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Unwanted Horse Coalition Media Roundup – May 9, 2011


Unwanted Horse Coalition’s Operation Gelding Clinics Helps over 245 Stallions across the Country
The Unwanted Horse Coalition’s (UHC) Operation Gelding program has aided in gelding 246 stallions to date. The program, which was launched in late August 2010 with the help of seed money from the American Association of Equine Practitioners Foundation and the UHC, is designed to offer funding assistance to organizations, associations, and events that wish to conduct a public gelding clinic under the name and guidelines of Operation Gelding.
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Colorado Unwanted Horse Alliance Launches New Database
The new Equidopt database has been launched by the Colorado Unwanted Horse Alliance (CUHA) and allows people interested in adopting a horse to search an online database  of horses that are available from equine rescues in Colorado by criteria like breed, age, gender, discipline and region.
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The Incredible Benefits of Animal Therapy

Humans and animals share an ancient history of co-dependence, but this relationship extends far beyond domestication for food and labor purposes. The medical field, for example, utilized leeches and maggots for centuries, if not millennia. More modern times see a broader selection of animals helping their human partners through many different permanent and temporary conditions. Such admirable creatures as well as those taking the time to train them for the good of mankind rightfully deserve however many accolades people can give.

Physical Assistance
Easily the most common type of therapy animal — and probably the one that always pops into peoples’ heads — are those working as assistants to the disabled and elderly. Dogs make for especially adroit companions, and organizations such as Assistance Dogs International devote their time and resources to training these amazing animals to better serve those needing of their help. Most probably think of these venerable canines as guides for the blind, but they also assist those in wheelchairs, the elderly and individuals with other sensory or physical impairments who face down difficult times getting around. Although extremely common, dogs aren’t the only animals used to make life easier for the elderly and/or disabled. Monkeys, too, provide similar, though not identical, services. Their natural agility, dexterity and intelligence make them ideal for scrambling into out-of-reach spots for desired items. Many also learn how to feed and wash their human friends!

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Parade of Breeds and Petting Zoo at Why Not an American Ark

The U.S. Equine Rescue League (USERL) will hold their Third Annual Parade of Breeds and Fall Festival on Saturday, October 23, 2010 from 10:00 .m. until 3:00 p.m. at Why Not an American Ark (WNAA) at 1126 Charlie Williams Rd., Monroe, NC 28112 www.wnaaa.com.

WNAA is an equestrian center that also houses a petting zoo that provides a rare opportunity to interact with and learn about a variety of animals including camels, zebras, wallabys, Patagonia cavis, turkeys, geese, ducks, a baby mule, a baby yak, a baby bison, bunnies, and guinea pigs. There are over forty (49) types of animals that visitors will get to meet, in addition to the beautiful horses taking part in the Parade of Breeds. So far in the line up there are Fresians, the extremely rare Akhal Tekes, and Andalusian, Irish Sport Horses, Thoroughbreds and a Quarter Horse that does tricks. There will also be an opportunity following the Parade of Breeds, held at 1:00 p.m. sharp, to meet the horses and talk to their handlers.

In addition to the Parade of Breeds and ongoing guided tours of the petting zoo, there will be a silent auction and BBQ lunch served to raise money to help the rescue horses of the USERL.

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The EQUUS Foundation Announces 2010 Grant Awards

WESTPORT, CT – August 31, 2010 – The Board of Directors of The EQUUS Foundation, Inc. is pleased to announce the award of its 2010 grants to 60 charitable organizations that use the horse to benefit the public; promote the horse’s health and welfare; and advance the equestrian sport.

The EQUUS Foundation is dedicated to securing homes and useful lives for horses, enhancing the lives of people who benefit from horses, and educating the public on the significant impact horses have in our every day lives.

Today, millions of people are involved with horses – recreationally, competitively, and therapeutically. Age is not a limitation – horses are helping children, adolescents, adults, and seniors. Therapeutically, our equine partners have long been helping individuals bear the burdens of disabilities and debilitating diseases as well as those coping with economic disadvantages and at-risk situations.

Most recently, horses are coming to the aid of children with autism. Autism represents perhaps the fastest growing population who can benefit from equine therapies. Based on Center for Disease Control (CDC) data, an average of 1 in 110 children have been diagnosed with autism, a 57% increase in the rate of diagnosis based on a 4-year CDC study conducted from 2002 to 2006. A U.S. Department of Education study determined that autism diagnosis is growing at a rate of 10-17% year.

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The new Ravenwood Farm Foundation, Inc. asks for your help to re-home animals

Ravenwood Farm Foundation, Inc.

A rehoming foundation for all of God’s Creatures

The Ravenwood Farm Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to help all animals that for reasons beyond their control have been placed in a homeless position. The foundation is a non-profit organization made up of volunteers who devote their time, energies, their homes and barns to the rehab and placement of these animals in their new forever homes.

If you have a little extra love, a little extra space or an empty stall. We need your help. Horses, Dogs, Cats and all species are being abandoned and dumped every day. The animal rescues, humane societies and animal controls are beyond capacity.

Do you have space for one? Can you foster for us? We would love for you to provide a forever home to one of our beautiful creatures.

For more information contact:

Ravenwood Farm Foundation, Inc.
(904) 626-1990

Ravenwood Farm Foundation, Inc.is a non-profit organization 501c3 pending

Women’s Horse Industry Association to Raise Money for Middle Tennessee Horses and Owners Who Were Affected by the Recent Flood

The Women’s Horse Industry Association, the largest business networking group in the world for women in the horse industry, is bringing together all of their contacts both in the horse industry and in the music industry to raise funds for the horses and owners who were affected by the recent flood in Middle Tennessee.

“A great number of horse and farm owners in Middle Tennessee have lost everything including their barns, their tack, their feed, their bedding and in some cases, even their horses. We have a huge network of women and manufacturers around the country who want to help these horses and owners. We also know that there are a lot of country music stars living in Middle Tennessee who would like to help. So, we are setting up a coalition to bring everyone together to raise the funds to help these horses and owners,” states Catherine Masters, Executive Director.

The association which is based in Nashville, Tennessee will be working with rescue groups around the country, manufacturers, horse industry suppliers and entertainers to give support for those in need.

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