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  • Wild Horses and Burros Need Your Voice TODAY

    Photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation. We must relentlessly call Congress until they ask for mercy and remove the two offending sections legalizing wild horse killings and enabling horse slaughter in Appropriation Bills. Focus...

    • Posted July 11, 2017
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  • Are Wild Horses and Burros Being Categorized for Slaughter?

    Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation at Palomino Valley. Colorado Springs, CO – The Cloud Foundation received an anonymous tip that Department of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and/or top Bureau of Land Management officials have ordered...

    • Posted July 3, 2017
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  • Tell Secretary Zinke to Save Our Wild Horses

    The persecution of our nation’s wild horses is at an all-time high, and it is disgusting to hear the Bureau of Land Management’s reasons for wanting to wipe out these American Icons. They have said on multiple...

    • Posted July 1, 2017
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  • Wild Horses Killed for Their Meat?

    If we don’t act now, thousands of America’s iconic wild horses may be culled — or sold off to meat slaughterhouses in Mexico and Canada, where torture and painful death await. For nearly 3 decades, wild horses...

    • Posted June 23, 2017
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  • BLM Plotting War on America’s Wild Horses and Burros

    Photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation. “Turning to mass slaughter would mark a U-turn on the government’s response to wild horse management programs…” The Department of the Interior, under the leadership of Secretary Ryan...

    • Posted June 17, 2017
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  • Chevy Chase Adds His Name to Petition Urging Obama to End Horse Slaughter

    Dec 14, 2016 — One of America’s most beloved comedians and actors, Chevy Chase, has signed this petition urging President Obama and Vice President Biden to end the slaughter of America’s wild and domestic equines as part...

    • Posted December 15, 2016
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  • Colorado Rancher Illegally Kills 1,794 Wild Horses

    Last October, a report surfaced which shows that a Colorado rancher and livestock hauler purchased 1,794 wild horses and willingly and illegally sold each of these magnificent wild animals to suffer a brutal death at slaughterhouses in...

    • Posted March 4, 2016
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  • Update: Defund and Stop the Wild Horse & Burro Roundups

    Jun 15, 2015 — Why does France TV 2 report mostly from the side of BLM and pro-slaughter advocates? The overpopulation myth is dangerous Recently France TV 2 came to the American West to report on the...

    • Posted June 16, 2015
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  • Villa Chardonnay Works to Wither Horse Slaughter

    A mare and foal living the good life at Villa Chardonnay. Photos: Abram Goglanian Temecula, CA – December 21, 2014 – A devastating number of over 140,000 horses from the United States were sent to Mexico or...

    • Posted December 21, 2014
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  • Equine Welfare Experts to Converge on Wellington

    CHICAGO, (EWA) – Equine welfare advocates from several countries will meet this weekend at the fourth annual International Equine Conference (IEC). Invited guests who are expected to attend include Governor Charlie Crist, and Representatives Ted Deutch and...

    • Posted September 17, 2014
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