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Miniature Therapy Horse on TIME /CNN list of “History’s 10 Most Courageous Animals”

This week TIME /CNN published a list of history’s ten most courageous animals.

“Animals have often shown bravery in extraordinary circumstances. TIME takes a look at some of history’s most courageous animals.”

The Top 10 Heroic Animals included Bucephalus, the famed steed of Alexander the Great, Togo the sled dog who brought serum to save Nome when diphtheria broke out in 1925, Stubby the WW1 hero war dog who became a lifetime member of the American Legion and later became Georgetown University’s mascot, Simon the British cat known for her heroic voyage down China’s Yangtze River (her obituary appeared in TIME magazine in 1949), New Zealand’s Moko the dolphin and… a little Florida therapy horse named Magic.

Magic was also AARP’s 2010 Most Heroic Pet in America and on Newsweek/The Daily Beast Most Heroic Animals of 2010.

The tiny blue eyed mare works inside hospitals, assisted care programs, programs for Alzheimer’s patients, group homes and with patients in hospice care.  She also works with sheriff’s officers in high crime neighborhoods as part of a community outreach program and helps children with developmental delays and at risk and abused children.  From wearing tuxedos to a magical tea party for a child with a life ending illness to working with autistic children, Magic brings her special love where it is needed most.

Read more> http://www.horsesinthesouth.com/article/article_detail.aspx?id=13506

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