 41.76 seconds.

Kristen Vanderveen and Lucky Strike
Kristen Vanderveen and Lucky Strike

Lucky Strike, a 2006 Holsteiner gelding typically campaigned by Brandie Holloway, found his way to the winner’s circle with Vanderveen in the irons after Holloway was recently sidelined with an injury. The pair bested 10 combinations that returned for the jump-off round, while six pairs finished the afternoon with a double clear effort.

Jumper Highlights

In the CWD Low Adult Jumper 1.0m division Julia Gates of Easley, SC and her own Sierra captured divisional honors for their performance throughout the week. Christine Henige of Maplewood, NJ and her own Fixin’ earned reserve champion behind Gates.

Hunter Holloway of Topeka, KS continued her dominance in the jumper ring, earning the Ariat Junior/Amateur Owner Jumper 1.30m division aboard Avant Guarde, owned by Serenity Ridge Farm. Holloway also collected reserve champion awards aboard Deluca Ace owned by Amy Hunter.

David Blake and Quantero 2, owned by Pine Hollow Farm, finished atop the leaderboard in the Nutrena 1.40m Open Jumper. Ricardo Villa of Campobello, SC and Carolina split reserve honors with Daniel Bedoya of Magnolia, TX and Quattro.

In the BMW Open Jumper 1.20m, Jamie Buis of Weston, FL and VDL D’Inzeo finished the week as champions of the division, while Julio Ledesma of Wellington, FL and Chaco 34, owned by Francesca Damasceno, captured the title of reserve champion.

Hunter & Equitation Highlights

Daniel Geitner of Aiken, SC and Damocles, owned by Janet Peterson, took top honors in $2,500 USHJA National Hunter Derby, finishing the class on a final two round score of 181. Daniel Bedoya of Magnolia, TX and Front Page, owned by Eduardo Leon, captured second place with a score of 178,5, while Penny Lombardo of Loxahatchee, FL and Big Girls Don’t Cry, owned by Rodney Bross, earned third place with a score of 177.25.

Geitner and Damocles earned a first round score of 88 and returned for the handy round to receive a 93 to seal the win. Bedoya finished just behind Geitner with a 87.5 and rode to a score of 91 in the handy round. Lombardo finished the afternoon with the highest first round score, receiving an 89, and returned to earn an 88.25 in the handy round.

Josh Dolan of Wellington, FL and Hidden Lane, owned by Page Tredennick, took top honors in the $1,000 USHJA Pre-Green Incentive with a score of 84. Daniel Bedoya and Playbook, owned by Monica Hanks, finished in second with a score of 83, while Bedoya also collected third place aboard Wynonna, owned by Loreanna Andrepont, with a score of 78.

The $1,000 Junior Hunter 3’3″/3’6″ Classic saw Hunter Holloway of Topeka, KS and Entourage, owned by Hays Investment Corp., finish atop the leaderboard with a score of 175. Holloway also piloted The Governor, owned by Hays Investment Corp., to second place, with a two round score of 166. Grace Bridges of Eatonton, GA and her own Sinful collected third place with a final score of 162.

Randall Johnson of Clarksburg, MD and Cantando, owned by Greener Pastures, won the $1,000 Amateur-Owner Hunter 3’3″/3’6″ Classic with an overall score of 163. Kathryn Haefner of Hamburg, NY and Columbus, owned by Kathryn Haefner LLC, finished in second with a score of 161, while Paige Wilson of Charlotte, NC and her own Dicaprio, finished in third receiving a 155.

Jessica West of Charlotte, NC and Orion’s Diamond Ace were awarded with top honors in the combined $500 Pony Hunter Green Pony Hunter Classic 2’3″/2’6″/3′ with an overall score of 162. Grayson Hutchins of Di, SC and The Jaeckle Center’s TJC’s Black Pearl narrowly missed first place, receiving a total score of 161. Mary Hunter Millet of Hillsborough, NC and Just 4 Me, owned by Virginia Rollins, collected third place with a total score of 160.

Hannah Loeffelbein and Watch Me, owned by Two Point Equestrian, LLC, took the ASPCA Maclay, while Ashley Parker of Irmo, SC and her own Calvin Klein finished in second place. Mckenzie Shearon and Chezney, owned by Andrew Kocher, collected third place in the class.

