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IJsbrand Chardon Flies to Victory in London Olympia

IJsbrand Chardon (NED) was in flying form in the electrifying atmosphere of London Olympia (GBR) to win the seventh leg of the FEI World Cup Driving season 2013/2014. (Rinaldo de Craen/FEI)

London Olympia (GBR), 20 December 2013 – IJsbrand Chardon (NED) put down an excellent performance in the electrifying atmosphere of London Olympia (GBR) to win the seventh leg of the FEI World Cup Driving season 2013/2014. Reigning FEI World Cup Champion Koos de Ronde (NED) finished second ahead of the youngest competitor in the field, Germany’s Michael Brauchle.

Dutch World Championship course designer Johan Jacobs built the course in the massive arena in Geneva (SUI) last week and was faced with the challenge of laying out a good course for the drivers in the much tighter but atmospheric arena at Olympia. The course was the perfect combination of technical and fast elements and was easy to follow for the spectators. In a new feature, the action was also shown on the giant screen above the arena, with the letter of the marathon obstacles lighting up as the drivers passed the gates, adding to the excitement amongst the knowledgeable crowds in the packed stands.

IJsbrand Chardon put the pressure on himself by knocking a ball off the first obstacle in the first round. Knowing his opponents Michael Brauchle and Boyd Exell were still to come; Chardon let off the handbrake and put down a really fast time to secure his place in the Winning Round. Brauchle also qualified for the Winning Round, which put the pressure on Exell. The four-time FEI World Cup Champion knocked two balls down in the first marathon obstacle and really had to up the speed, but more though he took a very risky shortcut to the last obstacle, the earlier mistakes dropped him to fifth and out of the Winning Round.

The youngest competitor in the field, 23-year-old Michael Brauchle, has improved at every outing. He used his outdoor marathon mare Jamaika in the lead of his team together with the grey gelding Eclair. Brauchle put these two horses together for the first time in Stockholm three weeks ago. Unfortunately he knocked three balls down, but he was still pleased with third and a place in the Winning Round. Brauchle is currently in fifth place in the standings with one more competition to go in Leipzig (GER) from 17-19 January, after which the six finalists will be announced.

Koos de Ronde had to leave two of his most experienced indoor horses at home because of minor injuries and was driving an alternate team at Olympia. Whilst warming up for the FEI World Cup competition, de Ronde decided to make a last-minute change of horses. He put Palero, who was in the lead of his team when he won in Hannover, in the wheel, a position he had never been in before. His left leader horse Charley caused some excitement when he jumped over the traces in the first marathon obstacle, but luckily immediately jumped back again, preventing de Ronde from getting extra penalty seconds. The Dutchman gave everything he had and set the second fastest time in the Winning Round for the runner-up spot. He is now certain to defend his title at the FEI World Cup Driving Final in Bordeaux (FRA) from 8-10 February 2014.

IJsbrand Chardon drove the same team of Lipizzaner horses he won with in Budapest and came second in Geneva. After de Ronde had two mistakes and Brauchle three mistakes in the Winning Round, Chardon had a nine-second advantage. But rather than slowing down and driving safe, IJsbrand treated the enthusiastic crowd to a fabulous round, beating de Ronde’s time by just 0.19 seconds. One knockdown wasn’t enough to keep the four-time World Champion from his second victory of the season.

European Champion Theo Timmerman (NED) finished fourth, ahead of Boyd Exell, who competed with a wild card. Daniel Schneiders (GER) didn’t have the necessary speed in his team and came sixth. Second wild card driver Georgina Hunt (GBR) drove her outdoor team nice and smoothly through the obstacles. Several British four-in-hand drivers competed in three indoor driving events to qualify for the prestigious FEI World Cup Driving competition at Olympia, and Hunt was thrilled to be able to compete at Olympia and was very pleased with her horses, with which she hopes to qualify for the FEI World Cup Driving in the near future.

IJsbrand Chardon (NED): “I really enjoyed competing at Olympia. I won the test event here in 2011 and the spectators and atmosphere are just perfect. I am of course pleased that I have won, but I would have liked it even better to have won it when Boyd had made it to the Winning Round.”

Koos de Ronde (NED): “During the warm up, one of my horses turned out to be not fit so I decided last minute to bring another horse in. I just went for it and I am very pleased that it worked out well for me.”

Michael Brauchle (GER): “My outdoor leader horse Jamaika helps me for 90%; she is really good. She has a great heart and the will to work. In the Winning Round my other lead horse got a bit too strong which resulted in three balls falling. They just need more fine-tuning.”

Audio: IJsbrand Chardon (NED) talks about his FEI World Cup Driving win at London Olympia here.

