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Stable Scoop Episode 132 by Omega Alpha – Annual Desperate Horsewives Episode

The Desperate Horsewives of HRN annual episode with Helena Bee, Jennifer H., Jamie Jennings, and Kimberly Brown, Managing Partner of Horse Capital Productions. Listen in as these horsewives dish on their fellas, their horses, and of course, a little barn drama! Listen in…

Stable Scoop Episode 132 – Show Notes and Links:

  • Host: Helena Bee
  • Guest: Kimberly Brown, Managing Partner of Horse Capital Productions, horsewoman and a non-horsey husband.
  • Guest: Jennifer H. is married to Glenn the Geek and is producer of HORSES IN THE MORNING, life long horse woman, eventer, trainer and the most patient woman in the world. After all she lives with Glenn.
  • Guest: Jamie Jennings, host of the HORSES IN THE MORNING, live morning radio show on the Horse Radio Network. She is also an eventer, trainer and all around horse woman.


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