The THIS Children’s Medal saw nine entries compete for the top title, while Peyton Kanstoroom and her own Centrico earned the victory with a score of 87. Rawleigh Harris of Mt. Pleasant, SC piloted Redford, owned by Bryden LLC, to second place with a score of 84. Abigail Poss of Locust Grove, GA and her own Elvis finished in third place, with a final score of 83.

For more information on competition at TIEC and to see a full list of results, please visit www.tryon.com.

Kristen Vanderveen and Bull Run’s Eternal Win $50k Commonwealth Grand Prix at Kentucky Spring

Kristen Vanderveen and Bull Run’s Eternal.

Kelley Farmer Wins $15,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby

Lexington, Ky. – May 15, 2016 – The Kentucky Spring Horse Show wrapped up on Sunday in the Rolex Stadium with the featured national classes: the $25,000 Under 25 Grand Prix followed by the $50,000 Commonwealth Grand Prix. Kristen Vanderveen and Bull Run’s Eternal outpaced a 15-horse jump-off to grab the win in the $50,000 Commonwealth Grand Prix, presented by Audi of Lexington, which also counted towards valuable points earned in the Rolex/USEF Show Jumping Ranking List.

After consistently producing clear rounds all week, Vanderveen and Bull Run Jumpers’ Bull Run’s Eternal proved to be a force to be reckoned with after beating Aaron Vale and Carlo’s early jump-off lead of 42.001 seconds by three full seconds.

“It was so nice to finally get it all together,” said Vanderveen. “He’s actually the horse I’ve owned the longest. I’ve had him for three years so we really know each other quite well, and that really helped today in the jump-off because it was pretty fast.”

47 exhibitors navigated the Bernardo Costa Cabral-designed first round course, consisting of 13 obstacles, which challenged riders with a double and triple combination, a triple bar fence and multiple tight rollbacks in a time allowed of 81 seconds. The jump-off revealed a seven-fence serpentine with many large oxers that resulted in faults for five of the 15 second round challengers.

Vanderveen and the 12-year-old Belgian Warmblood gelding were third in the jump-off order-of-go and broke the beam in 39.091 seconds, which set the pace for the rest of the 12 horse and rider combinations that would prove to be unbeatable.

“My strategy was to basically start with a gallop and be able to hold it the whole way,” said Vanderveen. “There were a lot of hard left turns right at the beginning in the jump-off, and he’s really handy to the left, so I was able to not worry too much about making the turn because he’ll cut left fast anyways. So I tried to start before jump one with a really good gallop and never take away from him. He did quite well with that.”

It did not look like anyone would come close to Vanderveen’s time until five rounds later when Andrew Ramsay and Cocq A Doodle, owned by The Doodle Group, entered the ring. They raced around the shortened track to catch Vanderveen’s time but only made it within 9/10th of a second, after laying down a solid double-clear effort, finishing in 39.942 seconds and taking second place honors.

Even as the second to last jump-off contenders were unable to catch Vanderveen’s time, she had already secured her win for the class by returning to the ring as the last entry to go in the jump-off round on her second mount, Bull Run’s Holy Smokes.

“Bull Run’s Holy Smokes is actually a little bit greener than [Bull Run’s Eternal] is,” said Vanderveen. “It was a really nice feeling to be able to come in and know that she doesn’t need to really run like crazy so I was going to go for a nice slow, clean round and then she hit the last jump down, but I’m still really pleased with her. She hasn’t done nearly as much as he’s done.”

Rounding out the top three in the Sunday finale of the Kentucky Spring Horse Show was Ramiro Quintana and Whitney, owned by St. Bride’s Farm. They tripped the timers in 40.215 seconds.

After a successful finish to the Kentucky Spring Horse Show, Vanderveen will be returning to Tryon next week to train clients, but always enjoys visiting and competing at the Kentucky Horse Shows.

“After this week, I think I should never leave Kentucky,” laughed Vanderveen. “I jumped clean in every single FEI class – it just hasn’t come to a win until today. I’m going back to Tryon next week. I have all of my clients in Tryon and they got this week off, so I’ll be back to help train them.

