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An Inspiring Journey about Investing in Life

Inspiring Work with Great Satisfaction

I have a soft spot for people with passion and the guts to jump head on into life’s most challenging dreams. So when I heard the story from my wife TJ about this ranch a bit up in White Oaks Georgia, where a couple with a number of volunteers take in rescue horses, I knew I wanted to do a story on them. I fight for animals and I’m happy that we live in a community where most of us cherish pets. There are numerous organizations that do their best to care for them and give them a life. But attacking the concept of rescuing horses demands very special people, which is why I asked Kraig of the Melissa N Kraig Anthony’s Equine Rescue of South Georgia to send me a story about their 8-month-old journey into an inspiring new life chapter. Here is their story.

It was a Tuesday, about 11:30 am. I am sitting at my desk, working, at Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base, when the phone rings. I pick it up and go through the normal routine of who I am and what shop I work for, only to be answered by my wife, Melissa, sobbing, “Georgia Department of Agriculture is here; he is looking at our horses; someone called them and told them we don’t feed them, they are all starving to death, and we leave them standing in their feces all day long in the barn.”

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