Results in detail can be viewed here.

The 2013/2014 FEI World Cup Driving series now moves on to Mechelen (BEL) on Monday 30 December.

For information on the next leg, go to www.jumping-mechelen.com or contact Press Officer Edith de Reys, edith.dereys@skynet.be, +32 475 659 281.

For more information on FEI World Cup Driving, please check the FEI website and the series’ comprehensive press kit.

By Cindy Timmer

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Second Victory in a Row for IJsbrand Chardon in Budapest

IJsbrand Chardon (NED) won the fourth leg of the FEI World Cup Driving 2013/2014 in Budapest, his second successive win at the Hungary event. (Rinaldo de Craen/FEI)

Budapest (HUN), 1 December 2013 – IJsbrand Chardon (NED) has won the fourth leg of the FEI World Cup Driving 2013/2014 in Budapest, Hungary. Chardon drove his experienced team of Lipizzaner horses to victory ahead of his compatriot and European Champion Theo Timmerman and local favourite József Dobrovitz (HUN).

Hungarian O-course designer Gábor Fintha had laid out a very nice course in the Lászlo Papp Sports Arena with fast and technical parts, which was much appreciated by the drivers.

Back to basics
After a less than satisfactory first competition in Budapest on Saturday evening, Chardon decided to go back to basics and switched his new leader horse, with which he finished third in Hannover, for the experienced Inci. This resulted in two amazing clear rounds, which contributed to a fantastic atmosphere in the arena, and Chardon and his team of Hungarian Lipizzaner horses had great support from the enthusiastic spectators, many of which had seen him win the FEI World Cup Driving in 2012. And this time he finished more than 23 penalty seconds ahead of Timmerman and Dobrovitz.

According to plan
Theo Timmerman had set himself the goal of using the first competition in Hannover and his wild card start in Verona to get into the right rhythm for his next four events. After his fifth place in Hannover and his second place in Verona, his aim was to do well in Budapest.

He started off very fast in the first round and an unfortunate ball off the last cone luckily did not stop him qualifying for the Winning Round, in which he was second to go. The reigning European and Dutch Champion has been driving his indoor team for several years now and the experience was paying off. After a flying start, Timmerman slowed down a bit after he had a knock down in the second marathon obstacle and he finished just over one second faster than Dobrovitz, securing his second place.

New leader horse
József Dobrovitz, who is from the town of Vecsés, around 20 kilometers away from Budapest, had strong local support. He qualified for the Winning Round despite knocking two balls in the first round, thanks to the magnificent high speed of his team. The successful Hungarian driver used a new Lipizzaner horse in the lead of his team, but the speed resulted in another two knockdowns, and he had to settle for third place.

Safe round
Stuttgart-winner Daniel Schneiders decided to go for a safe round. He took his mixed team of German, Dutch and English horses through the course at a good speed, but unfortunately had one ball down, to finish in fourth place.

Family affair
Fifth place went to József Dobrovitz junior who, like his father, also drove a new horse in the lead of his team. József’s nephews, Mark and Kristof Osztertág, both received a wild card in Budapest, resulting in a true family affair, with four Dobrovitz family members on the start list.

Kristof, who finished sixth in Budapest, competed as an individual at the FEI European four-in-hand Championships in Izsák and competed in the horse pairs and pony pairs classes this season. The 21-year-old was also a member of the bronze-medal-winning Hungarian team at the FEI World Pony Championships in Pau (FRA), where he finished 15th individually.

His 23-year-old brother Mark came seventh. He drove both a pair and a four-in-hand this season, competed as an individual at the FEI World Pair Championships in Topolcianky (SVK) and at the FEI European four-in-hand Championships in Izsák (HUN).

IJsbrand Chardon (NED): “With Inci I was able to drive two fantastic rounds; my team of horses went extremely smooth. I hope he stays like this. He is a good horse, but sometimes he does not do what I ask him to do, which makes him unreliable. In the Winning Round I decided to go safe and even then I was one second faster than in the first round.”

Theo Timmerman (NED): “I was not too pleased with my performance on the first night, but today it all went according to plan. I started off very fast, but I decided to take more control after the knockdown to prevent more balls falling. I learn every time and my team is getting better every time as well.”

József Dobrovitz (HUN): “I am very pleased with the spectators, who helped me to get this result. It was a super course. My left leader does not have the routine yet; it was his first time at an indoor competition. I tried to do my best in the marathon obstacle, but unfortunately I had two knockdowns. But I am confident that this horse will get better next time.”

Results in detail can be viewed here.

The fifth leg of the FEI World Cup Driving 2013/2014 series is in Stockholm (SWE) today, Sunday 1 December.