“I love the area here,” continued Vanderveen. “I love that the horses can graze and can go out on the trail rides. I think it’s so great for their minds. The stadium’s great as well. I love riding in a big ring. I have a lot of big horses with big steps so to be able to just open up and gallop around the course is how my horses jump best and go best, and I like to ride that.”

Earlier in the day, the Under 25 Grand Prix was held in the Rolex Stadium and the blue ribbon went to Noel Fauntleroy and her own Cabras, who bested a starting field of 26 and a jump-off field of 13.

“I started riding [Cabras] a little over a year ago in Florida last year,” said Fauntleroy. “She was part of the gold medal team and won an individual bronze medal at the North American Junior and Young Rider Championships last year. She is very comfortable. She might look a little hot, but she’s actually kind of cold. I have to get her going, but once I do she’s all game and will jump anything. She’s really brave.”

Fauntleroy and the 12-year-old Holsteiner mare were among six to produce double-clear rounds, finishing the fastest by one second in 30.003 seconds.

“My plan today was to just stick with the numbers,” said Fauntleroy. “The jump-off I thought was a really good test for the riders. From one to two there was an option for seven or eight strides, and I trust her a lot so I went with seven and knew that she would jump that. I made sure to go inside the gazebo after the two because I didn’t think anyone else had done that, and I think that might have been where I made up a little bit of time.”

Eve Jobs and her own Sandor De La Pomme were close behind Fauntleroy stopping the timers in 31.242 seconds to take second place, while Hunter Holloway and VDL Bravo S, owned by Hays Investment Corp., took the third place spot finishing in 32.489 seconds.

Having shown in the U25 series multiple times, Fauntleroy really appreciates the bridge the series provides for young riders to develop experience at competing their horses on an international level.

“I think it’s an awesome stepping-stone for young riders,” said Fauntleroy. “If you feel like you’re over-qualified for the highs but aren’t ready to go into the Saturday night classes yet, the U25 series is a perfect stepping-stone for that.”

In addition, Fauntleroy shared similar sentiments as Vanderveen in regards to competing at the Kentucky Horse Shows.

“Kentucky always has a really good atmosphere,” said Fauntleroy. “There’s lots of open space for the horses. The footing is always amazing. It’s been pouring rain and you can’t even tell. It’s really an awesome place to come!”

The Kentucky Spring Classic held May 18-22 will also feature a FEI CSI3* rating. The $35,000 Welcome Speed will be held on Wednesday, followed by the $35,000 Hagyard Lexington Classic on Thursday, as riders try to accumulate valuable points for the Hagyard Leading Rider Bonus. On Saturday, May 21, riders will compete under the lights in the Rolex Stadium during the $130,000 Mary Rena Murphy Grand Prix. Once again all three FEI classes will count for the Longines Ranking List and the Thursday and Saturday classes will also count for the Rolex/USEF Show Jumping Ranking List. In addition, the featured national classes will be the $50,000 Bluegrass Grand Prix, which counts towards the Rolex/USEF Show Jumping Ranking List, and the $25,000 Under 25 Grand Prix to be held on Sunday, May 22, in the Rolex Stadium.

Kelley Farmer Wins $15,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby

Sunday was ‘Derby Day’ in the Claiborne Ring at the Kentucky Spring Horse Show with the $15,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby as well as the $5,000 Hallway Feeds USHJA National Hunter Derby. The International Hunter Derby was dominated by Kelley Farmer who took the top two spots on Baltimore and Point Being and had a total of five horses in the class. The third spot went to Peter Wylde and Quax.

Kelley Farmer and Baltimore
Kelley Farmer and Baltimore

Farmer took the lead in the first round on Baltimore, an 11-year-old Oldenburg gelding with a score of 189, taking all four high options on the Bobby Murphy-designed course. “When you jump the high options, he can jump careful and it doesn’t matter what you get,” said Farmer. “Long or deep, he doesn’t really care. He is that dependable, that careful, that brave – that’s him. No matter what I ask him he tries.”

With five horses in the class, Farmer was able to use each round to improve her plan for the next. “When we walked the handy and we saw the inside turns I thought they were ugly to be totally honest,” Farmer explained. “I did them on Need I Say because he is handy. I thought if he can do them then at least I know how hard or not hard they are. I kind of knew what I was going to do on Need I Say and was a little bit play-it-by-ear on the rest depending on what everyone else did and how it was going.”

