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Parelli Natural Horsemanship Helps Two Riders Achieve USDF Bronze and Gold Medals

Johnny Robb and Zerbino Interagro (Photo courtesy of Susan J Stickle)

Wellington, FL (May 24, 2016) – In many cases, a troubled, difficult horse becomes an ‘at-home’ project, focusing on nothing more than rideability and sometimes setting aside the competition ring altogether. But for riders like Johnny Robb and Micaela Love, who have experienced unimaginable accomplishments through Parelli Natural Horsemanship, limiting their competitive goals was never a consideration. Both riders recently achieved United States Dressage Federation (USDF) medals, riding their so-called “difficult” horses, Zerbino Interagro and Quest.

After meeting Pat and Linda Parelli at the World Equestrian Games in 2010, Adult Amateur dressage rider Johnny Robb began participating in Parelli programs, quickly developing a profound respect for the training techniques and the amazing horse and rider communication and trust that the programs built. With Linda Parelli’s help, Robb introduced her Lusitano gelding Zerbino Interagro, also known as Zillionaire, to the Parelli techniques.

Before Robb and Zerbino began the Parelli program, Zerbino was known for his insecurities in the dressage ring, and fear of the letters. Now, Zerbino boasts two IALHA Grand Prix Reserve National Championship titles and Robb’s USDF Gold Medal. They are now working towards earning the USDF Freestyle Gold Bar.

In addition to the remarkable accomplishments that the pair has achieved in the show ring, Robb and Zerbino’s relationship has developed incredibly, as well. “My partnership with Zill only continues to grow with our Parelli training. The biggest changes I’ve seen is the incredible confidence in Zill now, and the fact that he knows to come to me when he’s scared. We do things that I never thought we’d do,” said Robb.

After seeing what the program did for her horse, the next time Robb saw a horse who was considered ‘too difficult,’ she stopped to take a second look. This horse was a chestnut gelding with a tricky bucking habit. He was called “crazy,” but Robb could see something else in him.

“I brought him home and my friend and trainer Gary Yeager started working with him. Gary’s patience and kindness brought out the very best in the horse,” Robb explained. “In fact, Gary was enjoying him as a schoolmaster to perfect the FEI movements on, but we knew if he were sold to the wrong person his long history of being fearful and resistant would return quickly. I went to Linda Parelli and said, ‘Hey, this horse comes with some baggage, but he is super talented.’ Linda said she knew just the right person for him.”

Micaela Love and Quest (Photo courtesy of Jerome Love)
Micaela Love and Quest (Photo courtesy of Jerome Love)

This is where Robb and Micaela Love’s paths would cross, creating another amazing horse and rider partnership. Love has been a Parelli believer since age 12, but although she always understood the power of natural horsemanship, it wasn’t until meeting Quest that she saw just how much Parelli could do.

Love began working directly with Linda Parelli, implementing her Classical Scale of Training dressage philosophy and knowledge as an equine behaviorist to rehab, train, and unlock Quest’s potential. “Since working with Linda to implement the Parelli program in Quest’s training, he has quickly proven himself as the dream horse I have been looking for over the past five years,” said Love. “Working with Linda has given me hope that proper dressage can be accomplished naturally without sacrificing the horse’s mental, emotional, or physical needs.”

Since beginning their journey, Love and Quest have achieved several successes both in and out of the competition ring. Most recently, the pair earned their USDF Bronze Medal. Love is looking forward to continuing their training with Linda Parelli and competing with Quest at the Grand Prix level one day.

“Parelli offers a clear path to understanding horse behavior and a system to communicate with them through their innate set of values, not ours,” explained Love. “I see no end in sight for Quest and I. I still have to pinch myself regularly to make sure that the fact that I have such a talented horse isn’t a dream.”

Whether riders are struggling with their dressage training, hunter/jumper goals, or just developing a bond with their horses, Robb and Love recommend Parelli Natural Horsemanship to riders of all levels and disciplines.

“You think of natural horsemanship as its own discipline, but in reality it’s horsemanship that can apply to whatever you’re working on. It’s not really about the carrot stick or going over a tarp; it’s building that willingness and trust with the horse,” said Robb.

Parelli Natural Horsemanship uses strategies to help horses and their owners overcome the panic default, thus allowing the horse to become a more willing partner – able to work through nervousness, tension, and fear. To learn more about Parelli Natural Horsemanship, visit www.parelli.com.

