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Equine Iridology

by Linda Rubin & Vern Lester

“My horse doesn’t feel good and I don’t know why.”  I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase or even said this yourself many times.  We are so close to our horses.  We feed them, clean them, ride them, work them and observe them. We even sleep with them when necessary.  They can’t make a move without us knowing something is wrong.  So, how do we know what’s wrong?  If we can’t pinpoint the problem, out comes the fast dial to the vet.  But what if the vet doesn’t necessarily find something wrong?  What now?  An Equine Iridologist (EI), of course!

“What the heck is an EI?” you ask, “How can they tell me what’s wrong with my horse?”  To first understand Equine Iridology, you will need to know a little history on Iridology itself.

Iridology was practiced in Ancient Egypt, China, India and by the Early Chaldeans thousands of years ago where the practice of reading the iris to reveal existing or potential health challenges was the norm.  It doesn’t require needles, anesthetics or drugs.

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