Farmer and Baltimore excelled in the handy, pulling in scores of 89 and 90 from the judges. Adding on four points for taking the high options, and seven and five handy points, respectively, bringing their total score to 388. She was full of praise for Baltimore’s performance in the handy round.

“Baltimore can get so high and so careful,” said Farmer. “He can land and turn. He is so catty and his front end is so automatic. He’s a fantastic horse.”

Farmer also impressed the judges on Point Being bringing in a score of 369 and taking all of the high options in both rounds. Peter Wylde and Quax were right behind her in third place with a score of 368.5.

Earlier in the day, Geoffery Hesslink excelled in the $5,000 Hallway Feeds USHJA National Hunter Derby winning aboard Rookie, an 8-year-old Warmblood gelding, and taking third place with Esco. Douglas Boyd took second place with Calido’s Son.

The $5,000 Hallway Feeds USHJA National Hunter Derby is part of the $40,0000 Hallway Feeds USHJA National Hunter Derby series which is returning for the fifth year in a row at the Kentucky Horse Park. The five-part series awards a $15,000 Hallway Feeds Leading Rider Bonus presented at the conclusion of the series.

Hesslink started off the first round with a score of 90, taking all four high options. “My first round was a little conservative,” Hesslink said. “I was a little nervous with how the class was going, but I decided to do all the high options and I think that really paid off because not many other people did.”

Hesslink returned in the handy round taking three of the high options to a score of 89 and a total score of 179. “I liked my handy round a lot better,” Hesslink admitted. “I went all out and tried to do all the inside turns. I tend to be better at those and I thought both horses were amazing.”

Hesslink praised the course design for its ability to play to each horse’s strengths. “I thought the course was great. It was a lot of singles and long approaches,” Hesslink explained. “You were able to show your horse’s stride and ride the course out of a rhythm.”

Douglas Boyd and Calido’s Son were right behind Hesslink in second place with a score of 178. Hesslink rounded out the top three with a score of 176 aboard his second mount Esco.

Hesslink was enthusiastic about his experience here in Kentucky. “I came here last summer for the first time,” Hesslink said. “I really liked it and that’s why I’m back this year. I think the Kentucky Horse Park is an amazing facility and they do a great job here with everything from the jumps to the events and the prestige – they make it really nice for the spectators and riders.”

The Kentucky Spring Classic will continue May 18-22 with the $5,000 Hallway Feeds USHJA National Hunter Derby in the Stonelea Ring on Saturday, May 21. The Kentucky Spring Classic will also offer WIHS and NAL qualifiers plus $10,000 Show Jumping Hall of Fame Classics.

EQSportsNet will be streaming live webcasts of the $130,000 Mary Rena Murphy Grand Prix CSI3* during the Kentucky Spring Classic on Saturday, May 21. EQSportsNet Full Access subscribers can also watch all rounds of the Kentucky Spring Horse Shows series on demand at www.eqsports.net.

For more information on Kentucky Horse Shows LLC and the Kentucky Spring Horse Shows, please visit www.kentuckyhorseshows.com.

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Phelps Media Group, Inc. International
phone 561.753.3389 fax 561.753.3386

Kristen Vanderveen Wins $35k FEI 1.45m Horseware Ireland Speed Stake at Tryon

Kristen Vanderveen and Bull Run’s Faustino De Tili. Photo Credit: ©SharonPackerPhotography.

Mill Spring, NC – May 4, 2016 – Kristen Vanderveen (USA) and Bull Run’s Faustino De Tili were unbeatable in the first FEI class of the season at Tryon International Equestrian Center (TIEC), as the duo picked up their first major win at the venue since last year, finishing the $35,000 FEI 1.45m Horseware Ireland Speed Stake with a time of 66.25 seconds. Samuel Parot (CHI) piloted both of his mounts to a top three finish, earning second place aboard Couscous van Orti, crossing through the timers in 67.34 seconds, while collecting third on Atlantis, who finished just off the pace in 67.42 seconds. Tryon Spring 3 continues tomorrow with the $35,000 FEI 1.50m Suncast® Open Welcome.