For information on Stockholm, go to http://www.stockholmhorseshow.com/english or contact Press Officer Lotta Amnestal, Lotta.Amnestal@ridsport.se, + 46 709 79 56 35.

By Cindy Timmer

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Chardon Victorious over Exell in Third FEI World Cup Driving Leg in Budapest

IJsbrand Chardon (NED) won the FEI World Cup Driving qualifier in Budapest (HUN) ©Rinaldo de Craen/FEI

Budapest (HUN), 2 December 2012 – The unexpected happened in Budapest (HUN) this afternoon as IJsbrand Chardon (NED) beat top favourite Boyd Exell (AUS) and won the third leg of the FEI World Cup Driving 2012/13. Exell finished in third place behind Chardon’s fellow Dutch driver Theo Timmerman.

The competition that took place in the Hungarian capital’s Papp Lászlo Sport arena was of the highest quality and was held in front of a large and enthusiastic crowd. Hungarian O-course designer Gábor Fintha had laid out a fast and technical course, which included the traditional spectacular fireworks coming on after the drivers had crossed the bridge.

Clear rounds
Despite the knockdowns in the previous FEI World Cup Driving events, today four-time world champion Chardon went clear in both rounds. He was competing in Budapest for the first time since 2007 when he had taken part in the World Cup test event driving the four-in-hand Lipizzaner horses borrowed from József Dobrovitz (HUN), which he would later buy. And exactly like five years ago, he was victorious over Exell.

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Boyd Exell Victorious at FEI World Four-In-Hand Driving Championships in Riesenbeck

left to right: silver medallist Chester Weber (USA), gold medallist Boyd Exell (AUS) and bronze medallist IJsbrand Chardon (NED) ©Rinaldo de Craen/FEI.

Australian title defender Boyd Exell continued his success story at the FEI World four-in-hand Driving Championships in Riesenbeck (GER), claiming individual gold after very strong performances in all three phases of the competition. Runner-up Chester Weber (USA) won individual silver, the bronze medal went to four times World Champion IJsbrand Chardon from the Netherlands. The Dutch team won the gold medal for the third consecutive time, ahead of host nation Germany in silver and the bronze medal went to the USA.

Riesenbeck has a long history of organising FEI World Driving Championships. The ‘Reitverein Riesenbeck’ started organising driving events in 1975. Besides organising several German Championships, they organized the FEI World Pair Driving Championships in 1987, 1997 and 2001, as well as the FEI World four-in-hand Championships in 1992. The German spectators flocked to the Surenburg in large numbers and enthusiastically cheered the 50 competitors from 19 nations despite the very hot weather. The marathon day attracted a crowd of over 15,000 and the grandstands were full on the final obstacle driving day, emphasising the popularity of carriage driving.

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Chardon Steals the Show in Leipzig

IJsbrand Chardon, winner of the seventh FEI World Cup Driving 2011/2012 qualifier held in Leipzig (GER) this weekend. ©Rinaldo de Craen/FEI

Leipzig (GER), 22 January 2012 – IJsbrand Chardon (NED) won the seventh leg of the FEI World Cup Driving 2011/2012 in front of a super enthusiastic crowd in Leipzig, Germany this afternoon. Wild card driver Chardon stayed ahead of runner-up Tomas Eriksson (SWE) and second wild card driver Christoph Sandmann (GER), who placed third. With these results, Tomas Eriksson and Zoltan Lazar (HUN), who finished fourth, have secured their starting tickets for the Final in Bordeaux, France in two weeks’ time.

More training
IJsbrand Chardon, who had won the Hannover qualifier earlier this season, made great use of the invitation he had received from the Leipzig organisers and put on an excellent performance with his experienced team of Lipizzan horses. Chardon stole the show in the nearly sold-out Leipzig Messe, driving fast and taking sharp turns on the tricky course, designed by Dr Wolfgang Asendorf (GER). Four-time world champion Chardon had not been pleased with his horses after the last qualifier in Mechelen (BEL) at the end of December and had trained his horses three times a week in the lead up to today’s event. Chardon used today’s competition to put his horses to the test. His training efforts paid off as Chardon was on fire in Leipzig.

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First FEI World Cup Driving Points for IJsbrand Chardon

IJsbrand Chardon (NED), winner of the first FEI Word Cup Driving 2011/2012 qualifier held in Hannover (GER) this weekend. © Rinaldo de Craen/FEI

Hannover (GER), 23 October 2011 – IJsbrand Chardon (NED) won the first FEI World Cup Driving competition of the season held in Hannover, Germany, this weekend. His compatriot Koos de Ronde finished second, ahead of Tomas Eriksson (SWE) who was struck by fate in the winning round.

