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It’s A Magical Time in the Gulf for Frances Land and Merlin – First National Victory in the $25,000 EquiFit Grand Prix

Frances Land & Merlin ©Flashpoint Photography

GULFPORT, MS — Mar. 7, 2011 — “It’s a little surreal!” an amazed 16-year-old Frances Land said as the realization of her first national prix victory began to sink in. The duo bested a field of 22 prominent competitors in Sunday afternoon’s featured event, the $25,000 EquiFit Grand Prix.

The audience’s excitement combined with the level of competitiveness among the starters was the perfect recipe for a thrilling afternoon. Course designer Allen Rheinheimer’s 12 obstacle [15 efforts] test on the vast grass field had all the action spectators expected, including two sets of combinations, one being the triple at 4abc, an oxer into a vertical and out over another oxer that caught several riders early in the course.

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Sarah Mechlin and Yes Indeed Win Gulf Coast Winter’s USHJA International Hunter Derby

Sarah Mechlin & Yes Indeed ©Flashpoint Photography

GULFPORT, MS — Mar. 5, 2011 — A very positive minded 23-year-old Sarah Mechlin of Cincinnati, OH partnered with Yes Indeed took the top spot over 50 competitors in the $10,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby during the fourth week of the Gulf Coast Winter Classics.

Fifty equine athletes were being braided before dawn and began lunging at 5:30 Friday morning in preparation for their first big test, the official presentation and jog before the panel of judges: Mike Rosser, Ray Francis, Betsy Perry, Tucker Erickson, and show veterinarian Juan Gamboa. Once soundness was established, riders donned Shadbelly jackets, shined their boots and mounted up for one last trip in the warm up ring before entering the arena to take on the first round course of 10 obstacles [12 efforts], comprised mostly of natural materials such as logs, brush, and gate planks, all from the creative minds of co-designers Paul Jewel and Allen Rheinheimer. Within the track riders encountered four optional fences offering a height choice up to 4’ which provide the opportunity to score bonus points, as well as bending and broken lines, an in and out, at least one line with an unrelated distance, and a fence with a long approach. The two panels of judges’ scores were combined to determine the top 12 who would be invited back for round two.

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Gulfport Winter III – Updates and Recaps

We had a great week in Gulfport again.  Incredible weather, giant party, and a bunch of horses for good competition.  We are setting all time records here in Gulfport.  Next week will be the biggest show we have ever produced on the Gulf Coast.

Please make sure you read the bottom paragraph if you are in Gulfport next week.  Important meetings and events.

So, this week again we hosted a USHJA National Hunter Classic.

Congrats to the winner The Admiral, Jamie Jarvis and show to the win by Will Roberts.

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Adequan Newest Grand Prix Sponsor at 2011 Gulf Coast Winter Classics

Dr. Juan Gamboa & Partizan ©Flashpoint Photography

Gulfport, MS – December 16, 2010 – The Gulf Coast Classic Company is pleased to welcome Adequan (polysulfated glycosminoglycan) as the newest sponsor for the 2011 Winter Classics. “We are excited to continue our support of the Classic Company and the riders and horses that compete at these competitions,” stated Allyn Mann, Sr. Manager of Luitpold Pharmaceuticals, Inc. “Our philosophy is simple: support those who are supporting you.”

“Given the sport our athletes compete in, pairing with Adequan seems the perfect fit for both parties,” Bob Bell, Co-Chair of the Gulf Coast Winter Classics, began. “Arthritis is an inflammation in the joints which at some time will plague many of our beloved equine partners and even our canine friends can suffer the ill effects of Arthritis. Adequan has made such strides in providing relief from the pain associated with this ailment and provided a longer career as well as improved life span.”

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