Vanderveen and Bull Run’s Faustino De Tili, owned by Bull Run Jumpers Five LLC, rode a strong and tidy round, which suited the 2005 Belgian Warmblood stallion (Berlin x Bijou van de Vijfheide), as there were several long stretches of gallop track and two key left hand turns. The course, designed by Hector Loyola (PRI), saw 13 clear trips, while just over a second separated first place from third.

“I was super excited when I walked this course because there was so much open galloping space. There was only one related line and this stallion just has a massive step,” she said. “He’s deceptively fast and those hard turns, which you think he wouldn’t be agile with, he is. To that left side, he just flies off the turn and the two places on course today with tight turns were to the left.”

“He stepped in there and felt comfortable with what I was asking of him. He has that big rangey stride and this course was made for him. We changed his bridle this past winter and he’s going in a very plain snaffle. We’ve built a great partnership and I understand him more. We think of each other a little bit differently now and we’re finally working as a team,” noted Vanderveen, elaborating on the progress the duo made this past winter at the Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF) in Wellington, FL.

The pair made their career debut together last season at TIEC and captured several top place finishes at the venue before focusing on their consistency and accuracy during the winter circuit, in which they also amassed solid finishes.

“This was his first class out since WEF 10. He’s had a bit of time off and a good vacation because he showed all the way through the circuit. I wasn’t sure if starting right away in the 1.45m was going to be a little bit too much, but apparently not,” she smiled.

In an effort to strengthen their growing partnership, Vanderveen felt the class gave her an opportunity to test Bull Run’s Faustino De Tili, as the pair has not contested many speed classes together. She explained, “Actually, it was great I got to do a speed. I haven’t had a real chance to practice a lot of speed classes or jump-off rounds, so I would love to see that keep developing. He’s a very fast horse; I just need to figure out how to push all of the right buttons.”

Competition at TIEC continues with Tryon Spring 3, hosting the $35,000 FEI 1.50m Suncast® Welcome Stake Thursday, May 5, and the first “Saturday Night Lights” event of the season, on Saturday, May 7, with the $130,000 FEI Asheville Regional Airport Grand Prix CSI 3* beginning at 7:00 p.m.

Please visit www.tryon.com or call (828) 863-1000 for more information.

Vanderveen Makes Mark at Tryon International Equestrian Center with Second Career FEI Win

Kristen Vanderveen and Bull Run’s Eternal. Photos ©Don West Photography and ©Ann Stanton.

Mill Spring, NC – June 24, 2015 – Kristen Vanderveen (USA) and Bull Run’s Eternal flew to the top of the leaderboard in the $34,000 1.50m Speed Stake at Tryon International Equestrian Center (TIEC), collecting her second career FEI win at the venue, completing the track in 66.12 seconds. Ljubov Kochetova (RUS) and Balou Du Reventon finished second in 71.1 seconds. Upcoming American talent Wilton Porter (USA) and Delinquent JX followed in third, crossing the timers in 71.18 seconds. The $34,000 1.50m Speed Stake marked the start of FEI competition at the Tryon Summer Series, which will offer four consecutive weeks of FEI competition to competitors from around the world. Competition at Tryon Summer 1 will continue through Sunday, June 28, and the Tryon Summer Series will conclude on Sunday, July 19.

Vanderveen and Bull Run’s Eternal, a seasoned pair, dominated the course and tripped the timers five seconds faster than second place finisher Kochetova and Balou Du Reventon. Vanderveen, known for her speedy style, feels confident in the speed classes aboard Bull Run’s Eternal, as he uses the length of his stride to a complete advantage in the ring. The course, designed by Ken Krome (USA), was held in the George H. Morris Arena in Tryon Stadium. There were 16 clear trips, with only Vanderveen finishing below the 70-second mark, out of 29 class entries.

“Winning always feels awesome. I love doing the speed classes on him because I’ve had him the longest out of all of my horses and I know him really well. Walking it today, I had a great feeling and it absolutely suited him,” she commented. “He’s great with turns because he uses his big step really well. We can slice right into some of the distances and leave out some strides, which is where we were able to pick up the win.”