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Zerbino Interagro to Compete at Grand Prix at IALHA National Championships

Zerbino Interagro and Johnny Robb (Photo courtesy of Susan J Stickle)

Lexington, VA (August 24, 2015) – Zerbino Interagro’s journey from the famed breeder Interagro Lusitanos in Itapira, Brazil to the prestigious dressage circuit in Wellington, Florida will next lead to competing for the title of National Champion. Zerbino and his rider and owner Johnny Robb are scheduled to compete in the International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association (IALHA) National Championships in Lexington, Virginia this week. After a successful Florida circuit in both the Grand Prix and Grand Prix Musical Freestyle, Robb and Zerbino Interagro hope to continue their winning ways in the National Championships.

Robb, a Loxahatchee, Florida resident, purchased Zerbino Interagro through Peter Van Borst of Interagro Lusitanos approximately three years ago. The talented 12-year-old gelding is accustomed to being in the spotlight – including having competed in the 2014 Nations Cup in Wellington, Florida, ridden by Robb’s Dutch trainer Kerensa Muller.

Robb believes that being surrounded by a great team of supporters is what helped her and Zerbino Interagro qualify for the IALHA National Championships. “It really takes a village,” she said. “I’ve had the pleasure of working with three excellent trainers in Kerensa Muller, John Zopatti, and Jaime Amian. I also have to give credit to Zerbino Interagro’s farrier Jim Crew. Linda Parelli of Parelli Natural Horsemanship also really helped Zerbino Interagro and I gain confidence and develop our partnership. Laura King, the eminent hypnotherapist, really helped me overcome some of the issues that were in my subconscious. I wouldn’t be here at Nationals without all of these wonderful supporters.”

Kerensa Muller, who rode with Dutch National Team Coach Sjef Janssen and is now based in Wellington, Florida, has been an important part of Robb’s success in moving up the levels. John Zopatti, a USDF Gold Medalist and four-time Gold Coast Dressage Association Trainer of the Year, has also been a long-time member of Robb’s team. Spanish Grand Prix rider Jaime Amian has studied under many dressage legends, including Juan Manuel Munioz Diaz, Klaus Balkenhol, and Han Bemelmans. Amian has been coaching Robb this summer from his base at IDA, a well-known farm in Wellington, Florida. IDA has been the summer home for Zerbino Interagro, where Robb was able to beat the Florida heat by schooling in either of the two full-sized covered arenas. Zopatti and Amian will both attend the IALHA National Championships to cheer Robb and Zerbino on.

Zerbino Interagro’s superb disposition will lend him to not only showing in the Grand Prix with Robb, but also competing in the leadline class with six-year-old Ethan Yeager at Nationals. Zerbino Interagro will also be shown in the halter classes by multiple Grand National Champion Gary Yeager to demonstrate Zerbino’s excellent confirmation – a result of the successful breeding program at Interagro Lusitanos. Interagro is the largest breeder of Lusitano horses in the world, with 40 years of experience breeding Lusitanos.

Interagro Lusitanos is committed to preserving the pure bloodlines of the Lusitano breed, and producing star horses like Zerbino Interagro. The facility’s own bloodlines include some of the most respected of the breed: Faraó (JHC), Nirvana Interagro, Ofensor (MV), Xique-Xique (CI), and Yacht (SA). Lusitanos from the Brazilian farm have excelled in top world show rings and have graced the covers of international magazines over twenty times. Interagro is one of the most accessible and respected breeders in the world. To learn more, visit www.interagro.com.br.

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Zerbino Interagro Wins GCDA Year-End Championship in AA Prix St George

Johnny Robb riding Zerbino Interagro, winner of the GCDA Adult Amateur Prix St. George Championship for 2012. (Photo courtesy of Susan J Stickle)

Wellington, FL (January 23, 2013) – Zerbino Interagro, a nine-year-old Lusitano gelding imported from Interagro Lusitanos in Brazil, topped the field in the year end awards at the banquet for the Gold Coast Dressage Association, winning the GCDA Adult Amateur Prix St. George Championship for 2012. He was ridden by Adult Amateur Johnny Robb, who became acquainted with Lusitanos through her work. Robb owns an equestrian PR firm. One of the accounts the firm began working with a few years ago was the Lusitano Collection International Horse Auction.

Robb, an avid warmblood junkie, found the Lusitanos interesting, but never realized she would own not one, but two of them. When one of Robb’s Hanoverians was on stall rest with a stone bruise and she borrowed Zerbino Interagro from Peter van Borst, the US Representative for Interagro Lusitanos.

Peter van Borst and Cherri Reiber were using Zerbino Interagro in a tandem act that they traveled all across the country, including Equine Affair and other events. Zerbino Interagro was ridden by Reiber and while line driving another Interagro stallion, Vistor Interagro, in front.  The horses both performed the entire range of upper level dressage movements with the long reins connecting to the stallion in front.

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