Second starter in the winning round Tomas Eriksson was well on his way to putting Chardon under serious pressure, driving his team of Swedish warm blood horses very fast, when fate struck. In the corner just before the last gate, Tomas’s left leader horse slipped and fell down. His right leader horse and his left wheeler horse also fell down which forced Tomas to stop. With the very fast help from his fellow competitors and his grooms, Tomas’s horses got back up and were lead out of the arena without major injuries.

Safe round
Chardon knew he had an advantage of nearly 10 seconds over Koos de Ronde when he entered the arena. The four-time world champion drove a fast but safe round and secured his first victory of the season despite one knock down. Chardon is competing with his team of Lipizzaner horses for the third season and feels they are getting better at every competition.

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First European Title for IJsbrand Chardon

Dutch champion IJsbrand Chardon won his first European four-in-hand title in Breda this weekend. Photo © Rinaldo de Craen.

Breda (NED), 1-4 September 2011 – Four-time world four-in-hand champion IJsbrand Chardon (NED) has added a new title to his long list of successes. Chardon won the first FEI Open European Driving Championships for Four-in-Hand since 1981, which were held in Breda, the Netherlands this weekend. Jozsef Dobrovitz from Hungary won the silver medal; the bronze medal went to Chardon’s fellow country- and teammate Koos de Ronde. The Dutch team took the lead from the very beginning and won the European team gold ahead of Hungary and Germany. Reigning world champion Boyd Exell from Australia won the Open category.

Although the emphasis of the competition was obviously on the European Championships, IJsbrand Chardon had another goal in Breda and that was to beat Boyd Exell. Exell managed to beat Chardon at every event where both drivers competed this year. Chardon is a winner at heart and is determined to beat Exell. In Breda, he came very close. Exell took the lead after a beautiful Dressage test whereas Chardon won the marathon. The difference between the rivals after the Dressage and Marathon competitions was only 0.10 penalty points in favour of Exell. In the final obstacle driving competition, second to last starter Chardon knocked a ball off the last pair of cones which gave Exell a wider margin, which the world champion did not even need in the end. Exell drove an excellent clear round within the time allowed and was declared winner of the Open category of FEI European Driving Championships for Four-in-Hands.

IJsbrand Chardon had mixed feelings afterwards. On one hand, he was happy to have won his first European Championships and on the other he was not pleased with his second place behind Boyd Exell. “I am a top sportsman and I like to win,” Chardon said. “I opened the attack on Boyd and focussed completely on beating him, which was very risky. Luckily, it went well and I did not lose but I would have preferred to compete against him in an equal battle.” Chardon, whose eldest daughter Jeannette rode in the two-star Eventing competition at Breda at the same time, competed with the 15-year-old Swedish warmblood Tango and the KWPN geldings Whooper, Zion and Darco in Dressage. KWPN-gelding Tomasson replaced Zion in the Marathon and Cones competitions.

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Dutch Driver IJsbrand Chardon Has Won Four-In-Hand FEI World Cup Driving Qualifier in Bordeaux

Chardon went for it all the way in Bordeaux. Photo: FEI/Rinaldo de Craen


Dutch driver IJsbrand Chardon won last night’s FEI World Cup qualifier in Bordeaux in breath taking style. Wild card driver Chardon stayed ahead of Tomas Eriksson in second guaranteeing the Swede the sixth and last starting place for the Final in Leipzig. Werner Ulrich knocked two balls down in the winning round to finish third.

The atmosphere was superb on Saturday evening in the Palais des Expositions in Bordeaux. The drivers put on a perfect show, cheered on by the many enthusiastic spectators and the great music.

Second wild card for Coudry

As in Geneva, French four-in-hand driver Thibault Coudry had been given a wild card to compete in front of his home crowd in Bordeaux. The 30-year old farmer and truck driver drove a good round with his team of Polish warmblood horses and a French trotter. But the competition in Bordeaux was too strong this year for the 2010 winner of the French World Cup leg who ended in fourth.

Battle for Leipzig

Dutch driver Theo Timmerman, Sweden’s Fredrik Persson and Tomas Eriksson and Switzerland’s Daniel Würgler all had a last chance in Bordeaux to claim the sixth and last starting place for the Final in Leipzig. Würgler knocked three cones down in the course, designed by German course designer Falk Böhnisch, to lose his chance for Leipzig. Despite the use of one of Boyd Exell’s top horses Pascal in he lead of his team, Fredrik Persson could not manage to qualify for the Winning Round. By coming sixth, Persson also knew his chances for a starting place in the Leipzig line-up were gone. Timmerman had improved his team compared to the warm-up round, but he finished fifth despite his efforts.

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