Bull Run’s Eternal excels at keeping his composure in the ring, which allows Vanderveen to ask for adjustments quite easily throughout their trip. According to Vanderveen, riding him is like putting on an old glove and their connection helps the duo to tackle any type of pressure situation in the ring.

“It’s amazing how he can just cut in and hold his big canter and take out a lot of strides. He’s such a big horse so you wouldn’t think that he would be competitive in the speed classes, but he is,” she said. “He’s my comfort ride. He always makes me feel like I know what I’m doing. I’ve had him for almost three years and he was my first ‘real’ horse. He’s conventional in what he does and absolutely loves his job. He has really helped me step into the ranks and has given me the confidence I’ve needed in these type of classes.”

Liubov Kochetova and Balou De Reventon
Liubov Kochetova and Balou De Reventon

Accumulating top finishes throughout the Tryon season, Vanderveen continues to prove herself as a consistent and gritty talent at the upper levels of the sport. Vanderveen will contest the next three weeks of the Tryon Summer Series and will bring out three top mounts for the highly anticipated Tryon Summer 3 CSI 4*, which is a significant accomplishment for any rider so early on in their career.

“I’m incredibly excited to be bringing three horses out for the CSI 4* in two weeks. It’s nice to have several horses that are capable of competing at that level because there are so many classes and opportunities to take advantage of,” remarked Vanderveen. “Bull Run’s Eternal will jump once more this week and then will get next week off before we start prepping for the 4* week and we’ll give that a whirl,” she smiled.

FEI competition continues at TEIC with the $34,000 Suncast 1.45m Welcome FEI tomorrow beginning at 8am. Tryon Summer 1 will also host the first of four consecutive ‘Saturday Night Lights’ competitions at TIEC, with gates opening at 6pm and competition beginning at 8pm. For more information on TIEC and for a full list of results, please visit www.tryon.com. Please “Like” the TIEC Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tryon-International-Equestrian-Center to be eligible for various contests and promotions.

About Tryon International Equestrian Center

The Tryon International Equestrian Center is destined to become one of the premier centers in the equestrian world. This new facility opened in June 2014 with sanctioned horse shows and initial supporting amenities including 10 riding arenas, 850 permanent stalls, a covered riding facility and fitness center. Future expansion includes a sports complex, two hotels, sporting clay course, and an 18-hole golf course plus a full calendar of equestrian competitions and activities. It is a spring, summer and fall haven for eastern and northeastern American equestrian competitors and enthusiasts. For more information, call 828-863-1000 or visit www.tryon.com.

Kristen Vanderveen Collects First Career FEI Win at $127,000 Kingsland Grand Prix CSI 3*

Kristen Vanderveen and Bull Run’s Faustino De Tili. Photos ©Sportfot.

Mill Spring, NC – May 30, 2015 – Tryon International Equestrian Center (TIEC) hosted the first FEI Grand Prix of the season, showcasing the $127,000 Kingsland Grand Prix CSI 3* in the George H. Morris Stadium in front of the largest crowd to date. The class of 38 entries was led by Kristen Vanderveen (USA) aboard Bull Run Jumpers Five LLC’s Bull Run’s Faustino De Tili, who bested the jump-off with a time of 43.926 seconds, just a tenth of a second faster than Sharn Wordley (NZL) and Sky Group’s Casper who finished in second. Wordley also took home third place honors aboard his own Corino. Tryon Spring 7 concludes tomorrow with the $25,000 Grand Prix beginning at 2:15pm. The Tryon Spring Series will conclude next Sunday, June 7.

With her first ever FEI win, Vanderveen was all smiles leaving the ring after it was announced that she had barely edged Wordley in the jump-off as the last ride of the night. Vanderveen was aware of the time she needed to beat and decided to ride a bold jump-off round to go for the win.

“I had a really good feeling this morning when I woke up. You know you sometimes just wake up with that feeling and it was specifically for this horse too,” she smiled. “When I walked the course I thought it was a good course and I liked it because it was bigger than anything else we’ve seen this week. It was really friendly for the first FEI week, which I think is really appropriate and worked out great for me. I know he can turn extremely fast to the left and I went for it when we turned to the Kingsland combination in the jump-off and I think that’s how we got the win.”

