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BLM Targets One of the Last Two Herds in New Mexico

Photo credit ┬ęGingerKathrens.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) New Mexico has wiped out nearly 75% of the original wild horse habitat in the state. Now the agency plans to decimate one of the last two remaining herds – Bordo Atravesado – by removing 190 of the 230 wild horses living in the area.

PLEASE add your name to the list of people who stand against this systematic destruction of our wild herds.

BLM also plans to use Gonacon as fertility control on mares returned to the range. Studies show that Gonacon is likely permanent after just two applications. It effectively destroys the ovaries and therefore natural hormone production that drives natural, wild behaviors.

We need as many Americans ON RECORD opposing this extermination plan for the Bordo Atravesado horses as possible. Will you join us now? Please take a stand today — it takes less than a minute to add your name to the list of those who stand in resistance to BLM’s plan for our wild herds.

The Cloud Foundation

BLM Plans Research on Wild Mares

Gaelic Princess, pictured in her Pryor Mountain home with Cloud’s blue roan son, Mato Ska.

When Ginger first visited wild horses, she fell in love with these magnificent animals and their natural, wild behaviors. Observing the sophisticated herd social structure and intimate interactions in wild horse families fascinates millions of people around the world.

We know and love lead mares, like Gaelic Princess. She was Mato Ska’s first lead mare and helped him understand the job of a good band stallion. Lead mares like Gaelic Princess help organize and direct the family band. They often decide when to head to water, when to rest, when it’s playtime (and when it’s not!).

One of the biggest threats to our beloved wild horses and burros is the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM’s) pursuit of fertility control that is permanent and/or destroys the natural, wild behaviors that make wild horses who they are.

Today we’re asking you to PLEASE add your name to the list of people who stand against sterilizing our wild mares and destroying their natural wild behaviors.

Help us send the BLM a message — that We the People demand that all fertility control used in management of our wild horses be reversible and NOT destroy or interfere with their normal hormone production.

Please take a stand for them now, before we lose them forever.

Deadline for Public Comments: August 22, 2022

The Cloud Foundation