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$10,000 Welcome Prix Is Fast and Furious at Horse Shows by the Bay

Greer Hindle and Viper P. Photo Credit: Robyn Keyster/PMG

Traverse City, MI – July 8, 2011 – Warm weather and warm hospitality surrounded the $10,000 Welcome Prix at Horse Shows by the Bay today, as over two dozen eager competitors convened at the Grand Prix ring to compete this afternoon. Greer Hindle jumped Viper P to the blue ribbon in this ambitious class, wherein riders and their mounts had to quickly clear the 1.40m – 1.45m obstacles adorning designer Chris Brandt’s challenging course. Sponsored by Positive Step Farm and Patrice Schreiber, the event was the first of four $10,000 Welcome Prixs that will beckon the brave this July at Horse Shows by the Bay equestrian festival in scenic Traverse City, MI.

The competition kicked off with an early clear turn by eventual second place finisher Denise Wilson aboard Delphine Van Het Orshof, who is owned by Blue Gate Farm of Dousman, WI. Aside from Wim Janssen on V.P.N., though, no other riders were able to clear the course in the first half of the first round. Hooves were flying but rails kept falling, with many an entrant getting edged out by just a single knockdown. After a short break, the second set of riders took their turn on top of the Grand Prix ring’s new footing. This section saw a just few more promising rides, with five horse and rider combinations attaining a clear status on this clear, sunny day.

Timing is everything, though, and an efficient jump-off whittled-down the competition to just six remaining riders. More than half found success in clearing each hurdle. Hindle and Viper P proved the fastest, however, as they boomeranged around the turns in just 38.299 seconds. In their wake was Denise Wilson and Delphine Van Het Orshof, the first of two horses that Wilson would steer clearly in today’s jump-off. Wilson and Delphine Van Het Orshof, though, came in right behind winner Hindle in 38.423 seconds. Victor Segovia and Romeo earned themselves a third place finish after the jump-off, as the duo cantered cleanly in under 40 seconds. Following this very fast round was the first ribbon ceremony to take place in the Grand Prix ring this year, where winner Hindle received both a blue ribbon and a pair of valuable Devoucoux riding boots. Devoucoux, Inc. is a Bronze Sponsor for Horse Shows by the Bay’s 2011 festival.

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Kentucky Spring Classic Wrap Up May 18-22

Lexington, KY – May 23, 2011 – As the Kentucky Spring Classic hosted another night of show jumping, the incredible duo of Kent Farrington and Uceko continued their complete domination of the last two weeks by securing the $55,000 Mary Rena Murphy Grand Prix victory. Tonight’s event was sponsored by Audi of Lexington and honored Mary Rena Murphy, a horsewoman whose dedication to equestrian sport was unmatched. Once again, speed proved to be the determining factor during the thirteen horse jump-off, and that is something Farrington and Uceko are proving to master. The duo was a full two seconds ahead of second place finishers Ali Wolff and Lanoo, while Christian Heineking and River of Dreams took home third for the second time this week.

“During the first round, there were more clear than I expected,” admitted Farrington. “The outside line started with a wall and then an awkward distance to an oxer-oxer combination, and then a very steady distance to a liverpool. I thought that would catch more horses than it did. I think the footing here is excellent, and these horses have been here for two weeks now, so I think they are really comfortable in the ring. I think that’s why there were more clear rounds than Richard expected. It’s under the lights, so they are a bit impressed, and I think the horses were just really going well on the ground.”

For the final test, Jeffery had riders start over a single oxer to the liverpool and make a bending line to a single oxer. They then made a sharp roll back to a vertical-oxer double combination and galloped across the ring to a wide oxer. Finally, riders made another sharp turn to a tall vertical before they galloped towards the timers over the last oxer. Of the thirteen qualifiers, seven were able to make it a perfect night and finish without any faults added to their score.

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Greer Hindle and Freedom Victorious in USEF Hunter Seat Medal at Kentucky Spring Classic

Greer Hindle and Freedom at the Kentucky Spring Classic. Photo Credit: Holly Whiteman

Lexington KY – May 20, 2011 – Today, the sun was shining for competitors at the Kentucky Spring Classic, held at the beautiful Kentucky Horse Park. In the Stonelea Arena, junior riders competed in the USEF/Pessoa Hunter Seat Medal and the WIHS Hunter Phase. The USEF/Pessoa Hunter Medal title went to Greer Hindle, while the WIHS Hunter Phase was won by Hayley Barnhill.

Twenty-five riders showed over a course consisting of nine jumps. Riders started out down the diagonal away from the gate with a seven stride vertical to an oxer. Then, riders came up the opposite diagonal over the wall and back down the opposite diagonal over a single vertical, and around to the outside two stride vertical to an oxer. From there, they continued down to the single vertical on the diagonal line and up the outside five stride vertical to an oxer.

Four riders were invited back in the ring for the final test. After they lined up, the judges instructed them to canter fences four and seven, counter canter fence eight, hand gallop fence two, halt, and return to the line at a sitting trot.

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