The duo has only been partnered for a few months, as “Frosty” is a relatively new ride for Vanderveen, purchased from Europe during the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, FL, only a short time ago. Bull Run’s Faustino De Tili came with an already impressive record, which Vanderveen felt pressure to uphold after she took over the ride.

“We’re relatively new together and he’s taken me a little bit of time to figure out because he’s really sensitive. The idea of coming to TIEC was to get all of my horses in a place where we could stay for the entire season so that I can work on my riding,” explained Vanderveen. “I have some new horses here and I wanted to make sure that we were in a place where we weren’t over stimulating them with travel and a ton of venues. I wanted a base where we could just get to know each other better.”

Bull Run’s Faustino De Tili is a powerful and stunning stallion with a very soft side according to Vanderveen, who says he’s a total ham in the barn. Not typically drawn to riding stallions, “Frosty” has been a pleasant surprise for her and she hopes that their partnership will continue to build in the coming weeks at TIEC with additional FEI classes on the horizon.

“He’s great and very experienced. We bought him knowing that he already had an accomplished record and I’ve just been waiting for us to click and start to understand each other and that definitely happened tonight,” she said. “In the warm-up on Thursday was when I really felt us starting to understand what the other was asking for. I felt a little bit different about how he wanted me to ride him and ever since that he’s been fantastic.”

The duo has started to string together very consistent performances and their potential continues to grow. Collecting their first major win together has been a highlight of Vanderveen’s time at TIEC and she is looking forward to continuing to strengthen their partnership in the coming months.

“He’s still relatively young; he just turned ten this year and there is definitely an adjustment period when you switch riders, which I think he’s still getting used to,” she commented. “Our partnership is starting to build and we’re beginning to trust each other more. I was transitioning him to a much lighter ride, which I don’t think he was used to and now he’s starting to trust that and we’re compromising so that I can get to where he’s comfortable too.”

Vanderveen also had another ride in the class, Bull Run’s Testify, her more seasoned partner, who finished in 13th with just a single time fault. The pair has consistently performed well this year and Vanderveen was thrilled with the results on both of her horses tonight.

“Testify is very natural for me. I absolutely love him. I’ve been having some issues with time faults, which is completely on me and he’s just been a superstar. His way of going is a little bit slower, so I have to figure out how to get to the next round,” she laughed. “Clean rounds are clean rounds. I couldn’t be asking for anything more from my horses. I’m so proud of the way they’ve been going.”

Sharn Wordley and Casper
Sharn Wordley and Casper

Vanderveen and Bull Run Jumpers will continue to base themselves at TIEC for the remainder of the summer season, with plans to contest the rest of the FEI classes being offered at the venue throughout the Summer Series to start in July. Finding a venue that allowed her business to stay in a central location for a significant period of time is what drew her to choosing TIEC as their summer destination hub.

“We’ll be here throughout the remainder of the summer, which has worked great in terms of us being able to give all of our horses, no matter the level, consistent and solid experience,” said Vanderveen. “This place is going to be amazing and everything has been spectacular. The footing has been great and we’re really excited for some of the amenities to come like the on-site trails and the derby field. It’s a really exciting place to be.”

Tryon Spring 7 concludes tomorrow with the highlight $25,000 Grand Prix in the George H. Morris Stadium, as well as several hunter classes crowning divisional champions throughout the day. For more information on TIEC and a full list of results, please visit www.tryon.com. Please “Like” the TIEC Facebook page at www.facebook.com/tryonresort to be eligible for various contests and promotions.

About Tryon International Equestrian Center

The Tryon International Equestrian Center is destined to become one of the premier centers in the equestrian world. This new facility opened in June 2014 with sanctioned horse shows and initial supporting amenities including 10 riding arenas, 850 permanent stalls, a covered riding facility and fitness center. Future expansion includes a sports complex, two hotels, sporting clay course, and an 18-hole golf course plus a full calendar of equestrian competitions and activities. It is a spring, summer and fall haven for eastern and northeastern American equestrian competitors and enthusiasts. For more information, call 828-863-1000 or visit www.tryon.com.

Kristen VanderVeen and Bull Run’s Faustino de Tili Win $50,000 Ring Power Grand Prix

(c) ESI Photography. Kristen VanderVeen and Bull Run’s Faustino de Tili.

OCALA, Florida (March 1, 2015): The bleachers were full and the grass berms surrounding the Ocala Horse Properties Stadium were lined with spectators for Sunday’s $50,000 Ring Power Grand Prix, and fans were treated to an exciting class with a race to the finish. Kristen VanderVeen from St. Charles, Illinois came out on the top with an all-out gallop to the finish on Bull Run’s Faustino de Tili.

“I haven’t had him that long,” VanderVeen said of the winning horse, owned by Bull Run Jumpers Five, LLC. “This is maybe my sixth or seventh class with him. I got him in Belgium and he’s the first made-up horse I’ve ever had. He was already showing and doing quite well so when he got here he was ready to go. Today the distances just showed up.”

Forty-two top quality horses competed over the 470 meter course, which was the longest course of the day. Brazilian Course Designer Anderson Lima set the course to National Standards and while the distances were friendly, many fences were set at maximum heights. The verticals were set as high as 1.53 meters and the Sore No-More vertical at fence eight was responsible for faults 16 times. The Brook Ledge oxer at fence 10 was also the source of many faults. It was the biggest fence on the course, set at both maximum height and width. Only seven horses had clear first rounds and moved on to the jump-off.

The jump-off consisted of nine efforts with three fences that had not been included in the first round. The third element in a triple combination in the first round was removed and the opening line was a bending seven or eight strides. Two double combinations were included back-to-back, and long gallops to the final two fences offered the opportunity to shave corners for faster times.

First to jump-off was S & L Elite, owned by S & L Farms, with Dorothy Douglas from Flower Mound, Texas. They left out a stride in the first line and were on track for a great trip when they tripped the back rail of the oxer at 7a for four faults in 52.141, which earned them sixth place.

Wayfarer, owned by Lionshare Farm and ridden by Peter Leone of Greenwich, Connecticut, was up next and downed an early rail after taking eight strides on the first line. He picked up the pace after that and finished fourth as the fastest with four faults in 50.976.

“Million Dollar Man” Andre Thieme, from Germany, went next on his own Conthendrix and he easily cleared the course in 47.202 setting the Great American Time to Beat. Shaking his head as he came out of the ring, he appeared to sense that he had left the door open for a faster time by perhaps being overly cautious over the last two fences.

His clear round remained in the lead through the next two combinations as Titus 2:11 and Jared Petersen of Archer, Florida had four faults, finishing fifth in 50.946, and Amanda Flint of Long Valley, New Jersey retired on the Coverboy Group’s Balotan to finish seventh.

Sixth in the jump-off order was VanderVeen on Faustino de Tili. Spectators gasped as they reached the first combination in stride and never looked back. Their time of 46.093 shaved a full second off Thieme’s mark to take a commanding lead.

The final horse was Arrayan, ridden by Eduardo Salas of Wellington, Florida and owned by Fabian Ordones Tello. The classic bay jumped clear in a time of 49.422 for third place.

VanderVeen has won multiple Grand Prix over courses designed by Lima and this even confirmed his status as her favorite designer. “I couldn’t believe the way we met that combination. I figured there is no taking back now,” she said. “I did the eight down the first line because I don’t know his stride that well.”

Second-place winner Thieme expressed frustration for not speeding over the last two fences. He knew as soon as he stepped out of the ring that there was a good possibility that his time wouldn’t hold up. After VanderVeen took the lead, he said, “I told you, the last two fences!” but was ultimately very happy with his horse.

Third place winner Salas said, “I thought the course designer did a great job. It was technical and difficult everywhere. I have just been here a few weeks and I think the horse show is very enjoyable.”

Fourth place winner Leone was riding a horse that he bred himself and was foaled on his farm. The 9-year-old showed potential as Leone takes aim at the Saugerties $1 Million Grand Prix later this year. He said, “My horse was excited on the first line and lost his canter and didn’t sight in on fence two. I thought the course was great, the right number of clears and the right horses won.”

Less than three weeks of Grand Prix qualifying opportunities remain for the Great American $1 Million Grand Prix at HITS Ocala on Monday, March 23, at 6 p.m. Stay tuned to see who will earn a chance to compete in the second jewel in the HITS Triple Crown of Show Jumping.

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